The Hamsa

The hamsa (Hebrew: חמסה) is a amulet in the shape of a palm popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In Arabic it is called khamsah (خمسة‎), meaning "five" or "the five fingers of the hand."

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Aleph-Bet: Mem, Nun, Samekh

There are twenty-two letters in the Hebrew Aleph-bet (alphabet). This brief overview will define three of them, Mem, Nun, and Samekh, going over the basics of their mystical interpretations. In Mormon Kabbalah, these letters are used for spiritual communication in ways that do not require one to be fluent in the language. These letters help us gain a direct spiritual communication going beyond mere words. Meditation with the letters is a common practice in Kabbalah to help facilitate spiritual growth. (more…)

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