Multiple Mortal Probations

The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship has no official position on past lives, multiple mortal probations (or MMP), gilgul (גלגול, Hebrew for "rolling"), or reincarnation. There are a number of views on these within the Latter Day Saint movement from their necessity to reach the highest degrees of Heaven to outright disdain. Here we will introduce you to some of these concepts as they relate to both the Latter Day Saint movement and Kabbalah.

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Exploring what makes up Who We Are: Part 1 The Chakras

With the raising awareness, there has been much written about the chakras and the reason and purpose for being in our bodies. There is a lot of good and accurate information as well as a lot of teaching on the subject of the chakra system that misses the mark. In this article I will begin to clarify and bring into your awareness a better understanding of this topic.

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