Love is Love

The man asked for a commandment. For some dysfunctional reason, this man felt like he wanted, or needed, a commandment. He perceived light, and his first instinct was toward authority. Go figure.

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The Word of Wisdom

The Word of Wisdom is an interesting doctrine of all Latter Day Saints and Mormons that accept some form of the Doctrine and Covenants share. While we all enjoy the blessing of the revelation, it seems that each sect interprets it very differently. What does the Fellowship do with it? 

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Friendship–Be a Friend Like the Savior is Our Friend

The most important thing we can each learn in this life is how to love. We need to learn how to love ourselves, how to love our families, siblings, how to love our spouses, our children, neighbors, coworkers, friends, enemies, strangers and anyone that we come in contact with.

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