Space Time (Part 1)

This report by Nassim Harriman on consciousness caught my attention because he talked about influence on space. Which as we search for a deeper insite into the work and purpose of Melchizedek Nassim’s report has a direct correlation. He is giving more detail of the laws Melchizedek uses. These details have to be a component of how that influence happens.

If you are influencing space, then time has to be a part of that influence. My point of awareness at this time is in just how that awareness of influence works. Nassim is verify that such a thing exists. In seeing the correlation he gives a little more information of where and how Melchizedek operates. Just receiving verification of what was told to me is real, allows me to ask the next question.

“Question: Is that what it means when they say “institution’?

There is no distinction of you and your consciousness, what you call your-self awareness, means you are tapped in already. But you can increase the amount of the flow of information – you can increase your influence on the structure of space. You can create a larger “tap” a larger influence on space if you become aware that you have that ability, then you can connect with that space. How would you do that?

The equation says that every proton in you is connected to all the protons in the Universe, all the information is present in each one of them, so if you want to know about the universe, where do you go? Inside yourself, right? We are constantly putting attention outside of our self because that is what we learn to do. But there are other techniques to bring your consciousness inside yourself. If you do that you can get more and more conscious of the deeper layers of your existence. You think of yourself as being made up on one thing, but you are made of millions and billions of things, as you become aware, you go deeper and deeper in them (those billions of things). Eventually you can get deeper levels information about the rest of the universe. About how you are the root of you, which is much deeper than the personality (I would have to say here even the memories you contain.)”. Nassim Harriman interview

I am wondering if the “state of beingness” i.e. influence is connected to the double split experiment in which observation alters matter. The main point here is that in order for matter to be altered the will of the person has to be in total agreement with the will of the Creator. For me this is what “priesthood” is. I hate to reiterate here again, there is a big difference between authority and force of G-d”, which is what “priesthood” is. This is where my dear brethren have it all mixed up.

New Paradigm

“The congregations of the world will behold the coming of Michael and Melchizedek in the activation of the Divine Word upon new realms of discovery.”

We are privileged to have these Supernal Beings administer to us the greater light and understandings of the transitions we are going through if we are willing. This requires a different comprehensive framework from that of tradition. We can continue to walk in the advanced knowledge of the Restoration and await our promises, or we can grasp hold of the Living Light which brings us alive to participate in the NEW DAY occurring.

Read part 2 here.

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