God is Love!

Sometimes We justify our dislike for others by saying things like " but they're sport-stars (they play for the opposite team etc)" or "they're celebrities, I don't know them personally so..." The fact is that when we start to justify our displeasure for others, we are beginning to loose sight of the Celestial love of Christ, that we should all be aiming to have in our hearts at all times. 

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Unlike most scriptures, this book is a collection of utterances, prophecies, and revelations given by an unknown prophetess that merely identifies herself as "Neum," Hebrew for "oracle."  The name of the book in English would be "The Declarations."

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Praying to Know Truth

It is Moroni's request that we go to God to see for ourselves if the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God. It is a big part of the restoration of all things, and the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as it invites us to use the same gift of the Spirit that Joseph Smith Jr. used to translate the Book of Mormon—the spirit of prophecy and revelation.

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