Divisions and Secret Combinations

Revelation given to David April 30, 2023.  David had been praying on the Sealed Book of Mormon and the problem of causing a division by revealing the parts of the book hidden by its publishers. He had also been praying on the contradictions in scripture and how to deal with these differences.

  1. My son, I say unto thee that thy questions are not unwarranted, you have been called to unite my Saints and at times the things I ask of thee may seem unto thee as divisive attacks upon thy fellow servants.
  2. Worry not where the Sealed  Book of Mormon brought into the world by my servant, Mauricio Berger, came from; as I told thee before, all things may be used for the good things of God, for my purposes shall prevail in all things.
  3. Remember the vision I gave thee when thou didst pray upon the book: in vision I showed thee many Saints, and those that would call themselves Saints, studying as one in my name; and is that not the purpose to which thou wast called? therefore, know ye that any work that is used to unite my people in righteousness is of me.
  4. Remember also the reminder of revelation I had given thee before: the Gold Plates shall not come forth by deception nor by force (Doctrines of the Saints 113:8); therefore it was good of thee to be weary of these things, for where deception lie so doth the adversary:
  5. Yet this work is of me, as its purpose is to unite my Saints in me, as is the call I have given through Raphael to all they I have called to unite my people.
  6. ¶ And be ye, all my Saints, warned and forewarned that there will be those that shall use that which I give unto the world to unite my Saints for secret combinations:
  7. Look no further than my Church, even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; did they not go forth into the deserts saying, Behold, he is in the desert! and, Behold, he is in the secret chambers! For these, my people, did gather in the deserts and did build up secret chambers as temples in my name.
  8. Yet I had warned my servants of this when I said: If they shall say unto you: Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: Behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not (Matthew 24:26).
  9. For while I did gather a portion of my Saints in the West, I did first instruct all to gather in Voree where there was life and safety, but when the majority of my Saints rejected this (many because my truth was hidden from them) I did send them to the deserts to blossom like a rose:
  10. And blossom they did; but not without thorns, for they did fear mankind and separate themselves from the rest of my people, bringing forth new doctrines—many of which were not pleasing unto me, as I have told thee before (Doctrines of the Saints 13a:28-33, 49-59).
  11. And because of this, today I do declare unto thee and unto the world: There shall be no oaths of secrecy among my people—yea, and there shall be no secret teachings, rituals, revelations, scriptures, nor any of the like among my Israel.
  12. Wherefore, to this end I shall reveal unto the world some of that which has been left aside by my servant Mauricio Berger, that he might know that in order to receive more light and knowledge he must share all the light and knowledge that he has been given.
  13. ¶ Sealed Moses 4:63 talks of the idea of gilgul, which has been understood to be reincarnation or multiple mortal probations; I say unto thee: That thou shall worry not of these things, for this life is the time to know me, and I am Jesus Christ, thy advocate.
  14. There have been many that come to believe that they are Joseph Smith Jr. or another prophet or apostle come again in the flesh, or even that they are Jesus Christ restored to the flesh:
  15. Know that I have called these men and women to do even more, even greater things in death that they did in the flesh; and they, regardless of their guilt or innocence in this world, are saved by my Grace and have more to do in my name, and greater works are they able to do as they have moved beyond this mortal spear;
  16. Therefore, those that have been called to move this work forward, they are not my servant Joseph Smith Jr., though they may be working in that same spirit of his calling, even the restoration of all things.
  17. And know too that I did come but once in the flesh, and I did take up my body again, whole; for I AM God, even the Father and the Son; therefore, I shall not come again in the flesh, for I am eternally spirit and flesh—immortal and eternally I AM the Lord, your God.
  18. ¶ Sealed Moses 13:1, 3: These missing parts were restored in 3 Moses from the plates of brass, and these were held back for my own purpose that when they should be known unto the world it will be seen that these books share this same knowledge, and many other places that were excluded; therefore I say unto my servant Mauricio: Make all these things known unto the world.
  19. ¶ Sealed Moses 14:3, 17:23 I have shared what is missing in these with my servant David, and I say unto my servant Mauricio: Do not hold this back any longer, that my servant David might testify that you have sent forth the true words that you have kept hidden; do this and my servant David shall be instructed to testify that you have brought forth that which thou hast kept back.
  20. ¶ Acts of the Three Nephites 2:8 doth reveal the reality of the Divine Feminine of which the ancient world knew, but this portion of the vision was held back to be restored in this day, and this that all things may be restored in their proper order.
  21. ¶ Acts of the Three Nephites 7:3 reveals many things, one of which is the restoration of the Priesthood to my daughters in the last days.
  22. ¶ Acts of the Three Nephites 12:14 reveals why none, not even my servant Mauricio, were to remove these things, but that should he do so, they would be restored and he would be forgiven, for he did that which he thought to be faithful unto me.
  23. ¶ And now I say unto my servant, Mauricio: Translate the Torah of Moses, as translated into English by my servant David, into thy native tongue, even Portuguese, that thou might learn from it more of thy mission, and understand that which thou hast been given.
  24. Seek not to divide my people, but help to build Zion in the hearts of the Saints, that none shall rule over them but me, sayeth the Lord, that ye be of one heart and one mind, and truly my Church without walls or boarders.
  25. ¶ And unto my servant, David, I say: Worry not that those I have called throughout time have not seen all things eye-to-eye, but know that human understanding is culminated through culture, experience, and Spirit; therefore, when things seem to conflict, it is a wise thing unto me, that all may be edified to their own cultures and understanding.
  26. Yea, there is one truth, and I AM the Truth, the Way, and the Life, and all they that shall find rest in me shall do so by their own understanding; therefore, it is wisdom in me that my people should be a prophetic people that they might understand the things of God by the Spirit and not by the arm of the flesh.
  27. ¶ Worry not, fear not, seek truth, love one another; do this and the world shall know that ye are mine: So must it be; even so: Amen, and Amen.
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