A Revelation to the Churches of the Fellowship of Christ

Early in the morning of May 3, 2023, David was awoken by the Lord and conversed with Him regarding things that should come to pass. He was told to get up and write the following revelation to the future churches of the Fellowship of Christ.

  1. In the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship there shall come a time when the Saints shall gather in my name, and then shall people of all walks of life join together in churches, and synagogues, and congregations worshiping in the Kingdom as one in my name.
  2. And in that day, many needs shall arise that shall be more than one church, or synagogue, or congregation can contain, and these will need to reach out to counsel and assistance;
  3. There are many revelations given by my servant, Joseph Smith Jr. and others on these matters for those in their days, and I say that ye shall look to these, yet I wish to speak to you with more, my fellowship, for your days which are yet to come.
  4. ¶ And I say unto thee: That when this day shall come, a council shall be formed and it shall be called the Council of Churches, and any may join be they a part of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, or any branch of the Churches of the Latter Day Saints, or any other part of the Church of Jesus Christ:
  5. And these shall pay one tenth of their income as a tithe, and they that have more to give shall give more, even up to half of all that they have; and they that have less shall give less, and they that have nothing shall give nothing; and nothing shall be demanded of any, but all are to give as they are moved by the Spirit.
  6. ¶ And the Council of Churches shall be established by election; yea, each body of Christ (every church, synagogue, and congregation) shall elect one to send as a representative of that body to sit on that Council, and it shall be organized based on the needs of the size and by revelation.
  7. And this, the Council of Churches, shall be guided by the Holy Spirit and shall be the charitable arm of my Fellowship; to guide its way it shall be led by the Bishops Council, and this shall be the High Priest and High Priestess called as the Bishops and the heads of the Low or Levitical Priesthood of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship;
  8. And these shall use all the funds at their disposal to feed the poor, house the homeless, to care for the widows, and the orphans, and any that are in need or cannot care for themselves.
  9. ¶ And this council shall be as such: A High Priest and High Priestess as the Archbishops and Father and Mother of all the Levites of the Fellowship of Christ;
  10. And these shall call a High Priest and a High Priestess as the First Deacon and First Rabbi (it matterth not which be the male or female or if they be nonbinary or unisex so long as they are called of me by the Holy Spirit).
  11. And to sit on their council: the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Fellowship of Christ (even they that shall sit upon the Council of Elders), for these are the Father and Mother of the Church of Jesus Christ;
  12. And the Quorum of Seven shall call two, be they any of the Brotherhood of Christ, of the Sisterhood or Christ, or of the Order of the Ministry (a nonbinary or unisex person), it mattereth not, so long as these two are called and sustained by the unanimous voice of that quorum;
  13. And the Council of Churches shall elect from their membership a lay member as the ninth member of this Council.
  14. And this Council shall work with the Council of Elders for the benefit of the Saints, and all they that call themselves Saints, or would be counted a Saints in my name.
  15. ¶ And I say unto thee, my servant David, that thou shall set aside Sections 142 and 143 in the Book of the Doctrines of the Saints to house all revelations for this council, even as thou did set aside Section 12 for mine Apostles, and Section 50 for my Fifty, and Section 70 for my Seventy, and etc.
  16. And thou shall set aside section 144 for those whom I has told thee, and it shall be revealed unto the world as these revelations are presented unto my Saints and the world.
  17. ¶ And until the time shall come that the Council of Churches and the Bishops Council shall be formed, I say unto all my Saints: Be ye ready, for the need is great, even now; even so, Amen.
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