Revelation to Jason and His Wives

After speaking to Jason, David inquired of the Lord for a revelation as to Jason’s role in the Last Days. As a prophet, Jason had received revelations and great strength from the Lord. Seeking guidance, on May 8, 2023 David received the following:

  1. My son, Jason: Thou hast sought guidance, and in this I am well pleased; for thou art strong, and one mighty among Israel, yet thou wast not called to do all things alone;
  2. And for this cause have I, the Lord, sent others unto thee—some to help and others seeking thy care; yet not all those who I did send have helped, and not all those who have sought help have been given that which they did need.
  3. I have many things to say unto thee this day, and I would that thou should harken unto my voice, even as I do speak unto thee through my servant, David, in who I am well pleased.
  4. ¶ Behold, know that I have called thee, and I have set thee apart even as I did my servant, Abraham, and I have given thee land;
  5. But know that no man can own any land, for all things do belong to me, the Lord thy God—
  6. Yet I have made thee a steward in my name, even as I did unto Abraham, and my Israel, and Lehi and his children, to care for the land that thou hast been given dominion over, so long as thou art worthy of it, for there shall be no violence in the land.
  7. And know that thou hast not been called to this task alone, for I have given unto thee wives and I have given you unto them, and of wives thou shalt have at least three, even as did my servant Enoch.
  8. And I say unto all of you: Be ye one in my name.
  9. Remember, O remember! the wordsa which I did give unto my Israel: Hear and listen, O Israel: YHVH your Elohim is Unity; and thou shall love YHVH thy Elohim with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength;
  10. Therefore, I say unto you: Be ye one, even as I and the Father are one.
  11. ¶ And now I say unto thee, Jason, my son: Thou art my Sharathb and my Ro’ehc  a Sheliahd, an Apostle;
  12. For even as my servant Abraham, I did sent thee forth from thy home into my promised land, and thou art a shepherd in my vineyard and in my name, called to feed my sheep in these the last days—
  13. Yet know that I did not call thee nor thy wives as Ambassadorse nor as Evangelists, for it is not your duty to travel but to prepare for that which is to come.
  14. And I have given thee many gifts, even the gift of prophecy that thou should prepare and be ready; for the children of man do grow restless, and I am troubled of them, sayeth the Lord;
  15. Therefore, I say unto thee: Build up my Zion, even a place of peace that my Saints shall find rest.
  16. ¶ And thou and thy wives are called to be my Torah Chakhamimotf, yea, each of you a Torah Chakham;
  17. Therefore, study ye my Torah; yea, knowg it that all may come to thee seeking knowledge, wisdom and to gain understanding in my name.
  18. And it is by my Wisdomh that I have called you—yea, that I have called your family—into the order of plural marriage:
  19. That in strength thou shall support one another, and that as one ye shall teach my Gospel to all they of every age who are ready to hear my Word, and to help prepare those to become ready to hear my Word that they might taste of the milk that they be ready for the meat when the time should come.
  20. Line upon line, precept upon precept shall ye be given all things, be they lands, wives, children, knowledge, wisdom, understanding—even all things;
  21. And behold, each of thee is a pillar to hold up a portion of the work that I have given unto you;
  22. Therefore, that which I say unto one of thee, I say unto you all; for pillars that stand divided shall cause the house to come down in violence.
  23. ¶ Wherefore, I say unto thy wives: Prepare thyselves to be anointed and ordained that ye should be given the keys to the Law of Sarah.
  24. And the first wife shall be ordained first, and she in turn shall assist in ordaining the rest;
  25. And in this ye shall be prepared to do all that which I have called thee to do, that everything be done by and in the proper order of all things.
  26. And behold, my daughters of Zion: I have called thee to be teachers of men, and of women, and of children that my Gospel might be sent forth and preached unto the whole earth;
  27. Yet I have not called thee to be sent out, but to bring others in and to make ready their endowments, that once prepared ye shall send them out in my name.
  28. ¶ My son Jason, all Elders have been given the keys to seal on earth unto heaven, and to bind on Earth in my name and by my Word, saith the Lord, that these shall be eternally bound in the Heavens; to bless they who bless thee, and curse they who curse thee.
  29. And I shall give unto thee more keys of sealing powers; know that thy calling and election have been made sure, for thou art of the church of the Firstborn:
  30. But unto the Holy Spirit of Promise, yea, even the power to seal those of my people called up unto exaltation, this thou shall not be given; for only onei shall hold these keys upon the earth at any time.
  31. And this, the Holy Spirit of Promise, can only be broken if innocent blood be shed by they who obtain it; therefore, woe be unto they who know me, and that are sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise, and reject me for the covenant of Mahanj!
  32. Wherefore, I say unto thee: Prepare thyselves and thy family for that which is to come, that lives may be saved, and that my Saints shall be protected from those that would make the oaths of the Mahan.
  33. ¶ And now, I would speak unto thee of thy visions, for the gift of prophecy is one of thy gifts: Thou hast been warned, and thou hast been making ready thy preparation.
  34. And I say unto thee: That thou should remember my servant, Jonah.
  35. For after it was that the fish did vomit him out, he did heed my call and he did arise and go unto the city of Nineveh; and there he did cry out, saying that Nineveh shall be overthrown.
  36. Yet the people did repent, and I did spare them; and in this was my servant displeased!
  37. And I, the Lord, did prepare a gourd that I might teach him, and I did shew unto him to pity the people that I did send him to preach against,
  38. That he would see that I, the Lord thy God, do shed mercy upon all they who repent, and to love those who I sent him to serve, for his work was not to destroy but to build.
  39. And thou too wast not called to destroy, but to build; to preach teshuvahk that all might return unto me, and to love others without condition that ye might be an example of me and in my name.
  40. ¶ Wherefore, I say unto thee: Thou hast taken my name upon thee, and thou hath not taken it in vain; be therefore wary of pride, in thyself and in those who would associate with thee and with thy family.
  41. Call all mankind to repentance with love, not only by thy words but with thy deeds, that there be neither contentions nor disputations among my peoples, and see that everyone doth deal justly one with another in all things wherein I have given thee stewardship.
  42. Lead my people, even my Israel, by thy words and by thy deeds; yea, show them the meaning of my words even by thy deeds that all might know me by knowing thee.
  43. Seek to raise unto me a people who desire to have all things common among them, there being neither rich nor poor, neither bond nor free that all may be truly free and partakers of the heavenly gift.
  44. Do this that the tribulations might be avoided, and if they should come that Zion shall be free; not by force, but by thy peace:
  45. For the World shall fear my people not because of their weapons of war, but because of the love in their hearts; for the wicked cannot understand this thing and thus they reject me.
  46. ¶ And it shall come to pass, sayeth the Lord, that all they who are Zion shall come to the New Jerusalem,
  47. And all they who seek war shall flee from before Zion, and the desolation that the wicked shall bring shall cause all they who seek peace to flee from before the World unto Zion;
  48. Therefore, be not like the men of Enmer Karl, nor as the judgem that did condemn the poor widow and her sons, nor as the chief judge, whose name was Laadann, but be wary of those that would act as such.
  49. But be ye like the Twelve Righteous men, and teach unto my people the words of Tzophar, that the secretso of my temple be made known unto the World.
  50. And fear not what the World should do with my words, for those who are not my friends shall not understand my words,
  51. And even as Laadan they shall be confounded by their power; for the more wicked the man, the more the words of Tzophar shall drive them to violence.
  52. ¶ Use the gifts that I have given thee: the gift of prophecy to guide my people and in proclaiming my Word with boldness,
  53. The gift of leadership to encourage and help others to build my kingdom and prepare the earth for my coming,
  54. The gift of management to help in setting goals and staying on task.
  55. The gift of teaching to instruct the people of my truths and my doctrines and my Word;
  56. The gift of knowledge in teaching and in discipleship, the ability to learn, to know, and to explain my Word to the understanding of mankind;
  57. The gift of wisdom to discern the works of the Holy Spirit, in both thy teaching and in thy actions, that men and women should learn from thee in all that thou doeth.
  58.  The gift of discernment that thou should recognize the truth in any situation, to see into the hearts of men and women, to see their souls, to assign them to their talents and to be weary of those sent to deceive.
  59. The gift of shepherding that thou should strive for the spiritual welfare of others, and of service in helping those in need.
  60. The gift of mercy that the World might see my compassion;
  61. The gift of giving that others too should give freely and with joy to further my kingdom;
  62. And the gift of hospitality that all shall feel welcome, appreciated, desired, and heard in my peaceful Kingdom.
  63. ¶ Call upon my sealing power that the heavens shall be open to bless the lands that I have given thee, and I have given thee these lands that thy family and Zion shall be blessed.
  64. Prepare those that should bear thy burdens that others shall be made ready to move the works that I have called thee forward as it expands, to seal them up unto thee and teach them to use these gifts that thou hast been blessed with.
  65. ¶ Stand ready to serve thy wives and thy children, teaching them and encouraging them in my ways;
  66. Strengthen them in their struggles, love them even as I love them and as I love thee, lend them thy support and thy strength that thy family should be the example of my ways.
  67. ¶ Teach my Gospel, ye are called and have been sent to stand firm: for even as Abraham, I have taken thee out of Egypt and into my promised land;
  68. Therefore, watch and be ready, even as I have told thee; even so, Amen.

a. See Deuteronomy 6:4-5
b. Sharath: Hebrew: “servant” or “minister”
c. Ro’eh: Hebrew: “shepherd”
d. Shelah: Hebrew, “one sent out”
e. See Book of the Law of the Lord 36:6-7
f. Torah Chakham (singular) Torah Chakhamimot (plural): Hebrew, liberally “expert of the Torah.” A sage, one who is well versed in the Torah. Note: Chakhamim is the male plural while Chakhamot is the female plural, in this revelation the Lord combines these, which is not how Hebrew traditionally works.
g. Hebrew, “yada;” to know or understand deeply, enter into covenant together
h. A nod to the Divine Feminine, Heavenly Mother
i. See CJCLdS DaC 132:7b/Doctrines of the Saints 17a:15
j. See 1 Moses 7:31-32, 8:17
k. Teshuvah: Hebrew, “return;” often translated as repent.
l. 1 Moses 17-20
m. 1 Moses 18
n. 1 Moses 19
o. 1 Moses 19:41-45

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