A Revelation on Judgement

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A revelation of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit through the mind of Alexei Christopher on April 22, 2023 in Columbia, SC. On this occasion, he was holding resentments in his heart against perceived offenses and harboring bitter thoughts that he was wont to speak. The Master, by grace, gave the following instruction:

1 Thou shalt not provoke anger. Make no false accusation. Do not repay in kind.
2 It is better to be wrong and not accuse than to accuse and be wrong.
3 When you accuse someone of sin falsely, you share in the responsibility for their falling into temptation thereby, for it is harder for them to choose the right when they are held in contempt, impugned to evil, and even judged for genuine faults to excess.
4 You cannot see it now, but after this life, when all things are laid bare, you will see your part in the multiplication of their errors,
5 For just as when a person tempts another to commit adultery or leads them astray into false doctrines and priestcrafts, and though they bear the guilt for succumbing to your temptation, yet you bear your guilt for tempting and leading them thereto;
6 Likewise when they fall into temptation to become angry because of your injustices and false accusations, even the withholding of your charity and grace, you each share the guilt for that joint evil that results.
7 For this cause, see that you do not cause a brother or sister to stumble, for just as your joy will be great with any soul that you bring unto me in the kingdom of my Father, saith the Lord Jesus Christ, so shall your sorrow be great with any soul that you lead into hell.
8 Go not thereto, and take no one with you, but come unto me, saith the Lord Jesus Christ, who suffered all that you, and they, might not suffer if you would repent, and who will judge whom he will judge, but of all else he commands forgiveness, and he shall give you rest with them, even peace, because of his infinite mercy.
9 I have spoken it, saith the Lord, and you cannot run from my voice, and you will know it is true then, so why not now?
10 Release what you are holding and be not found among the unfaithful who justify themselves in sin.
11 My burden looks exceedingly heavy, but when you pick it up, you will feel that it is light.
12 When you trust what I have said and follow me with your cross, and you take the low road, even passing below all things, yea, it shall become easier than you ever knew, and your exceeding fear was of naught, and you will be glad that you trusted in me.
13 And this you know, so why do you resist, and of what are you afraid? I wait on the other side of your leap of faith.
14 Trust and be glad; I am alpha and omega, even Jesus Christ: Amen.

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