Statement of Inclusion

The Fellowship of Christ is a community of Christians worshipping God, loving all, and fostering a welcoming, safe space where all of God’s children can grow a personal relationship with their Creator in a community that values:

  • Diversity of people and perspectives
  • Equity in policy and practice
  • Inclusion of all voices and visions

All are welcome to grow in faith with us, without exception. We seek to create a community of unified backgrounds and beliefs, drawn together through the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that diversity is one of the greatest gifts to come from God’s creation. Through this unity in diversity we gain greater opportunities to experience humanity and see a greater expression of rights and God-given gifts, both in our churches and in society.

The Lord has told us:

“As to thy call, my Fellowship, to unite my people, I say: accept those that all others reject with hope, joy, and happiness.” -Doctrines of the Saints 125:33

We seek to be a diverse people of faith, sharing in our differences in perspectives on theologies, understandings, and interpretation of scripture. We covenant to accept, respect, and love one another throughout our faith journeys. Membership, ordinances, callings, and fellowship are open to all regardless of age, race, ethnic background, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, family or socioeconomic status, educational background, political affiliation, physical or mental ability, or faith history.

David Ferriman

Kristine Ferriman


Allen J. Broadus
Head Evangelist

The Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship
Post Office Box 1503
Miamisburg, Ohio, 45342

Contact: Fellowship Newsroom
Phone: 614-260-7238
April 21, 2023

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