Yod Lamed Yod

“But be not thou far from me, O Lord: O my strength, haste thee to help me.” -Psalms 22:19

The second Name of God may be used as a teshuvah meditation. It is used to recapture the spark of divine energy within us. This spark lights the fire of the Holy Spirit. Yod Lamed Yod is a mantra for meditation that can restore us with Christ’s Grace from both sin and the wear and tare of everyday life. It reminds us of who we truly are, and who’s we are, kindling the our divine fire. We are the Children of God, we were created in God’s image, spiritually and physically. Using this mantra reminds us of our divinity.

If one is in a phase of fatigue, lack of energy, or feeling helpless, Yod Lamed Yod will help find solutions and gift us with God’s energies. That said, when using this mantra, be open to support from others, especially friends and family. Yod Lamed Yod will help one feel rejuvenated again and induce or enhance clairvoyance (the spirit of prophecy) for those with this spiritual gift.

This is an excellent mantra to use while meditating on the Sacrament of Communion, and to teach new disciples after receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost.


Yod (also spelled yud, yodh, jod, or jodh) is the tenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. It signifies the number 10. Yod represents or is a name for God as the creator. It represents the point from which all of creation emerges. It reminds us of the unity within multiplicity. Yod is the foundation, the hidden spark of the divine which causes everything to be.

The holy name, THVY (Yahveh), starts with Yod. It is small in size, compared to the other letters of the aleph-bet, signifying the greatness of Yodt. According to traditional Kabbalah, all of creation came forth from a single point. Thus, Yof represents God’s infinite presence within the finite world.

We see Yod as a single point, yet it represents 10. This teaches us the unity within multiplicity. This is particularly true in light of the 10 sephirot of the Tree of Life; one tree comprised of ten parts. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says: “One jot shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled” (5:18). The jot he is speaking of refers to the letter Yud.


Lamed (or Lammed or Lamedh) is the twelfth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. It signifies the number 30. Lamed is translated literally to “learning,” and so that is what it represents. it’s shape is that of a a shepherd’s stick, representing a pastoral staff.  It is tied to Tzadikim NistarimIt, the 36 righteous people that keep the world from ending.

Located at the center of the aleph-beith, Lamed represents the heart (Lev לב). In Mormon Kabbalah, this means the burning bosom, where the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Thus we learn not merely with the mind, but by revelation from God to our hearts, minds, and souls. Spiritual learning is the heart of human existence. The purpose of Mormon Kabbalah, and in fact, out mortal lives, is to learn and express spiritual teachings and practices.

Like a lighthouse high above a cliff, Lamed helps us see past the storms. Kaf shapes us, Lamed (learning) is how we are shaped. Lamed represents constant change, as we learn we grow. Thus it teaches us to learn from everything in life, by blocking the Ego and gaining spiritual perfection through Jesus Christ, We learn the Law, the will, and ways of God, aligning ourselves with and becoming one with God.

Mudras, Mantras, & Mandalas


The mantra here is “Yod Lamed Yod.” This should be said or thought on a inhale of breath, and again on an exhale. One may also add a phrase or short passage of scripture. Example: inhale, “Yod Lamed Yod;” exhale, “God’s divine spark” to better let the spirit breathe.


While doing this one may wish to draw the letters in Hebrew, as seen above, or look at them. Some images to combine to create a mandala would be a cross, a dove, the gold plates, or a heart. One should use images that remind them of divine energy, revelation, and the Holy Spirit.


The prayer mudra and the plea mudra both may be used with this Name. The prayer mudra is made by placing the hands together, as in prayer. The plea mudra takes this a step further, intertwining the fingers. Other mudras may be used as well, as the Spirit directs.

Temple Mudra

If one holds priesthood keys they may use the temple mudras with this mantra to gain greater spiritual guidance. Endowing Yod Lamed Yod with power from the temple will unlock doors into worlds without end for the righteous. Temple tokens used in conjunction with the Shem HaMephorash mantras will unlock the power of God, and the power of His temple, in one’s life.

For those inducted in to the priesthood, the Law of the Gospel be appropriate. The Sign of the Law of the Gospel is made by bringing the right hand in front, with the hand, palm up, in cupping shape, the right arm forming a square; the left arm is raised to the square, the palm of the hand to the front, the fingers close together, and the thumb extended. The sign of the Son is made by bringing the left hand in front, with the hand in cupping shape, the left arm forming a square in reverence to the bitter cup from which Jesus drank.

For Elders, the Sign of the Son may also be used. The sign of the Son (as in, Jesus Christ; the Son of God, or Son of Man) is made by bringing the left hand in front, with the hand in cupping shape, the left arm forming a square. This is in reverence to the bitter cup from which Jesus drank (3 Nephi 5:12 RAV, 11:11 OPV). The right hand is then brought forward, with the palm facing down, the fingers close together, the thumb extended, placed over the left hip. This is in reverence of the wound in his side, which was pierced by a spear, that his bones not be broken (John 19: 33-34).


One may use the following prayer to help begin and/or end the process:

Lord, I open my heart and invite your divine spark within to kindle Gevurah, the flame of the Holy Spirit. Please light the divine spark within me, as a part of your creation, made in your Holy image. Let these sparks light the fire that will burn out the destructive entities residing within my being. Replenish the divine energy within me. Give me the strength to move forward with the wisdom to know and the strength to do thy will. Let the light of life grow stronger within me each day as the fire grows stronger, as the divine fire floods the earth with your light from my soul. In Jesus name I pray, So mote it be. Amen. 

“Behold, the Holy Spirit changed their hearts; yea, he awaked them out of a deep sleep, and they awoke unto God. Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; nevertheless, their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting Word.” -Alma 3:11-12 RAV, 5:7a-b OPV

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