God’s Work, A Blueprint

David continues to receive revelation and finally understands and heeds the call of the Lord.

From the time I received the dream of cleaning the store, I knew the Lord was calling me to a mighty work to do in His holy name; I began to receive revelation after revelation of how the Lord had wanted His Church organized. The Lord had shown me the where the Latter Day Saint Churches would be today had we not let fear and secrecy take precedence over his will.

I was shown the true meaning of the temple ritual, how the Lord had wished for it to be used by this time; the Lord showed me the structure of the Church, as the prophet Joseph Smith Jr. was setting it up, and how it should have been set up by this point; To be clear, however, the Lord did not stated that the current of former presidents of the Church are or were evil or that they did not hold the keys to the kingdom.

It was and is to me clear that these men still hold the required keys, and are inspired, yet have failings like everyone else. It is also clear that there are flaws in the man made policies and procedures and we have seen how these have lead the Church and its members astray in some areas, and lead a number of people away from Christ.

The question in my mind after every revelation was, what do I do with this? As a lay member of the largest Latter Day Saint denomination, I could not just fly to Utah and let the Brethren know that the Lord had revealed these things to me, as this is not how the Latter-day Saint branch of the Church of Jesus Christ worked.

I did not understand why I was getting these visions, for I am no one; I’m just Dave.

I needed to know why I was receiving these visions and revelations; I had asked repeatedly, but the Lord ignored my questions and just gave me more information. Yet rather than feeling confused, I felt overwhelmed; in my heart I knew what the Lord required of me and that this knowledge was why he was not answering me in the manner I desired.

Then, on the 6th of November, 2015, I learned that the Church would be rejecting children of same-sex couples, and that they had been rejecting the children of polygamists wishing to join the LDS Church. It was at this time that I felt a peace come over me; “It is time,” the Spirit of the Lord whispered to me; with that, I started a website to hold all of the information the Lord has revealed to me over my lifetime.

If it is God’s will that something becomes of it, then His will be done; if not, I can at least say I followed the Lord and did as he commanded me. The information is not a perfect record, I am dyslexic and so if there are faults and flaws, they are the mistakes of men; yet I know that in spite of this, those that read over these revelations and pray to the Lord to know the truth of them, and will not reject the Lord.

One thing I have learn through all of this is not to condemn the things of God, that we may be found spotless at the judgment-seat of Christ; the Lord is perfect and I, as a flawed human, will do my best to get that information out into the world. The Spirit will guide those that read and pray to know the truth and will testify of the meaning of all things.

This work is a Holy work, the Work of the Lord; it is not done to condemn or reject the Latter-day Saint branch or any other church; we are all able to receive God’s Grace if we but ask, salvation is not tied to a church; it is tied to our Savior, even Jesus Christ. The Bible won’t save us, the Book of Mormon won’t save us; Jesus will save us, if we but accept him. Regardless of religious denomination, if one has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior this Fellowship is meant to be a place for them.

This work is to place to collect my revelations and inspiration – the will of the Lord through His servant; a place of hope where those looking to worship Jesus and study the Scriptures without bigotry or rejection can come and find peace.

To that end, God bless this work and those that do; it in his name, Amen.

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