The Lord’s Supper

Revelation given to David January 24, 2021 on the Sacrament of Communion. A question was asked about incorporating the Divine Feminine into the Communion prayer. David has asked the Lord about this before with no clear answer. Because of this, he advised that the service stick to the prayer in the Book of Mormon given by Moroni, in the Book of Avahr has reviled by God to Oliver Cowdery, and in the Doctrines of the Saints as reveled to Joseph Smith Jr. After partaking of the Sacrament of Communion, David received the following revelation.

  1. Thus saith the Lord: Behold, the Sacrament of Communion represents the marriage supper between the Shekinah and the Father, between the bride and the bridegroom, between the Saints of Zion and their Christ;
  2. Therefore, these, the words1 of the eucharist, shall not be altered nor shall they be changed; for they represent ordnance of the marriage covenants between the Creator and His Creation, between the Church and myself, even I, Jesus Christ;
  3. For this ye do as a Sacrament, in remembrance of me; and I Am the Lamb that was sacrificed.
  4. Yea behold, both masculine and feminine elements are presented in the Supper of Communion: the plate representing the Earth, my creation, and the cup representing my mercy;
  5. So too doth the bread represents my body, which was broken for ye, from the things that had been planted and grown from the Earth; and the wine, the New Covenant made in my blood, which was shed that all might live again with our Elohim;
  6. Therefore, this ye shall do in remembrance of my life, my death, and my resurrection; to renew the New and Everlasting Covenant, in fellowship with the Saints of Zion gathered at my table; and this too, in memory of the supper yet to come:
  7. Do this and the gifts of the Spirit shall be made manifest in the presence of thy faith in the hearts of the daughters of Zion, for those that do so faithfully and in obedience.
  8. Behold, it is not good to overstep beyond the mark that has been set, but see that ye do all things in both knowledge and wisdom, finding balance in all things;
  9. Do this in reverence and rejoicing, and ye shall see that the heavens and the earth are one, and God in the creation. Even so, Amen.


  1. See Moroni 4 &5, Avahr 34:21 & 23, and Doctrines of the Saints 2a:68 & 70
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