The Apostles

Revelation given to David January 22, 2021 on the will of the Lord for the Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship.

  1. Thus sayeth the Lord unto his servants, the Apostles of the Fellowship of Christ and His friends: be ye one, even as I and the Father are one, that ye may glorify my name:
  2. Behold, I say unto thee at this time, four of ye have been called and one has been taken, and another too shall be soon taken if they do not repent of their transgressions;
  3. And I say unto mine apostles, I have called thee to be fishers of men, to call men and women of all walks of life in my name; therefore, seek out my sheep and find them that they know that I love them even as I love each of thee.
  4. It is the duty of mine Apostles to seek out other Apostles that shall hear and heed my call; twelve men and twelve women to represent me, as special witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ, in my Fellowship:
  5. And until six men and six women are found, all of my Apostles shall remain as a part of the Council of Fifty to support the First Presidency;
  6. But once these twelve are found, the six brothers shall council together, as the Apostles for the Brotherhood of Christ; and the six sisters shall council together, as the Apostles for the Sisterhood of Christ;
  7. And by the unanimous voice of these shall their presidency be chosen: and they shall meet once a year to choose by the voice of my Spirit and by prophecy and revelations their respective presidents.
  8. And these presidents shall be the co-presidents of the Quorum of Apostles in the Fellowship of Christ, in the Order of the Ministry;
  9. And these shall bring with them five brethren and five sistren, selected by them and unanimously sustained by their fellows, and these shall form the Quorum of Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship.
  10. And the duties of the Apostles in the Order of the Ministry are to unite my Saints in Fellowship and to call, and teach, and train, and lead the Council of Seventy Elders that shall assist in my works.
  11. Behold, each of thee are my Light in the world, ye are not the Light, but ye have been sent forth as fishers of men, sent forth to bear witness of that Light; and I AM the light and life of mankind, and ye are mine;
  12. Therefore, go forth and do my work, seek out those called to serve in my name, be they of the Seventy Elders or fellow Apostles, and seek ye my face that where thou be, there am I also; even so, Amen.
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