Revelation to the Elect Lady

Revelation received by the First Elder, David; October 13, 2019 in Chillicothe, Missouri. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020.

  1. My beloved daughter, Kristine: Harken ye to the voice of the Lord, I the Lord thy God say unto thee:
  2. ¶ Behold, thou hast been called and set apart before thou wast born, yeah and even before the world was I called thee;
  3. And this was and is thy call: to come forth in these, the last days; to help restore unto mankind that which they have discarded and thrown away;
  4. For behold: thou art an Elect Lady, and a helpmeet to thy husband, both in the things of this world and in the ministry.
  5. And I have called thee, and set thee apart to do a great an marvelous work in my name,
  6. And thou were called to come forth at this time to help restore balance.
  7. ¶ Yeah, there are three pillars, with one on the right hand and one on the left, but the seed of men have sought to tear down the right pillara;
  8. And thus thou hast been called to restore my right hand amongst the children of men; for the daughters of God have cried out unto me, even the Lord their God, seeking to gain their birthright.
  9. ¶ And to this end wast thou born; to help build my kingdom, to restore the pillars, to raise up righteous seed before me;
  10. And for this reason did I command my servant David to lay hands upon thee, giving thee the keys to the presidency of the Sisterhood and to the Law of Sarah, even before thou understood thy calling;
  11. For behold, unto thee has been given the royal birthright, and thou are the High Priestess in my name of this royal generation;
  12. And a High Priestess and queen shall thou be for time and all eternity to the Most High God, should thou keep thy Covenants and remain faithful unto me.
  13. ¶ Behold, I send thee this revelation as a means of instruction, therefore I say unto thee: Feed my sheep! for thou hast been called to minister in my name.
  14. Fear not, for I shall give thee strength; and lean upon me, for I shall provide unto thee all that thou shall need for thyself and thine family.
  15. Yeah, and behold; harken unto my voice, for I AM the good shepherd;
  16. And when thou shall hear my voice by way of revelation, know that I shall speak unto thee in a voice that thou shalt recognize;
  17. Worry not that my Word shall sound different to thee than that of thy husband, for behold: I speak unto all in a language they shall understand;
  18. But search thy heart, and when it is of me I shall tell thee in thy mind, and thou shall feel it in thy heart.
  19. ¶ And know this: thou hast been given the gift of discernment, and this shall tell thee what is of me and what is not; and thou shall feel it to thy very core;
  20. For the Spirit if God is the Spirit of Pure truth and Pure knowledge; and in wisdom shall thou be given my Word to be received by my people.
  21. ¶ Therefore, go and do as I have commanded, and I shall bring peace to thy heart; worry not of the things of this world, for in me shall thou and thy family be provided for:
  22. And the blessings of heaven shall pour out in abundance in so much that thou shall not know what to do save it be to bless others temporally with that which ye shall be given.
  23. ¶ Therefore, I say unto thee: raise thy children in righteousness; continue to counsel with thy husband in all things; seek to restore that which has been lost to mankind that women may be restored to their rightful place upon the throne in my kingdom;
  24. And know too that I have sent others to help thee in this task;
  25. Therefore I say unto thee to find these women; ordain them and prophesy over them, lead and guide them, that all may be restored to its proper order.
  26. Behold, I have called thee to gather my daughters, and to gather my Saints;
  27. To build a home for those seeking my shelter, and to teach and ordain those that I have called to this work.
  28. ¶ Kristine, thou art a leader amongst women, and with thy husband ye shall together be leaders of mankind;
  29. Therefore, fear not; for I am with thee, all the days of thy life.
  30. Many are called, but few are chosen:
  31. And behold, thou hast been called and are chosen unto me after the order of Eve, and of Sarah, and of Miriam; and Deborah, and Phoebe, and Junia, and Salome, and Emma; and many other women: prophetesses, apostle, ministers, and elect ladies all called in my name;
  32. And in the order of Magdalene shall thou surpass many of those that came before thee, and all those that did not harken unto my call.
  33. Therefore my daughter, go forth and serve, for behold, in thee rests the strength to overcome and endure to the end.
  34. I the Lord, have spoken it, thus shall it be: Amen.


a. The “right pillar” are the feminine aspects, wisdom and mercy; the Matriarchy. The left are the masculine aspects, knowledge and judgement; the Patriarchy. With the right pillar restored we will gain balance, finding the center pillar, which is understanding; the Marriage.

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2 years ago

5 votes yes from South Carolina

2 years ago

I approve the scriptures and revelations presented. Yes in all.

Christian Amparano
Christian Amparano
2 years ago

5 positive votes from here in California

Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
2 years ago

My votes from Conference 2020: Pending Scriptures, All listed – yes

Kristine, Bishop
2 years ago

Vote yes. I am awed and humbled by this revelation, and pray for further guidance from the Lord as His work in this moves forward.