Revelation on Blessing & Passing the Sacrament

The following is a revelation on how to bless and pass the sacrament of Holy Communion received in Ohio by David on November 17, 2015. This revelation is given to all that accept and believe and have been ordained by the laying on of hands by those with authority to perform the ordinances mentioned. And, to those baptized and worthy of receiving this sacrament. All welcome to partake of the Sacrament of Communion. This Sacrament is a renewal of the covenants of Christian baptism. This revelation was voted and accepted as scripture by the Council of Elders of the Fellowship January 5, 2019 and accepted as canon by the General Assembly of the Saints in April, 2019.

  1. ¶ Feeling the Holy Spirit tell me that my family should worship at home, I began to fast and pray on how to do this.
  2. After kneeling in prayer and meditation, the Lord gave me the following revelation:
  3. Behold, I say unto those numbered with me in my Fellowship, through the mouth of my servant David: Prepare ye the way of the Lord;
  4. For I am even Jesus Christ, your Redeemer, the Great I AM; in my great mercy have I atoned for thy sins.
  5. Even as a hen gathers her chicks, so shall I gather my people;
  6. And I say unto thee, even as I have said before: All ye that come unto me are mine and I shall have claim on them at the last day.
  7. ¶ Behold, I say unto thee: Be ye perfect, even as I and my Father are perfect, and my Grace shall make whole even these that believeth in my name.
  8. And I would tell thee how to be perfect: Love one another; yea strengthen one another in fellowship, for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of the Father,
  9. Yea, do this and my Grace will carry thee home, if thou are faithful even unto the end.
  10. ¶ Behold, I would ask thee: Renew thy covenants through the Sacrament of Communion; the bread to represent my flesh, and the wine to represent my blood;
  11. Do this too and keep my Spirit with thee that ye may strive to grow in me, even in my Grace.
  12. Yea, I have said unto thee: It mattereth not what thou shalt eat or what ye shall drink when ye partake of this sacrament, if it so be that ye do it with an eye single to my glory, in remembrance unto the Father.
  13. ¶ The kingdom of God is before thee; have patience, for my Spirit is with thee;
  14. Therefore, I would that all that wish to fellowship in my name, prepare ye an altar in thy home or place of dwelling facing Eastward;
  15. Bless this place, that it will be holy; yea dedicate it unto Elohim in my name.
  16. This shall ye do that ye may partake of the Sacraments of bread and wine, that ye shall always remember me;
  17. And this place shall be holy by the power of my priesthood, even the Melchizedek Priesthood and the Sisterhood of Magdalene, that my priests and priestesses may stand in this holy place to prepare and bless these sacraments.
  18. ¶ Behold, this shall ye do also: set aside a plate and dedicate it for the bread, and a cup for the wine, and keep them clean.
  19. And I say unto thee: When thou shall dedicate these things unto me, ye shall wear the robes of the High Priesthood, that ye remember that ye do these things in my name.
  20. And thou shall use clean plates to pass the bread and clean cups to partake of wine that ye may worship together, one with another;
  21. And if there be any sick among you, or there be people too numerous, behold, thou shalt give each a cup unto themselves that all shall partake and be blessed;
  22. As it has been taught in plainness, when two or more gather in my name, there shall I be, therefore see that ye do these things in wisdom.
  23. ¶ And I say unto thee further: When ye bless and pass this sacrament unto these, be it a household or a congregation, ye shall wear the robes of the Levitical Priesthood;
  24. For Aaron and his brethren and their offspring did offer sacrifices as such;
  25. But I am the last sacrifice required by my Father, no blood shall be spilt for remission of sins.
  26. And ye shall do these things in remembrance of my sacrifice that ye may worship the Father in my name and be faithful unto the end;
  27. And lo, I am with you, therefore, be faithful until I come; for then ye shall be caught up, that where I am shall ye be also. Amen.

Thoughts, comments, and other interpretations are welcome below.

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