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IN THIS SEASON: because this season has been different. Information concerning warnings are simultaneous coming into my hands, the terrible cold weather and how unprepared we have been for it. Julie spreading herself so thin when she needed to have all her ducks in a row, door closing in Miranda’s face everywhere, I have had to rethink my position. I have had to work on identifying my purpose beyond what I have identified in the past.

A. First look at the movements. Examining patterns which we are doing every time we think or point towards 2012. Miranda’s information concerning the activity of the sun. Where even though we are in a period of greater activity than has been see before concerning the sun, we are still in a period of low activity in terms of sun spots. Miranda says, however when the sun gets active it take off like gang buster and there are lots of sun spots. It is still too unknown how that affects the weather, us as humans, and energetically in terms of spirit energy, which takes us back to disruption, breaking down, under the code happenings.

B. Identify my self. Recognize the amount of the process it takes to dismantle the in-trenched forms, institutions, and programs (the reason for the depression, see writing on depression). Recognize it is energy applied.

1. A pillar of light gets activated when your voice has spoken.
Thus, starts the dismantling of old programs.
When that pillar gets activated it starts the dismantling of old programs.
It can accelerate – which causes the dismantling of old programs.
The person can go either way. They can do a self clearing, which is to be by themselves as they sort through everything.
Or (activation) or self medication: whether work, partying, or sleep.
This is the process of recapitalization.

The rain falls into each one of the glyphs where it needs to be for each individual.

2. This is the cleansing of the view screen seeing the truth and purpose of what is

I was listening to a Laurie Ann Lavine talking about the internal state of deconstruction a place where we exist coming out of our past patterns and into the new future of enlightenment. I think I have been existing lately in that deconstruction place. She believes we have to “construct” the new for ourselves.

Seventh ray of transmutations – the breaking down

Lynn sees her witness as she talks light as the activation pillar. I do not have such confidence in my own position I can’t tell if it is a lack of authority or my own subconscious dredging up feelings that end up shooting me in the foot. Dredging up all those old tapes of worthlessness so strongly that I have no confidence in the place in Christ I am standing, or the fermenting process I am going through.

In terms the “full meal deal” – the new covenant – new forms have to be created, as this happens it will hit us physically as well as planetary. Based on science, spirit, psychology. Is this what the information about disaster as well as our own experience is concerning? When asked the Lord to tell be why I was getting this information and if it is a portent, then what should I do? All I got from him was one word “fortify”. I have sense been able to add to that word the term “strengthen”. I know that means more than just physical. It also has hit in terms of trust, faithfulness in prayer, closer walk.

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