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I don’t want to be crying wolf concerning the destructions, you know its about timing more than content. However, I have been thinking about the synchronicity of the information falling into my hands. So I want to record this.

Dec 2006 Winter Solstices

Miranda, Lynn, and myself go to the approximate place where think Maya the star point in the Plaidless might be and offer up a mighty prayer for there to be some kind of movement. We felt the wheels turn top to bottom. At the time I said I was sensing the movement. It was an out breath from the heart, but when the breath came back in there would be destruction.

August of 07

The south wall of my basement fell out. Miranda’s bathroom sewer plugged up which runs under the foundation of her house. Julies foundation needed repair. All these foundations – were they symbolic of the foundation of “things” falling apart. Institutions surrounding us like church, government, beginning to crumble? Was it happening to us as a warning to prepare us. Or was it simply something happening that it was time for?

Fall of 07

Miranda called me and told me an owl was right outside of her window and had come three nights very loud. She reminded me and I knew Owl can mean death. I don’t put much stock in that because David has owls around his house because he built Owl nests. However right out of the blue her brother dies. She get back from that and the owl comes again. She is anxious this time because she doesn’t know who it will be. This time its her uncle. She calls me two weeks ago and says the owl is back and he is calling farther away but everywhere now. She interpreted this as meaning in the future there would be a lot of death. Some time passes and she dies.

January 08

Randy Klimpt sends me a e-mail where a friend of his that he respects a lot, who receives a “Word of God”. I am impressed with what he received because it’s talking about this area. I want to put this persons receiving in context of who he is and how that would apply to me. It caught my attention.

About the same time Louise is telling me about a book she is reading about a woman who receives a vision of the destruction in a near death experience. This too gets my attention. I want to read the book to get a feel for what the woman is saying and how genuine it is. I order the book the “Window on Life”. By Susanne Freeman. I am pretty impressed with it.

March 08

I am visiting with Gwen and she gives me a Coast to Coast CD by a man names Daniel Qyale. This man is talking about how the powers of the world are bringing down the United States, economic collapse, weather devastation, UFO‘s, government happenings. These were a lot of the same things Susanne Freeman was saying in her vision. He had direr predictions. I didn’t know what to think about what he was saying. It was interesting George Norry’s statement about him. He said Dan Quayl was the scariest man he knew because so much of what he says happens. The interesting thing about Quayl is that he is not talking prophesy he is talking facts as he sees them. You have to be careful with prophesy because it takes place out of time and space and so the timing is always a suspect.

March 07 – towards the end of the month

Miranda brings me a book by a Ronald Weinland titled “2008 God’s Final Witness.” This book was published in 06. It’s saying the same thing Dan Quayl is saying. He is talking collapse of the US which echoed Freeman again. Predicts earthquakes, weather devastation, economic collapse etc. etc.

I don’t know what all this means. I don’t how much to emerge myself in it. I have pretty much sat with the fear all winter concerning my basement and the cost of getting it repaired. After reading Freeman’s book I asked the Lord “What should I do?” He said one word to me “Fortify”. I have been asking Him to clarify that for me. I know it means stabilize our homes. Do not use this time to branch out to build as Julie was trying to do with school. Or I am always trying to do with moving forward in the spirit. To pull in and fortify where and what we have.

I do have a sense we have time left

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