Quantum Vision (Part 2)

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I am going to try and describe something that is interesting to me. When I say “try to describe” I have to ask myself, how do you put pen to paper to name, identify something that is not tangible. Only end results give it identity. As an example, years ago the Manifestation concepts hit the air waves. Everyone was into manifestation. There were boo-coo ways of bringing our wants into physical manifestation. I think it was so popular because there was an underlying amazing truth at the heart of it. The counter part of manifestation lay in the spiritual realm. Faith, things unseen, and other long, long held ideas and beliefs. I think what made manifestation so popular was the connection the ideas had to Quantum. Once science proved that matter, we could not see, was really there, and then proved that matter could be brought out of the unseen world into the seen world. There was an explosion of how atoms could be manipulated by man himself, just as science had done.

We are on the verge of a huge explosion of more and more unseen matter brought into the physical. This is what I call the New Paradigm. These unseen, quantum ideas, concepts and realities are up to this point located in the consciousness. What the manifestor’s were trying to do, was tap into that consciousness with all their varied methods and bring quantum into reality. I am pretty sure it didn’t manifest as often as they claimed, in fact probably hardly at all. However if felt like matter could be realized, one just had to do it right, or find the right method.

One of the aspects of this existential substance, which the scientist are very aware of follow laws. I don’t think you can substitute method for law. Now I have to take a second look at this statement. The sages say that G-d reveals himself through law. He gave us Torah and the mitzva’s as a vehicle of manifestation. Torah is both system and law. The place we get tripped up in understanding, which sends us into dissonance, is when we connect the heart. This is where the Manifest Theory goes off the rails. They just couldn’t find the workable method of heart and mind (law) working in harmony. It felt like it should work, if they just had the correct system. However, the manifest advocates were touching, introducing meta concepts of matter manipulation, which is huge.

If we transpose our human thinking, which is limited, to consciousness, whatever that is, and use a different lens, we may just be able to navigate in the world of quantum.

Read part one here.

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