Non Local (Part 3) Interfacing

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In part two I compared the psychedelic release from a third dimensional reality to the same kind of state that happens when one is released from this reality through spiritually. When a person makes a connection with God in which they experience, not drug induces, but an awake reality that bring “a non local” and local phenomena together into a state of being ___________

“The walking state of awareness/consciousness which corresponds to the double split state of singular particle measurement in the manifest/ego finite matter real.”

Could tis correspond to the singular manifestation of gravity?

In this third phase we have been given a real live example of how what the ascension process looks like in the life of Jesus the Christ. I use His title because that is the aspect I will to address in this report.

The Christ is a title that represents a level or degree of divinity of the infinite Supernal Mind. The Beings that hold that title are completely devoted to the creations of the Supernal Mind, they have developed much the same way we are  developing, step by step line upon line.

Because of the magnitude of this work of creation and its variable parts, HaShem has prepared a large variety of Beings most like himself to assist us in our transition from creature to God/self awareness.

They themselves has even condescended to partake of the same reality as we. They have laid their Heavenly Self aside to be present with us.

Now as we go through the process of self awareness, we are assisted by Them. The best full blown existential example given us is the life, and ascension of Yeshua in the act of Messiahship.

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