Priesthood vs Priestcraft

The following revelation was given to David in Ohio on January 10, 2016. The differences between the priesthood and priestcraft are clearly defined by the Lord. In addition, the Lord gives further instructions on the garments. This revelation was voted and accepted as scripture by the Council of Elders of the Fellowship January 5, 2019. We ask members of the Fellowship to read this revelation prayerfully to determine if it should be added to the Fellowship canon in preparation of the vote April 6, 2019.

  1. Behold, I am the Lord your God, YHVH of Elohim—yea even Jesus Christ; I AM, the Alpha and Omega, yea I am the beginning and the end;
  2. Therefore, give heed unto my Word, which is quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword, to the dividing asunder of both joints and marrow; therefore, give ye heed unto my Word.
  3. ¶ Behold my servant David: Thou hast been doing my work preparing the holy scriptures in my name, and I have seen that thou hast questions regarding the words of my prophets, as to their meaning;
  4. Yea, I will expound unto thee upon their words, for their words are of me, and testify of me, and were and are spoken in my name.
  5. Behold, thou doth wish to increase thy understanding as to the meaning of seer, and sorcerer, yea and of prophet and wizard;
  6. And the question hath entered thy mind: How did my servant Aaron have a staff or rod, which seems unto thee to be a wand yet he not be a sorcerer?
  7. How be it that my servant Oliver Cowdery could have the rod of nature, or rod of Aaron, yea even a divining rod, to use in my name if these things are not pleasing unto me?
  8. ¶ Yea, this is no great mystery: for behold all things that delight the Lord your God are mocked of Satan;
  9. Yea, even before thy first father, Adam, was cast out of the garden, that serpent, Lucifer, even Satan, beguiled man with priestcraft.
  10. And this is what the scriptures mean when they say that the sorcerer and the wizard should be cast out of my presence and into the pits of Hell, for they do mock the things of the Lord, even as did the priests of Egypt.
  11. Behold, did Aaron not throw down his rod and it became a serpent? And did not the priests of the pharaoh also throw down their rods and they too become serpents?
  12. But behold the power of the Lord, the very power of God: the power of priestcraft was undone by the power of the Lord and his priesthood;
  13. Yea, and Aaron’s serpent ate the serpents of the pharaoh as a testimony that priestcraft cannot prevail before my holy priesthood, or the priesthood of Elohim; for they are the same holy priesthood.
  14. ¶ Behold, even as the moon lights the night sky, so too does priestcraft light the ways for evil men and women; yea, even as the moon, it waxes and wains in finite power, and without glory.
  15. Yea, and behold, as the moon reflects the light of the sun upon the earth, so too is priestcraft but a reflection of the priesthood;
  16. And just as the moon has no power to bring life to the creations of God, neither does priestcraft have power to bring salvation unto man.
  17. ¶ Yea, here is wisdom: a wizard, as mentioned by my servants the prophets, is but one who is wise in the things of this world.
  18. ¶ Behold Nehor, he who slew my servant Gideon by the sword; was he not a wizard and a sorcerer of priestcraft too? Did he not teach for doctrines sorceries, idolatry, idleness, babblings, envyings and strife?
  19. Did he not teach those who followed him to wear costly apparel being lifted up in the pride of their own eyes?
  20. And did he not teach his followers to lie, rob, murder; to commit whoredoms; yea teaching the people not for follow the Lord their God, but to follow the devil in all manner of wickedness?
  21. Behold I say unto thee, this was not of me but was priestcraft; therefore he was a sorcerer and a wizard, and any works he would do were priestcraft and of that Satan that he did serve.
  22. ¶ And also the Zoromites, and their Rameumptom; behold, did they not brag of their own greatness? Did they not brag of their disbelief in my prophets? Did they not cast out the poor for their poverty?
  23. Behold, this was a love of the things of the earth; yea this too is priestcraft.
  24. ¶ And behold, the sorcerer Simon the Magus; he did try to buy the priesthood from my servant Peter; yea, this too is priestcraft, for my priesthood is a gift of the Spirit, not to be bought nor sold.
  25. ¶ And yet behold my servants Moses and Aaron, yea and even Oliver; they didst take the sprout, or even the rod of a tree, and they prayed over it to bless it; thus sanctifying it in my holy name;
  26. And this that they did, behold it was pleasing unto me, yea they did use these even in my name for my holy works.
  27. ¶ Behold, I say unto thee again: It is no mystery, by their fruits shall ye know,
  28. For if they do that which is pleasing unto me and in my name, for my glory and my Father’s glory, and for the benefit of their neighbors, and not as a gift unto themselves;
  29. By this shall men know that these are of me; for these are they that love one another, even as I love them.
  30. Yea, and these are they that serve me, the Lord Jesus Christ, and through me Elohim; and these are they that that feed my sheep; and even those that love and serve their neighbors as themselves.
  31. ¶ And behold, this is not all; ye also desire to know of my holy garments, yea I see that thou art troubled of the visions that I gave unto thee in Washington D.C.
  32. Behold, I say unto thee, the robes of the priesthood and the garments are not given to man for salvation and should not be seen as such.
  33. Yea, these things are given as a tool to help others know the works of the Lord, and to remind those that would follow me of their covenants with me, both at baptism and the covenants made entering into my holy priesthood.
  34. ¶ Behold I say unto thee: Thou shalt strive at all times and in all places to serve me, the Lord your God;
  35. And just as a man putteth on one set of clothing to plow the fields and another to sleep, so too doth man put on another to do the work of the Lord.
  36. ¶ Behold, the symbols of my garments were given in the Garden of Eden unto Adam and Eve, as they covenanted with me to take upon themselves my name and to use my holy priesthood;
  37. And they wore their garments when they cried unto me without the Garden, and when they did all the works, I commended them to do in my name;
  38. In them there was not salvation, yet there was strength given them from me.
  39. And thus, I gave these things unto my servant, Joseph that the world would once again see and know I AM,
  40. And that the world might see and know that my works were once again upon the face of the earth.
  41. ¶ But behold, this was made a great secret and a mystery unto many; yet this was not my will;
  42. Yea, these things are sacred unto me, yet I will curse who I will curse and bless who I will bless;
  43. Therefore, these things were not to be be hidden in darkness but brought into the world that those in the world that are of me might see for themselves, and that they not be seen as priestcraft.
  44. And if the world shall mock and judge, behold this sin shall be upon their heads; for I am the Lord, and I shall not be mocked.
  45. ¶ Behold, I say unto thee: take unto thee a white cloth, be it about the width of thy shoulders and as long as thou art tall; and cut the cloth in the middle of its longest side two thirds inwards and seal up the edges round about;
  46. And thou shalt place this upon he or she that shall wear it, and on the right breast place the sign of the square, yea, and on left breast the sign of the compass;
  47. For these are signs unto me from before the beginning, yea signs of which are the justice of Elohim and the salvation of the Only Begotten; for in the square is Gevurah, the justice of God, and in the compass is Chesed, his mercy;
  48. And place upon this, my holy garment, two lines; one at the bottom on the right about the knee as a reminder that every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ,
  49. And the other midway upon the front thereof, yea upon the right of the divide, about that of the navel,
  50. And this thou shalt do for health in the belly, and as a sign and token of my Holy Spirit, and of temporal salvation;
  51. And these shall thou wear when doing my holy works that do not require the robes of the priesthood, and even under the robes of the priesthood.
  52. ¶ Yea, and these garments thou shalt wear throughout thy life, at times even as the Spirit directs:
  53. To bless the sick, and to preach my gospel at the pulpit, and to do works in my name as thou art moved to do so by my Spirit.
  54. And behold, thou mayest place these symbols upon thy garment by cut or by seam, as thou seest fit;
  55. And thou mayest bind this at thy waste with the apron or with the sash of the robes of the priesthood, as worn about thy waste, or not at all; as thou seest fit to wear them in my name.
  56. ¶ And behold, if thou desire to do as the Latter-day Saints and wear these at the day and at the night, hidden beneath the clothing, thou mayest purchase from them that sell these; this I say unto all that have made the covenant of the priesthood in me;
  57. But behold, if they shall keep these things unto themselves, and shall not sell them unto my servants in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship then I say unto you: Condemn them not, for they know not what they have nor what to do with it;
  58. Therefore, to keep the peace between my Saints I say that thou should make thine own garments.
  59. ¶ This thou may do: purchase cloth and fashioning these of thy own design, or thou may buy garments that were made by the world;
  60. And thou shalt make these holy by adding my symbols thyselves and let those with authority bless and sanctify them in my name.
  61. ¶ Behold, it mattereth not unto me, as these have not power to save; but act as a reminder of thy covenants in my holy priesthood.
  62. And the robes of the priesthood shall be the same, thou may make them as thou pleaseth if thou cannot obtain them from those that maketh them;
  63. But behold, the cloth of which should be pure white, as a symbol of my purity and of thy purity in me, except it be the apron of Adam; yea, the apron thou mayest choose a color as thou pleaseth.
  64. ¶ Behold, I say unto thee once again; these things though shalt do as a symbol of my priesthood and thy covenant with me to honor that priesthood.
  65. Yea, thou shalt not wear these to place one above another, as all are one in me; but thou shalt wear these as a token and a sign that thou are doing the work of the Lord; even I, Jesus Christ.
  66. Behold, I come quickly; therefore, make straight thy paths and prepare ye the way of the Lord, Even so, Amen.


1 Members of the Fellowship that are also members of the Latter-day Saint branch, or any other branch that makes and sells garment and temple attire may buy from them to use both in their temples and in Fellowship temples. However, if one leaves or is cast out of the other branch of the Church of Christ, they should stop wearing the garments of that branch. This is becasue the garments represent the ministry of that body of Christ. If they are removed from that denomination they no longer have a ministry within that branch. Their baptism, keys, etc are retained and may be used in the Fellowship, but are no longer desired in these other folds of the earthly church. To keep the peace between the Saints, we should respect this and make new garments. They may continue to use the robes of the priesthood or make new robes as the Spirit directs.

Thoughts, comments, and other interpretations are welcome below.

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