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A revelation through the prophet David in Ohio, January 24, 2019, addressing Alexei, the first Apostle called to the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship.

  1. My mind in reflection on evening of January 24, 2019 on the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, its direction and in particular the action or future actions of the Council of Elders and the Apostles, I was given a vision and a revelation.
  2. In the vision I saw Apostle co-president Alexei  Christopher Mattanovich standing in the doorway of a temple, dressed in the Robes of the Priesthood as a High Priest.
  3. There, standing as the overseer or guardian of the temple as it were, he was feeding the poor, giving shelter to those in need with great joy in his heart;
  4. All around bout the temple were people in tents, finding rest and sanctuary there on the temple grounds, others were lined up to receive the food being brought out from within.
  5. Whether this was literal or figurative, I know not—though it felt to be both. 
  6. And then, just as suddenly, the voice of the Lord came to me saying: Behold, thus saith the Lord unto my servant and my friend, Alexei:
  7. I have seen thy works and been with thee as thou hast opened thy mouth in proclaiming my gospel, teaching the things of the kingdom, expounding mysteries from out of the scriptures, even according to that portion of Spirit and power which I have given unto thee.
  8. And now, I have a few words to say unto thee.
  9. Behold, in that moment thou came to me, meekly and in submission, it was then that I forgave thee of all thy sins.
  10. And as many times as thou shall come unto me and seek forgiveness thou shall be forgiven, therefore feed my sheep;
  11. For I know thee, and I knew thee before thou wast born in the flesh; and before thou wast born I blessed thee, and set thee apart.
  12. Yet there is gap between thee and me, and it is thus: even as I have forgiven thee, thou too shall forgive thyself of all thy wrong doing.
  13. For behold, it is not meet that thou shall run faster than thou are able, nor to walk further than it is given thee to walk.
  14. But behold, all things are given thee to teach thee patience and long suffering, and thou hast endured these well;
  15. Not perfectly, no—for none are perfect, not one; yet all may be perfected in me, as thou hast been. 
  16. Behold, I God am thy judge, therefor thou shalt not judge thyself too harshly; for behold thou art a special witness in my name and a judge in Israel;
  17. And for this reason in thee is given the gift and power of discernment, not to place blame, but to take it from those that grieve in shame and will humble themselves in my name.
  18. And behold, it is given thee to see and converse with angels, and to work miracles in my name, therefore feed thee my sheep;
  19. But to do this thou must forgive thyself, and forgive others;
  20. Behold my Church, even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; yea many have they wronged and for many they have been their undoing;
  21. But behold, these still do a mighty work in my name, therefore they are still mine, though they are flawed and seek not my ways at first.
  22. But behold, by my strong hand do I guide them, and I have prepared many many other servants to build a house or houses in my name that all my find rest;
  23. And this is why I, the Son of Man, have no house to rest my head—for no church, sect, or denomination is perfect; no, not one;
  24. Yet men and women do I still call to speak in my name, and these do, here a little and there a little, that all might be edified.
  25. And I have called thee, and I have set thee apart for this work, to build a home for those that will come seeking shelter, therefore I say unto thee even as I said unto the Apostles of old: Feed my sheep.
  26. But I say unto thee, for thou too to do this, thou must first forgive thyself even as I, the Lord thy God, have forgiven thee;
  27. And thou must forgive those that have wronged you, and those you have see to do wrong—even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
  28. And behold, many servants did I call by the mouths of my people when my servant Joseph was taken—and I took him;
  29. For behold, dost thou thinkest that man can thwart the will of God? I say thee no.
  30. Dost thou thinkest that my servant Joseph, who was betrayed by his friends, could be killed by the hands of men before his time? I say thee no.
  31. But behold, I had told my servant Joseph to change the errors of his ways, for he had set in motion both that which I love and things that I hate, and thus it was his time.
  32. Yeah, and he died too that his testimony might be sealed by blood, even as the prophets of old.
  33. Yeah, here is wisdom: there are more sides than one and I the Lord God see all sides; therefore worry not what was, but what is to come;
  34. For though thou cannot change the past, thou shall be an instrument in my hands to make a way for the future of my work;
  35. Therefore, forgive thyself, and too forgive others , even as I have done the same.
  36. And behold, I say unto thee also, all thing that have come to pass shall gather momentum at this time, that the works of my servants shall be known for good as well as evil; but thou shall focus only on the good and that which shall unite my people;
  37. For those that are mine are Israel, for these are the straight path to God.
  38. Seek to soften thy anger, walk the path of teshuvah daily, teach others that thou too shall learn, grant forgiveness to those that seek forgiveness, and bless those that seek my face;
  39. For thou art of the Church of the Firstborn, worthy and receiving of the Second Comforter, and ye shall receive my face and handle my wounds when thou hast found peace in thy heart;
  40. Until then, know I am with thee, and thou art with me; I am thy comfort and thy guide, walk with me the remainder of thy days and by thy works and thy example shall thou bring souls unto me.
  41. Wherefore, be faithful, praying always, that thou might be ready at the coming of my coming, and behold, verily, verily, I say unto thee, that I come quickly. Even so. Amen.
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3 years ago

Thanks for sharing, David and Alexei. I smiled as I finished reading this – because it can readily apply to each and every one of us.