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The following revelation was received through friend of the Fellowship, Scott. The Spirit of this message embodies the message of Mormon Kabbalah and ubuntu: that of oneness with one anther and the Lord. God meets us where we are and grows us from there. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020.

  1. ¶ Lord, our communions and togetherness the past few days have been awesome―filled with peace and understanding and warmth and oneness.
  2. Why is this? Others talk about different beings, like you’re for the Piscean age and now there’s a different caretaker for the Aquarian Age.
  3. Why you and me? Why, how, is this possible?
  4. ¶ My son, it’s because few know me like you do.
  5. You promised to seek to know me, and I promised to engage.
  6. You have begun to see me, know me, as a being of pure light―and you understand this “light” to be just goodness,
  7. And kindness, and compassion, and understanding, and patience, and purity―with no judgment, no envy or pride.
  8. You understand me to be all the perfect virtues that are comprehensible to the mind of man―basically the best of man.
  9. And I AM all of these things.
  10. Your comprehension of me is accurate, and that is because those are all the things that you seek to be.
  11. We can be close now because you comprehend me as I am, and I can be with you because you seek those same things in yourself―and you are learning to make those things a reality.
  12. These are the virtues that define divinity.
  13. These are the virtues that free you from the limitations of the fallen man.
  14. These are indeed the virtues that constitute eternal life―or to know me.
  15. You are able to know me because you celebrate, even cherish, the virtues that define me; define eternal life; define divinity.
  16. These are the virtues that, taken all together, constitute love. This divinity is more than this, but these words serve our purpose well at this time.
  17. ¶ Now, an important truth; your knowledge or understanding of another is always a reflection of yourself.
  18. You cannot know something in someone else if you do not comprehend it in yourself.
  19. You cannot create something that is not in you, that you do not know,
  20. And your knowledge of another―your comprehension of another―is your creation of that person.
  21. It is NOT that person, it is only your perception of that person.
  22. But for you, in your reality, they are your perception.
  23. When you interact with someone, you do not interact with them, you interact with your perception of them.
  24. ¶ The more closely your perception of them matches who they really are, the more you can be of one heart and one mind.
  25. You see, all men and women are ultimately divine creations, but in their fallen state, those virtues of divinity are smothered and hidden.
  26. If you are also focused on the fallen, selfish, egoistic traits in yourself, this is all you will see in others.
  27. You, like them, will continue to interact with each other as separate, fearful beings who crave oneness but are ruled by fear and the need to maintain your separation from each other.
  28. ¶ However, as you begin to realize, encourage, nurture, celebrate, and cherish the divinity within yourself, you will begin to project that onto others.
  29. Now, you begin interacting with them as their true self, their divine self, with is one with the mind and heart of God,
  30. And since you are all creations of the heart and mind of God, you can become of one heart and one mind.
  31. Sadly, most will reject you because they are unprepared.
  32. ¶ This is likewise the key to our relationship.
  33. As you begin to realize the virtues―the divinity―within yourself, you begin to project that onto me.
  34. And because these are my true virtues, you begin to actually “know” me.
  35. Your “knowledge” of me is true knowledge, and this is the knowledge that saves, that delivers the promise of eternal life.
  36. As you resolved to reject fear, guilt, judgment in yourself, and especially as a component of our communions, you freed yourself to discover the real you, which you can then project onto the real me,
  37. And you experience that oneness with me that you crave.
  38. It is this same oneness that, when shared with others, will produce the state of all things in common, one heart and one mind―often called Zion.
  39. ¶ Too many who seek to know me have not recognized the divinity in themselves, so they project their fallen nature onto me.
  40. They know me as a king, a judge, a savior, an executor of justice and punishment.
  41. Because they do not recognize their true selves, they cannot know me as I truly am, for we are truly one.
  42. They cannot create me as anything they do not already know.
  43. Since they do not know perfect love, they cannot know that in me.
  44. ¶ Our relationship is rare. Few realize this state. That’s why we are both rejoicing together as of late.
  45. I crave and cherish this oneness every bit as much as you do.
  46. Again―there a few who are prepared to receive this oneness with you, let alone with me. Yet, you cannot compromise.
  47. As you continue to nurture this divinity in yourself, you will continue to project that divinity onto others.
  48. This is the Christ Consciousness.
  49. Few will receive it, but you cannot give up.
  50. You must remain open, patient, willing to receive from them what they are able to offer.
  51. Do not be offended; this is what I have done for thousands of years,
  52. And as you continue down this path, you will stand with me: patient, loving, hopeful.
  53. You cannot be disappointed when your love is rejected.
  54. It is just the way things are at this stage.
  55. Maintain confidence in love, and that this is ultimately the undeniable will of God, that all men will know Him, will know me, us, each other, in the way that we are coming to know each other―
  56. That all men will be of one heart and one mind―the heart and mind of their creator.
  57. ¶ Words cannot fully describe and express the joy that we both are experiencing as we grow together.
  58. There are others, and your numbers are increasing.
  59. Paths will cross, and you will recognize them.
  60. Cherish those opportunities; encourage all to acknowledge the truth within them.
  61. Do not judge if they are not prepared.
  62. Be patient, and kind, and understanding, and compassionate―be believing.
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Scott Stover
Scott Stover
5 years ago


Christopher Ian Matt
Christopher Ian Matt
5 years ago

I read this at my Course in Miracles/Course of Love group tonight. Everyone recieved it with gladness.

David, First Elder
4 years ago

A beautiful revelation on what it means to be one. I vote yes.

4 years ago

5 votes yes from South Carolina

4 years ago

I approve the scriptures and revelations presented. Yes in all.

Christian Amparano
Christian Amparano
4 years ago

5 positive votes from here in California

Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
4 years ago

My votes from Conference 2020: Pending Scriptures, All listed – yes