Another Dream

An account of David realizing he had been called to the ministry, and his wrestle with that call. David receives another vision of the Lord in dream. Approximately 2011-2015.

Time Passed

As time moved forward, I pondered my dream from the Lord of the Garden of Eden; what it meant, I did not know; I felt called, but in the Latter-day Saint Church one does not simply start preaching without a call from a Church leader above them. It was after our twins were born that I realized that the dream of the Garden was the Lord’s call for me to preach the Gospel, to call others to Christ.  I did not fully understand how to go about this and waited for a call from some LdS Church leader, but that call never came.

During this time, I was led by the Spirit to learn more about a variety of topics and I gained a number of revelations and insights from the Lord. I kept these to myself, sharing them only with my wife as I did not have the authority to speak on these matters to members of the LdS Church.

During this time, I was saddened often by the rejection of those by the LdS Church that desired to come unto Christ. Why was Christ’s Grace powerful enough to cover my sins, but not powerful enough to cover the sins of others, I often pondered? The Lord told me that his Grace was sufficient, but that the Church had yet to learn these truths.

Inactivity and Doubts

I had felt the Spirit tell me to stop attending the Latter-day Saint Church in the fall of 2014. At this time the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from my perspective, had started going back to its old ways of exclusion. Just as they had rejected the Lord and had not allowed blacks to receive the Office of the Priesthood, just as they sympathized with Nazis before the U.S. entered WWII, just as they said “no” to women’s equality in the work place, etc. the leaders of the Latter-day Saints now wanted the U.S. government to define marriage for other churches. The irony in this was that we stopped practicing polygamy for this very reason; the Lord asked us to fight, and when we lost, He asked us to stand down. Now, the Latter-day Saint church was doing to others the evil that had been done to them.

This meant that my family stopped going to church. My wife was welcome to attend on her own, but did not want to go without me, and I didn’t want to go and send a mixed signal to my children that what was happening was correct before the Lord. The Lord had asked me to stop, I do not exactly know why, but in view of my frustration I didn’t even ask, I just did as the Spirit directed. My anger towards the man-made policies was great, as these policies rejected the Gospel and teachings of the Church as found in the doctrine, the scriptures of the Church.


During my time of inactivity from the Church, I prayed daily for revelation from the Lord: Why had he asked me to stop attending? What was my next step? I really didn’t know what I should do. The Spirit told me to return only after I was offered a Stake calling, but after Christmas, I returned anyway. I disobeyed the Lord, and I make no excuse for it.

I knew it meant a lot to my wife, and it felt right to go back on a personal, worldly level; yet I still kept receiving revelations from the Lord. I told the Lord that in spite of the wickedness of the leaders of the Church, from Brigham Young taking the priesthood from blacks to the attacks against religious freedoms in the United States under Thomas S. Monson, I would not leave unless He came to me in the spirit of peace. And, I required my wife to be a second witness to me. I feared that my frustration with the evil I was seeing was driving me away, rather than the Lord, and I begged Him to explain to me why He was giving me these revelations.

A Dream

One night after much prayer and reflection, I had a dream given me of the Lord. This was a dream and not to be taken literally, but there were things taught to me here by the Spirit.

In this dream, I was in Utah with my wife, we were at the LdS General Conference. We’d been invited there, with a group of about 25 or so people, to meet the Brethren between sessions. It was much like a celebrity event, in that there was much hand waving from the Church leaders, and much swooning from the faithful. We, the people there to meet Church leaders, were a part of a PR campaign to make the Church appear more open.

During the first session, I spoke to the others in my small group, asking them what they planned to do or say to the Church leaders when we met them. No one had really thought of anything to ask up to this point. We decided to kneel in prayer and ask the Lord for guidance.

The voice of the Lord came to all of us, telling us to ask the brethren if they had ever seen Jesus Christ. After all, this is what it means to be an apostle—a special witness of Christ.

When our time came, we were still on live TV, the speakers were on; those in the crowd and all across the world could see and hear us and our questions. We had voted in unison that this was the question to ask, and it was decided, though I was not keen to do it, that I would be our spokesperson.

Once on the stage, with cameras rolling, I asked the Brethren, “Have you seen Jesus Christ?” They all looked at each other, appearing very troubled by this question. Then one of them spoke, stating this was not an appropriate thing to ask on live TV.

At this point, fearing they would lose control, they broke us up, and there were about two to three people to each of the 15 Church leaders; I was taken with the group that was now speaking to Elder Ballard.

While all of this was going on, my wife went to the microphone and asked the members of the Church what harm it would be for men that claimed apostleship? What would the harm be to state just once, not to brag but to inform, that they had seen God for all the world to know that He lives? At this point, people started calling the Church, and people in the audience wanted to know, had these men seen the Risen Jesus?

Finally, the Brethren went to the stand and stated they would step off stage and pray to know the will of the Lord in this matter. We waited on stage for their return.

Time passed, time for the second session came, and they still had not come out; the time for the second session soon too passed. Just as I was about to go back stage to make sure they were okay, my wife asked me if I would go back and see what was taking so long. I went to the pulpit and let the cameras and those in the building know that due to time, I would just step back to see what was going on, and make sure everything was okay.

When I got back stage, I knocked three times, but no one answered. I was concerned I might be interrupting a major spiritual event, then the Lord whispered, “Go in.”

I went in, and the room, at first, appeared empty. Then, after closer inspection I saw the room was filled with demons. Using the Priesthood, I commanded the evil creatures to leave and, obedient to the power of the Priesthood and the name of Jesus Christ, they did flee from my presence and from the building.

As this was happening, my wife was looking at the equipment in the room, as it happened, the equipment had been on, filming, the whole time. We rewound the tape and watched their discussion. We didn’t want to show the world what we saw. We prayed and an angel of the Lord came to us and told us that the people needed to see the tape, so we connected it to the main feed and played it. On the tape, we saw the Brethren state they were unwilling to answer the question, as in doing so it would appear as though they had given in and lost control of the Church. Very worried about losing power, they opted to leave, and hold a press conference later that would state that after prayer they feared for their safety, and to ignore the question all together.

They had decided that they would not outrightly accuse those of us invited to meet them and ask them anything of misdoing, as this may also make them look bad; however, they would plant the seed and let the members point fingers for them. After they left, we saw the evil creatures enter the room, there was no longer anyone there with the keys to stop them, and the deception of the Church leaders had invited them in.

I asked my wife to turn the tape off, but she wanted the people to know that the power of the Lord was real, so she forwarded the tape to the part where I exercised out the demons.

Upon Waking

There was more to the dream, but I feel impressed by the Spirit not to record the whole dream, that the Lord will reveal the rest to others as He sees fit. When I awoke, I remembered the dream perfectly, and asked the Lord what it meant. The Spirit whispered to me that “they draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me, they teach for doctrines the commandments of men, having a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof.”

I understood that this dream was not to call out the Brethren, nor was it to glorify myself. This dream was to point out the fear of losing control the leaders of the Church have, and that they are not alone. Every Latter Day Saint denomination shares this fear and has since the death of Joseph Smith Jr. This revelation in the form of a dream was given to point out that when the Lord is ignored, evil enters. And, this dream was to tell me that though many hold the Keys to the Kingdom, these keys are not all or always being used to their full potential; that the fear of men, at times, can outweigh their fear of the Lord, and this was too was a warning to me to fear the Lord above man.

This dream prepared me for further revelations and my call from God to serve the Lord and help build up his kingdom here on the earth.

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