Celestial Marriage

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The following is a revelation attributed to apostle of the Church of Christ, and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, John Taylor, June 25 & 26, 1882. We ask members of the Fellowship to read this revelation prayerfully to determine if it should be added to the Fellowship Doctrine and Covenants.

1 Question: Is the law of Celestial Marriage a law given to this nation or to the world?

2 Answer: No; in no other sense than as the Gospel is given, and in accordance with the laws thereof.

3 So far as it is made known unto men, it is made known unto them as the Gospel is made known unto them and is a part of the New and Everlasting Covenant;

4 And it is only those who receive the Gospel that are able to, or capable of, entering into this Covenant.

5 Have I not said through my servant Joseph that all kingdoms are governed by law (Latter-day Saints DaC 88:36-41),

6 And if they receive not the law of my Gospel, they cannot participate in the blessings of Celestial Marriage which pertains to mine elect.

7 No person, or people, or nation can enter into the principle of Celestial Marriage unless they come in by me, saith the Lord;

8 And obey the law of my Gospel through the medium of him who is appointed unto this power as made known unto my people through my servant Joseph in a Revelation on “The Eternity of the Marriage Covenant, including Plurality of Wives.” (Note: with the death of Joseph Smith Jr. these keys are lost, but we have been promised they would be given in the future.)

9 I have therein stated that “all those who have this law revealed unto them must obey the same;

10 “For behold, I reveal unto you a new and an everlasting covenant;

11 “And if ye abide not that covenant, then are ye damned;

12 “For no one can reject this covenant and be permitted to enter into my glory.” (Latter-day Saints DaC 132:3-4)

13 Furthermore, “And as pertaining to the new and everlasting covenant, it was instituted for the fullness of my glory;

14 “And he that receiveth a fullness thereof must and shall abide the law, or he shall be damned, saith the Lord God.” (Latter-day Saint DaC 132:6)

15 It is again written that “all kingdoms have a law given.” (Latter-day Saints DaC 88:36)

16 The Celestial Kingdom, including the promise of eternal life, pertains to “the Church of the First Born, even of God, the holiest of all, through Jesus Christ his Son;” (Latter-day Saints DaC 88:5)

17 Therefore, such must be sanctified from all unrighteousness that they may be prepared for the Celestial Glory.

18 “For he who is not able to abide the law of a celestial kingdom cannot abide a celestial glory;

19 “And he who cannot abide the law of a terrestrial kingdom cannot abide a terrestrial glory.”

20 “And he who cannot abide the law of telestial kingdom cannot abide a telestial glory; therefore he is not meet for a kingdom of glory.”

21 “Therefore he must abide a kingdom which is not a kingdom of glory.” (Latter-day Saint DaC 88:22-24)

22 Each of the persons inhabiting these several kingdoms shall be quickened by the same power that pertains to the kingdom that they are destined to inherit, whether celestial, terrestrial, or telestial; and shall receive of their respective glories.

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