Yod Hei and the Priesthood

“Trust ye in the YHVH forever: for in YH, YHVH is everlasting strength.” -Isaiah 26:4

There is a two-letter name for God: YH (יה), or Yod Hei, pronounced “Yah.” There is a misunderstanding that this is a shortened form of YHVH or Yahveh, more commonly Jehovah. However, this name of God is actually the lost teaching of the Parent Gods, Elohim: Avinu (God the Father) and His wife Shekinah (the Queen of Heaven). To some this will mean the male and female portions on the one divine being. To others, it will refer to two separate Gods, equals in all things, sealed as one for eternity.

Masculine and Feminine

Yod means arm or hand, and the hand of Elohim. It represents the masculine, and in this name of God it represents God the Father. Yod here is the point of creation, the giver of life, He that bestows. Hei here is the feminine Goddess, the revelation. It is through the feminine we gain wisdom, and thus free will—the freedom of choice.

Masculine is external, while feminine is internal, thus also representing the duality of us as human beings. All of us have both male and female, the desire to bestow (makes) and will to receive (female). We have the internal and the external self. We must find the balance as our Heavenly Parents have perfect balance. We do this through Jesus Christ.

Male and Female Priesthood

The example we can learn studying YH on a personal level is vast. However, it’s also a teaching for humanity. Extremes in culture, demanding male dominance and female submissiveness, or the reverse are corruptions of truth. We must find balance as societies.

This is also true of our religious organizations. It is too easy in Western culture to create male dominant religious societies. The patriarchy is a dangerous path that time and time again has led to abuse, as history has shown repeatedly. This is not only in Western culture, but all around the world. We cannot rely on a priesthood of men alone, as God create both male and female. We know this because in the Hebrew word for the clothing YHVH gave both Adam and Eve in the garden was the name for the clothes the Levites are given. Thus both were given the same priesthood. We see women called and Deacons, prophetess, and Apostles throughout the Bible. And it is the same with the priesthood today as well; the Lord calls both men and women into service.

In the Fellowship

In the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, we have been asked of God to create a Brotherhood to represent the masculine Yod and a Sisterhood to represent the feminine Hei. This doesn’t mean one represents God the Father and the other the Mother. Both organizations represent and do the works of Jesus Christ.

The Fellowship of Christ could not fully organize without the Yod and the Hei of the Church combining to form the Order of the Ministry that will runs the organization. As above, so below, as below so above (Matthew 6:10). The Council of Elders of the Fellowship that the Lord has asked us to create should consist of 9 persons:

  • The First Elder and Elect Lady representing the First Presidency as co-presidents
  • The co-presidents of the Quorum of Twelve representing the Apostles as counselors
  • The co-presidents of the Seventy representing the Quorum of Seventy as counselors
  • The Patriarch and Matriarch of the Fellowship representing the High Priesthood and the Evangelists as counselors
  • A lay member of the Fellowship, representing the body of the Church, the Assembly of Saints

In this manner, Yod and Hei, male and female, will be represented by all of the Quorums. Being nine persons, it is a finite balance, as we are finite beings. However, the Order of the Ministry will function as God intended, utilizing men and women of God to bring souls to Christ within and without the Fellowship, helping all grow in Christ’s Grace. And, it will help restore the divine feminine in balance to the world.

“And it came to pass that the man and woman went out the next day to teach the sons and daughters of God.” -Book of Remembrance 19:5

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