Revelation received by David Ferriman November 12, 2019. People had been debating the correct pronunciation of “YHVH.” David had been pronouncing it “Yahweh,” while others were pronouncing it “Jehovah.” After this revelation was received David began to pronounce it “Yahvah,” (Yah-VAH) placing an “a” after the “Y” and the “V” consonants. This was by inspiration, but not revelation as not to take sides in the debate. In this revelation the meaning of YHVH is given, but not the pronunciation.

  1. Question: What is the name of God in Hebrew?
    Answer: YHVH
  2. Question: How is this name pronounced?
    Answer: This will be shown unto you in the Holy of Holies after my temple is built.
  3. Question: What does this name mean?
    Answer: It is the I AM that I AM, Ahyeh Asher Ahyeh ( אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה‎, ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh): I AM the One that Creates; the Creator.
  4. Question: Who is YHVH?
    Answer: Jesus who is the very Christ, the Great Jehovah; the Word made flesh, the life and the light of mankind.
  5. Question: What are the meaning of YHVH?
    Answer: In me is the Father and the Mother, and I in them, and in us is the Holy Spirit; and we are One in Him, and we are One God: י‎ Y, Yod representing the Father, and ה‎ Hei representing the Mother and the very Presence of God, ו‎ Vav representing the Son, and the very Condescension of God, ה‎ representing the Spirit; and I am YHVH for all things are done in me, by the will of the Father, and the will of the Father and of the Mother are One.
  6. Question: Why do we not know how to pronounce YHVH?
    Answer: Because of the fears of men this knowledge was lost; but fear not to say the name, neither squabble over how to pronounce it.
  7. Question: Why is the Mother hidden, why don’t we pray to Her?
    Answer: The Father and the Mother are One, when the Father is called upon, the Mother also is called upon; when the Mother is called upon, so also is the Father called upon: but all things are done in me, for I AM Jesus Christ, and ye are my Church: therefore be ye one in me even as the Father and the Mother one and the Holy Spirit shall abound and ye shall be comforted by me.
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