Worshipping at Home

“And in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.” -Acts 5:42

Some of the members of the Fellowship currently attend local congregations of other branches of our shared religion. While there are over 100 Latter Day Saint denominations that doesn’t mean there will be a place of worship near everyone. And that’s okay, the Lord has told us we only need two or three people to worship in His name (Matthew 18: 20)

When worshiping at home, gather everyone together. If available, the highest ranking priesthood holder should conduct the meeting (LDS DaC 46:2, CoC DaC 45:1b). Open with a prayer; anyone may say it by invitation (with numbers over 12, the person should be asked in advance). If there is a priesthood officer present – Priest, Elder or High Priest – the sacrament should be blessed and passed. This should be done by two brothers or sisters if possible, if not, one is acceptable.

Afterwords, the group may preach to each other or bare testimony of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as moved by the Spirit. In groups of 12 or less, it is recommended that the time be opened for testimonies from the those in attendance, or a scripture study class (Sunday School), as moved by the spirit.

Close the meeting by prayer, offered by someone as moved by the Spirit.

The meeting should last between a half hour and an hour and a half, no more unless so moved by the spirit. In groups over 12, the person saying the closing prayer should be invited to do so before the start of the meeting.

The home congregation should remember that the point of the worship is Jesus Christ and the Sacraments. Those speaking should preach of Christ. If there are no officers of the priesthood, the point of the meeting should be to share the Spirit and fellowship one with another, prayerful that one with the priesthood will become available that the congregation may partake of the Sacraments.

It is recommended that the worship service not be photographed, filmed or recorded.

“Behold, this is my doctrine—whosoever repenteth and cometh unto me, the same is my church.” – Community of Christ Doctrine & Covenants 3:16a, Latter-day Saint Doctrine & Covenants 10:67

If you feel the Spirit of God moving you to be ordained to the Offices of the Priesthood, please contact us: info@cjccf.org

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