White Pen

One of my friends (a crazy, energetic girl who showed me what living for Christ really meant) used to have this little, interesting thing she did.  There were many fascinating sides of the world she helped me see, and what I am about to tell you was just beautiful. She told me that she always wanted to focus on the optimistic, inspiring parts of the Bible but not take away or ignore the Bible as a whole, because―you know―God is perfect and shouldn’t be subtracted from.

For example, she would always say she wanted to focus on what Christ taught and what he did for humanity, not on those bloody images of him on the cross. We can all focus on the more beneficial ports without deleting, ignoring and denying the rest. I agree with her.

We hung out a lot and I bought her a new Bible because she was about to go to America and study and she didn’t have an English/Korean Bible. The Bible she had was an older translation of Korean and she kept talking about getting an English Bible.  We were at lunch when I gave her the bible, and she said she needed a white pen next.

She usually asked for strange things, so it didn’t really phase me that the first thing she said after I gave her the Bible was: ’Oh thank you so much. Now I just need a white pen.’ I have never known anyone to actually need a white pen except for art. Just remaining quiet for a moment, knowing she would explain…and she did.

She said that she knew Satan was real, but she didn’t want to bother with him at all, not even when reading the Bible. So, she would take a white pen and mark out Satan’s name all throughout the Bible. She explained to me clearly and fully. ’Jesus’ words are in red, God’s are in black, and Satan’s name is invisible.’

(I have never seen a Quad with Jesus’ words in red, but it is common in most Protestant denominations. A red letter KJV was what everyone used in Mississippi).

She continued, ’It helps me focus on what is most important.’ I will always remember what she said. Nowadays, when I read the Bible and various theological books, her voice comes to me whenever I read Jesus’ words or see Satan’s name. My friend showed me one way to remove part of Satan from my life.

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Devon Atkins
Devon Atkins
5 years ago

I love this. I never thought of it this way