Come Ye apart and be a Peculiar People

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” -Peter 2:9

The greatest gift we can give to humanity is knowing the difference between what is real and what is unreal. Many people seem normal, but do not have any clue as to what is real and what is unreal. That many people are absolutely sure what is real, yet what they think is real is not real at all. These people do not think they need to change or learn anything. They are unreachable for a spiritual teacher, for they have become so convinced by the false teachers that they are sure that unreality is real.

The greatest threat to the freedom of humankind, the greatest hindrance to the bringing forth of the Golden Age of Zion, is the very subtle programming that we are supposed to be normal human beings. This is an attempt by the dark forces and the power elite to put us in a box where we are so focused on following the norms defined by our society that we do not dare to challenge those norms. The members of the power elite do not want anyone to challenge the status quo that keeps the elite in control. As long as we fit into the mold of a normal human being, we will not dare to fulfill our Divine plans, let alone certainly not dare to express our Christhood. There has yet to be a society where being the Christ in action was considered normal by the powers that be.

Set apart, a peculiar people.

How can we be set apart? The very deepest thing we can help you with is by being willing to challenge the ultimate illusion, the illusion of normality. The average human being on this planet—the “normal” human being—has no conception whatsoever of what is real and what is unreal.

People have been programmed to think that this material world and the conditions that we see right now are real and normal, and therefore should be preserved. The fact is the programming of the power elite who want people to uphold the status quo that maintains their privilege and power. Once an elite has set themselves up in positions of privilege and power, their main concern is not to lose it. That is why they seek to stop progress, inventions and new ideas.

When the elite cannot stop the emergence of new ideas, they seek to prevent the population from embracing those ideas by using the weapon that we have to be normal. They say: This new idea is not normal. It is a cult, it is bad, it is dangerous. If we are to fulfill our Divine plans, if we are to manifest our Christhood and help all of those who serve the Flame of Freedom, bring in the Golden Age of Zion, then we have to overcome all attachment to being normal.

Divine Plans

We must evaluate whether we are more concerned about being seen as normal by society or whether we are concerned about fulfilling our Divine plans. Being the Christ means that we are willing to go beyond the norm, even to do things that for “normal” people might appear to be abnormal, even crazy.

The Living Christ, Jesus, “who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works” (Titus 2:14). The spiritual path is not about being saved—it’s about being and expressing who we truly are. Those however, who conform to religious norms to be saved will achieve neither self-realization nor salvation. Instead, let us be the open doors to the love that carries us beyond all self-limiting norms.

We cannot allow any outside force to cause us to abort our mission, especially not the force of normality, conformity that is imposed on us by the fallen Consciousness of Duality. We cannot put the Holy Spirit in a box. There is no standard for how the Holy Spirit should express itself in this world. When the Holy Spirit flows, it seeks to set people free from their mental boxes, and thus it must challenge their standard for what is normal.

Perception leads to Behavior

When a critical mass of people in a society have come to believe in a certain standard for what is normal human behavior, they need to see someone who is willing to defy the standard of normality by shattering the boundaries that are set up by the norm. Being normal means that we accept boundaries for who we are, what we can be and how we can express ourselves as long as we want to be accepted members of society.

The job of the Living Christ in embodiment is to challenge people’s sense of what is normal, which is what Jesus did.
With the human consciousness, there appears to be a standard for what is normal. We feel that we must accept that there are boundaries and limitations for what can be achieved. When in reality there is no standard for what is normal, no boundaries, no limitations. With God all things are possible.

This is precisely what members of the power elite use to maintain status quo by getting people to believe in the lie that there are certain problems that cannot be solved, or even certain conditions that are natural and normal. in reality, there is no norm, there is no standard because the Creator, The I AM That I AM, has created billions of expressions of itself, each one of which is unique in God. Just like the snowflakes, no two are alike. There are no norms in individuality. There is no standard in uniqueness.

Come Ye Apart and be a Peculiar People

We need to create a new spiritual movement that does not define a standard for how one is supposed to behave in order to be “redeemed.” We now Worship togethermake the call to: Expose the lie! Expose the lie! Expose the lie! We need to make people feel that they are welcomed and accepted for who they are right now because we have no standard for what is normal, for what is lovable. There are No Conditions in Love. We have transcended the conditional love and come to the point where we have Unconditional Love for all life.

The only way to have Unconditional Love is to have no conditions, meaning that we have no expectations of how people should or should not behave. We have no standard for what is normal or what is acceptable behavior. Every human being is in a certain state of consciousness. There is no need to judge with the outer mind. We accept people for who they are right now and give them room to grow. Virtually every religion on this planet has fallen prey to the dualistic consciousness of setting up a norm for what it means to be a member of that religion.

Many people have rejected religion because they did not feel welcomed. In the Aquarian Age, The Kingdom Age religion is supposed to transcend itself, to transcend the old judgmental mindset. Yet, it is possible for people who have obtained some Christ discernment, to fall prey to the subtle temptations of the serpentine mind, namely to use the Christ discernment to set up a standard whereby we judge other people. That we need to question the norm so we do not carry the norms of our society with us unquestioned, whereby we will unconsciously color our Christ discernment by the norms of society.

When we are able to differentiate what is real from what is unreal, and see beyond the outer appearances that create differences and conflicts, and we see the underlying Oneness of all life.

A New Normal

“For thou art a Holy people unto the Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.” -Deuteronomy 14:2

What is considered normal behavior in present society is a standard that is entirely based on duality. This consciousness confirms the lie that all people are separate beings and are beyond being united in oneness. We need to question the norm, question the unquestionable, think the unthinkable, accept the unacceptable. We need to dare to be here below all that we are already Above.

We need to accept a new norm, which is that we are spiritual beings and that it is normal and right for us to express our spirituality. When we finally come to this way of seeing, there is no norm in this world that is going to stop us from expressing our spirituality, even if it means that some people think we are crazy. We need to dare to speak out in ways that will challenge other people and therefore cause them to go into the default reaction of the ego—of saying that there must be something wrong with us.

Love that’s Binding

Conforming to what is considered normal in our society takes away our need to take responsibility for ourselves, to discover who we are and to dare to express who we are. The members of the power elite want us to be normal and flow along with the mass consciousness. This is a very easy and comfortable way to live, for we do not really need to think. The norm has done all the thinking for us. It is the default that is set in motion.

If we have conditions that prevent us from expressing love to others, behind it is a condition that also prevents us from accepting God’s love for ourselves. This condition causes us to judge ourselves according to the norm, to the standard. This prevents us from being who we are and achieving that victory of being here below all that we are Above. When we seek the Kingdom of God within, we will strive for a higher norm. This is the norm of being unique in God, even in this world where everything is arrayed against the expression of our uniqueness.

So we are called to come ye apart and be a peculiar people.

A Prayer

In the name and by the Power of the I AM THAT I AM, and The Living Christ Jesus The Living Word, I call to all the hosts of Heaven working on bring forth the Golden Age of Zion, especially Archangel Gabriel, Mighty Elohim Astrea, Enoch, and Melchizedek. I AM The Will to be more than normal human beings. Help us see that we can build a new future by working with the ascended Hosts and letting go of the old way of looking at life we seal this decree in the heart of the Divine Mother, and in the heart of Matter. Amen!

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4 years ago

Victoria, I was having a conversation with my friend, Shane, yesterday. I had made the mistake of talking religion earlier with someone I didn’t know that well. He was pretty uncomfortable with some of the things I shared, because He was firmly in the evangelical box (normal?)

Anyway, talking to Shane, it dawned on me that Christ said, “No man cometh unto the Father but by me”. He spoke of the strait and narrow way, the eye of the needle, etc. Yet – Christ is the creator of the universe (somehow – I don’t know – but He’s big spiritually). He is a manifestation of the Father – of all creation. As you said here – each of us is a unique manifestation of the creator. How does it get any bigger than that. So, while the words seem to say, “you’d better toe the line”, what it really means is that there are myriad ways that you may come to me – as long as it is done in love. It’s ALL about the love. Not fear, not judgment, not sacrifice, not pain. It’s all about the love.