What Can We Learn from Joseph Smith’s Polygamy? (updated with corrections video)

This video does not set out nor seek to prove that Joseph Smith Jr. practiced polygamy. It is an established fact that the prophet was spiritually wed to multiple women, and that he and others lied about it. There have been a number of books written exploring this topic. This video was not made to convince anyone to or not to be polygamists. This is a family decision that must be taken to the Lord. The message of this video is that there are lessons that may be learned from the sins of the founder of our movement. These lessons may be understood by all, regardless of one’s view on the historical accuracy of Joseph’s life. It is our prayer that we, as a people, can move away from deifying our founder and ensure that our focus is the same as his original focus: Jesus Christ.

“Therefore, I say unto thee: One man and one woman in the Lord, or if they are naturally drawn like unto like, then one man unto one man and one woman unto one woman in the Lord; and these should be of age; which is to say, consenting adults in the eyes of both the laws of the land and the Lord your God; for it is wisdom in me that those that wish to marry should wait to be eighteen years of age.” -Doctrines of the Saints 17e:13-15

“But behold, those that wish to be sealed as a family of more adults than two, that is to be polygamous or polyandrous, should wait until twenty-one years of age; and if they cannot legally marry let them be sealed by my Holy Priesthood that they are one in me. And if the law of the land states they may not be bigamous, or share the same residence, then the law of man shall be obeyed as it was established; and all shall be of age that none be found guilty of crimes against me or against the laws of their land.” -Doctrines of the Saints 17e:21-24

“A parent may whip a child, and justly too, because he stole an apple; whereas, if the child had asked for the apple, and the parent had given it, the child would have eaten it with a better appetite, there would have been no stripes—all the pleasures of the apple would have been received, and all the misery of stealing lost. This principle will justly apply to all of God’s dealings with his children.” -5 Joseph 1:32-35

As promised, a few links:

A note on Fair Mormon: This links in not in support of this organization or their thoughts on this topic. Fair Mormon has been known to present false information. This link was used to share the letter mentioned in the video. For more on FAIR please see In Defense of Strang, An Answer to FAIRLDS


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