To the Conference of Restoration Elders

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On December 27th , 2019, The Lord called for the scattered Saints in Independence and throughout the world to gather into a solemn assembly and repent individually and collectively as a people, and to begin to mend the divisions that as yet prevent the redemption of Zion and the building up of the Holy City. Many of the Saints obeyed and gathered together to offer prayer in Independence and in satellite churches in various lands on Yom Kippur, September 27, 2020. At the meeting, the Spirit moved Alexei in response to their assembly.

  1. Hear ye Saints of Independence, Hear ye distant corners of the earth! Hear the word of YHVH in answer to your solemn petition, for thus He spoke to me by Ruach HaKodesh:
  2. Many of you have gathered as commanded of the Lord, and He is pleased with your desires to come together and unify as one people, and to offer up humble repentance (teshuvah) and to build up the waste places of Zion, to again be His crowning jewel.
  3. The Lord knows our hearts, and He knows with whom he is well pleased; the Lord knows with whom He is not well pleased and who do yet persist in the hardness of heart and blindness of vanity.
  4. The Lord hath said that He has rejected our Solemn Assembly, for we as a people as yet do not understand His Will.
  5. Our vain glory is yet heard in our prayers, for they are not of repentance; in the place of walking the path of teshuvah, we as  yet do offer up accusation and judgment.
  6. YHVH cannot accept anything but an offering of a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and shall not accept an offering of vain self flatteries, and ostentatious feigned self flagellation.
  7. God does not seek our excuses and justifications for why we, His Saints, have failed to build up Zion, by pointing to the ways of the world and the blindness of the paths of Gentiles who live in our lands:
  8. You, O Zion, or those who would be called Zion, cannot bemoan the sins of Gentiles when you have your own errors of judgment yet to remove from your eyes!
  9. I say that you cannot blame Gentiles for your failure to build Zion, yea, for your own judgments and accusations and  bickerings with each other are to blame.
  10. Thus saith YHVH: Behold, the Gentiles who dwell in your own lands are not called upon to be the example of a people living God’s Law; yea, they are not called upon to be the city set upon a hill and to be the light unto the world;
  11. Behold, you who seek to be the Saints of the Most High are called to be the city set upon the hill to be the light and example unto all the world,
  12. Yea, you are called, but you are not yet chosen; and this because you gratify your pride to bemoan the nations who have abandoned their God, when I have told you again and again that if you are not One, you are not Mine.
  13. Zion cannot be built upon judgments and fault finding, neither among yourselves or directed at other peoples, but it is founded upon love and forgiveness;
  14. Therefore you must seek to purify yourselves first and rid yourselves of all anger and high-mindedness, and be an example unto the Gentiles, even a living ensign of peace, and of harmony, and of unity, calling to end their ways of strife and competition by example.
  15. Thus saith He unto you: O sinful nation, ye people laden with inequities, planting the seeds of wrongdoing- O ye who corrupt,  you have provoked the Holy One of Yisrael, for you have gone away backward.
  16. I cannot give you any more punishment, for it does no good; my stripes only become as leather, hardened in your rebellion; yea, the whole head is sick and the heart has grown faint.
  17. Your countries are desolate, and your cities burned with fire, and you charge the strangers in your midst; yet your nation is not overthrown by strangers, but by your wicked deeds and your love which has grown cold; and the Daughters of Zion have  been abandoned like a conquered city.
  18. To what purpose is the multitude of your offerings unto me? saith YHVH, when you come to appear before me, who hath required this at your hand, to tread my courts?
  19. Therefore I say unto thee even as I said unto Yisrael of old through my servant Isaiah: Bring no more vain oblations; the incense of your prayers is abominable unto me; your sabbaths and the calling of meetings, I cannot bear; away with it, even the Solemn Assembly.
  20. When you spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you; yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear, for your hands are full of inequity;
  21. Therefore, wash yourselves and make yourselves clean, saith the Lord of Hosts, put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; yea, cease to do evil and learn to do well:
  22. Seek justice, relieve the oppressed, bring justice to the orphan, plead for the widow.
  23. Come now, and let us reason together, saith YHVH, even as I said unto my servant Isaiah I shall say again unto you: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
  24. Therefore, if ye be willing and if ye shall obey, then shall ye eat the good of the land; but behold, I say unto thee that if you refuse and rebel, ye shall be removed.
  25. Therefore, I ask again: Why has the faithful city become a harlot? It was just once, and built up that the righteous might dwell there.
  26. But behold, your precious metal has lost its shine; your wine is diluted with water, your leaders seek praise, and they who would be my people have become the lovers of gifts and go seeking rewards.
  27. My teachers in Zion must teach righteous precepts, and my people must prepare their hearts for further revelation, a more sure word of knowledge and a more pure Gospel.
  28. Remove the tares of vain interpretation and self righteousness that have been sown upon my Word.
  29. Yet as I have told you, I will reward my friends and punish my enemies; I will restore all your judges and all as at first at the time when you call in your Solemn Assemblies in Spirit, to spread forth the kingdom of heaven abroad.
  30. And then, and only then, shalt thou be called a righteous city.
  31. And then, and only then, shall Zion be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness.
  32. You, O people of YHVH, you must have a mighty change of heart; you must have a change of mind about your judgments and your divisions; you must learn humility, O people of Elohim.
  33. YHVH has spoken unto me saying: You must call up your Solemn Assembly again in one year’s time, with a mind toward your own shortcomings and seeking to improve yourselves and seek learning, everyone to love, care for, and become as one with their neighbor, even as ye seek to be one with me.
  34. Ye must seek to change the world by changing your hearts, not elevating yourselves in your own estimation by placing your judgment upon the world;
  35. Ye must spread the invitation to unite in Zion by being inviting, by being meek and accepting, one to another;
  36. Ye cannot let adherence to commandments and new moons and sabbaths rob you of humility before the Lord your God and your fellow beings; behold, this YHVH has spoken.
  37. Know that YHVH has never deviated from His tender mercies and long sufferings, has not withheld His wise counsel, were we willing to accept; therefore let us accept now His invitation to look inwardly once again, with His eyes instead of ours.
  38. It is not the intensity of our repentance that interests our Elohim, for it does no good to make ourselves suffer if we suffer for the wrong things;
  39. He does not seek to see us rend our garments and spread ash upon our heads, but to see us clothed in truth with the doctrine of the priesthood distilled upon us as the dews of Heaven.
  40. Therefore, I say unto you: That we must seek to love more. We must seek to love our enemies, to ask forgiveness from those whom we have judged, and to liken ourselves to those we would see ourselves as better than:
  41. For they are not the ones who are called God’s people, we are; therefore notwithstanding their many sins, we shall receive the greater condemnation if we continue to reject the Word of the Lord.
  42. Moreover, God hath said: That we are vain to seek Zion when we have rejected the Law of Zion, even the Book of the Law of  the Lord;
  43. Yea, our minds have been darkened because we have treated lightly the things that we received, even the Book of Mormon and the former commandments, which vanity and unbelief has brought the whole Church under condemnation, even until this day.
  44. And what are the former commandments that were revealed before the Book of Mormon was written? Verily, it was the Law given unto Moshe.
  45. For YHVH did reveal the Law by which Zion would be governed, as He promised Joseph Smith, Jun.; but the people said A Book of Mormon, A Book of Mormon, we have a Book of Mormon, and we need no more word of the Lord! and thus the people were rejected and could not build Zion.
  46. Therefore, if you would build Zion, O people of Elohim, to live there, seek you out the Book of the Law of the Lord and study it out in your minds and in your hearts as He commanded and ask Him if it be just and true;
  47. And seek no more to lean upon the wisdom of the world and idle gossip as the justification for failure to obey the commandments of YHVH.
  48. And I would ask thee: Do you fear mankind more than God? Will you be many tribes forever, or will you gather back into one  people and bring all the Good Word revealed among you into one?
  49. And again I say unto you: That if you cannot be faithful and live out the revelations that have been given unto you, then your meetings and Solemn Assemblies will continue to be in vain.
  50. Brothers and Sisters, I know that you have gathered together for more than to pay mere lip service to the Lord and to make pretense of offering a contrite spirit, and that you long to truly make the offering required in power.
  51. Yea, you seek the Endowment of power that will change our hearts, our community and the world; and that is all that God has longed to give us, and it is ready when we are willing to face the need to be humble and teachable and allow Him to change our hearts;
  52. Therefore, let us seek the will of the Lord, and not presuppose that we know His mind and will, being always self assured, but let us always be willing to learn what we have previously been unwilling or unable or unprepared to learn:
  53. Let us question all our traditions and not be bound by them, nor by allegiance to men and institutions, leaning upon the arm of flesh and gratifying our carnal security.
  54. Let us not be more impressed by other people’s sins than our own; if God accepts us in our imperfection because we are sincere, then let us also accept our neighbor’s sincerity and not require his perfection.
  55. Let us, O Beloved of YHVH, trade the appearance of approbation, blessings and power for true approbation, blessings and power, that we may finally become His people, united in Mashiah once more, that united we may invite all unto Mashiah, both Yahudim and Goyim. Amen.
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Jason Wharton
2 years ago

The placement of the New Jerusalem in Missouri was in connection with the Gentiles being offered Zion. Unfortunately, the Gentiles did not offer an offering that the Father found acceptable. Therefore, because the grafts into the mother tree did not bring forth fruits meet for the Father’s Kingdom, they are being cut off as the Apostle Paul warned would happen in Romans 11.

The end times gathering of Israel correlates with the prophetic fulfillment of the fall feasts. The fruit was not sufficiently ripe and so the harvest was called off. Things went into a season of abeyance where the adversary has been allowed to usurp the Church and the Kingdom. We are in the season of trial and tribulation as we await for the time when the fall feasts will be resumed.

When the Father sets his hand the second time to recover his people, it shall only be oriented toward those who are the “natural branches” of the house of Israel. Therefore, all of the promises the Lord made to the Gentiles have become forfeited. Zion was moved out of her place because the Gentiles rejected the fullness of the Father’s celestial plan.

Any and all efforts made at this point to gather the dispersed “natural branches” should be performed under the proper keys and authority of the mantle of Lord’s Anointed Prophet. That mantle obviously is not operative in this message above because it makes no distinction as to who these natural branches are and how to distinguish them from those who are no longer to be invited to gather.

People should also consider that the location for the New Jerusalem is going to be in a new location when this great and marvelous work to redeem Zion is undertaken. The action is going to be in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is where we have the headquarters of the flesh-and-bone covenant bodies of Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain, and Seth residing. All that remains in Missouri is the remnants of other offspring of Adam and Eve that do not play a significant role in the end times winding up scenes.

Reply to  Jason Wharton
2 years ago

Often times our vision is to small and to narrow. If we widen our blinder (our single concealment) we can see Israel is being gathered it’s just not happening the way we were taught at our mother’s knee (church) of the JS era. HaShem has greater things in store for us who are of that natural branch, we can see it, we can feel it, and we know it as surely as JS said, an anchor to our souls.

2 years ago

The first 22 verses is a beautiful call to the purpose of Sukkot (repentance). The verses after that is what is called “ Past the Sale” .