The Symbolism in the Temple and Ritual Clothing

Revelation received the evening of February 26, 2024. 

  1. In discussing the revelations I was given when I first received my call to the Fellowship of Christ, I commented that I believed the reason for the white garments in Doctrines of the Saints 106:50 was because up to and even after this point, this was a part of the tradition I was raised in.
  2. Seeing that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also sold garments of different colors for military use, it just made sense to me that this was not a requirement but preference.
  3. White was my preference at that time, and so I continued with that, and this was likely the reason for the revelation stating I should take a while cloth to make my new garments.
  4. Shortly after this, a friend requested I take this matter to the Lord so verify this idea, I agreed and began to pray to the Lord for further instructions.
  5. In taking this to the Lord, I was given the following revelation:
  6. ¶ David, my son, I shall answer this thing unto thee this day and I shall tell you even more.
  7. Behold, white is to symbolize purity; therefore, I say unto thee: Make thy garments white, and place the holy symbols upon them;
  8. And these may be even as the symbols of the Masons used by so many of my Latter Day Saints in these, the last days, or they may be the symbols as thou hast found them inscribed upon the plate of brass, for both share the same meanings;
  9. Yea, and this is what giveth the symbols their power: the heart of they that do wear them.
  10. ¶ Behold, if thy garments, that is to say the state of thy soul, be white, being made clean by the blood of my sacrifice, then ye be clean also;
  11. But if thou doeth not come unto me even as a child, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, then the color of thy garments mattereth not.
  12. And if my people do desire to wear colors that are not white, I say unto my people: Come unto me, and ask me for to know of thy own garments.
  13. And I say unto all of you this day: That it is the soul that mattereth to me, saith the Lord; therefore, be thou clean, O man, washed in my mercy and my grace, and this shall be sufficient unto me.
  14. ¶ And now, I would speak unto thee of the the tabernacle and the temple: Behold, in the times of Moses and Zipporah, and Aaron and Miriam I did command my people in all things;
  15. Wherefore, I did command them to build my tabernacle down to the very buckles that did latch shut the curtains.
  16. But in these, the last days, I would not command my people in all things, but would teach you, each of you, to seek me for yourselves.
  17. Behold, each part of my tabernacle and my temples were given to represent the things of this earth and the bringing of the heavens to the earth.
  18. Yea, the gold, and the silver, and the copper or brass; the gold to represent the transcendence of mankind, silver the flow of my light into this world uniting the heavens and the earth, and copper or brass my governance over this, my creation;
  19. And the linen and the cedar wood to represent the plant life of this creation, and the wool and the skins the animals and the beasts of the earth;
  20. Wherefore all of the creation is made into my house, and all that is seen therein are to represent the coming of the heavens to the earth.
  21. ¶ And the colors: White for my purity; red the passion and the fire of the Holy Spirit; blue the eternal unity found in me, the Creator, and my creation; and purple, my compassion and kingship, for I am the king of kings; therefore, all of these to connect the heavens and the earth.
  22. The Holy Spirit gives birth to the soul inside all that are born again, that soul shall live with me in my Father’s kingdom for ever and ever,
  23. And I am the bridge that does connect the heavens and the earth; therefore, I say unto thee: Wear what colors as thou wilt, but have meaning behind them and let them be a sign between me and thee;
  24. And this I do say unto all they that seek the chereb or in other words, all they that I call to the ministry that are moved by my Spirit to partake in the rituals of my temples.
  25. ¶ And that there be no confusion, I would say more unto thee: When I did say unto my people, even the Fellowship of Christ, how to build my tabernacles and my temples, I gave unto you the simpleness of the way.
  26. And now, that there be no disputing among you, as shall say unto you a few things more:. There are some that shall ask about the four poles to hold the four sheets.
  27. Wherefore I say unto you this day: That two sheets shall hang to the West and two sheets shall hang to the East, and this that they might be parted;
  28. And the four poles are to bear them, two shall be to the East and two shall be to the West that the sheets be supported.
  29. ¶ And there will be those that do ask: Are the sheets or veils to be even as Moses did teach unto Israel, or will they be as the veil used in the temples of my church, even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or should they be something different all together?
  30. And behold, I do say unto you this day: That you shall make a veil like unto that of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that these, my people, shall be welcome in my house and to use my temple even as they desire for their ordinances.
  31. And ye shall make sheets even link unto that of the tabernacle of Moses and Zipporah, and Aaron and Miriam for the use of the Levites.
  32. And should I requite you to make other sheets, it shall be done even as I shall make known unto to, but for now, it is enough.
  33. ¶ And when ye shall build unto me the tabernacles, the synagogs, and the temples, you shall do so prayerfully in my name, seeking the knowledge given by my servants Moses and David, and seeking further light and knowledge through prayer and deliberation.
  34. But make not unto me vain and empty places, honoring the wealth of the things of this world, but see that my symbols are seen throughout in all parts of its creation,
  35. For these shall be my house and a place for uniting me and my people, that my Presence shall be known;
  36. Therefore, go and do; make a space for me amongst my people and teach my rituals unto all they that I have called to receive them. So mote it be, amen.
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