The Store

In May of 2015 David received further revelation from the Lord on his calling to organize the Church of Christ in what would become the Fellowship of Christ.

In May of 2015, I had a dream, it was one in a series of dreams I have had over the course of several years; I know these dreams are not ordinary dreams, but from the Lord. This one made it clearer to me that the Lord had a work for me to do.  In this dream, I obtained a small shop in a mall, but this was no ordinary shop, nor was it an ordinary mall.

Even before I unlocked the doors, I was told by other shop owners to come and buy from their stores, not to open this shop; and while there were crowds of curious people looking to see the shop that was re-opening, the other shop owners were pushing them to go to their stores.

Unlocking the Doors

Once inside the shop, my small team and I had to clean the place up, there was a lot of dirt and dust. Worse yet, there was mold on the books and items we were selling in the shop, the mold was so bad it looked like long hair growing on the books. While some were cleaning up the windows, shelves and signs, I started to clean the books using a thick mold killer and a razor to cut away the age and clean them.

As I cleaned them, I could see they were made of gold and silver, wrapped in leather. The books were beautiful to behold! Upon closer examination I could see what they were, the Scriptures – the Word of God.

Continuing to Clean

Even though we were still cleaning, people insisted they be allowed to shop in the store. They would look around, some mocked us for being so small and left. Others, a small few, could see the beauty under the imperfection from what seemed like decades of neglect and stayed to help clean. Meanwhile, the other store owners would come in and tell us the end was coming, that we all needed to get out of this shop and go to their shops for safety. Even in the court yards between the shops, people argued amongst themselves, with every shop owner insisting they have the only safe shop, with various patrons joining in the debate.

I asked those working on this shop not to join the debates, and I let everyone know that they were welcome to come and go in this shop as they pleased, and that they were welcome to their shops, but that we would stay and clean. I let them know that they would indeed be safe in their shops, but that this shop was just as safe; it was the mall itself that protected us, not the stores.


It was at this point that a few things happened:

First, I realized that this shop I was in was not really a book store, as I had imagined, nor were any of the other shops normal stores that sold things like clothing or electronics. All of the stores in this mall sold the same thing: salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Some asked for more or less money than others, some were more or less entertaining; but all offered the same service, salvation. It was then that I realized that all of the stores were the various Christian religions; they all claimed to have the only Christ with the saving grace that lead to salvation. Yet those that came to the shop I had re-opened were looking for something more.

It seemed that the moment I realized this, the sky caught fire. The ceiling of the mall was made of glass windows, how anyone though their store with class windows would survive a meteor shower, I did not know. Yet this was their argument, their store was safe while all the other stores had glass windows. In this dream, however, I knew that we would all be just fine.

Fire from the Sky

I was calmly telling another store owner that we in the re-opened shop would be fine as the meteor shower started. We both looked up, and he dropped to the ground fearing his own demise as I calmly watched the meteor disintegrate before hitting the roof of the mall. Looking around, I saw many surprised, running for shelter as they were caught unaware in the courtyards. Yet all in the mall  were safe, for they all had Christ.

The other shop owner that had been trying to argue with me got up and sheepishly scratched his head. He admitted that he had been incorrect, as it was clear that everyone in the mall was safe.

Once the meteor shower ended, the other shop owners and I went out to survey the land, we found it utterly decimated. All life outside the mall had been destroyed but a few stragglers, saved I know not how, the few that were left went to the mall, stunned that it was there. They all stated that they had never seen it, nor knew of it; that if they had known there was a mall they would have entered and warned their friends and family.

The Message

This dream was a powerful message and warning to me. The Latter-day Saints’ edition of the Doctrine and Covenants, 76: 39-44, points out that all that accept Christ will be saved by Christ’s Grace; this grace was the glass shield around the mall in my dream. I now knew that it does not matter what “store” or church we belong to, as long as we are His, that is Christ’s. Rather than fighting amongst ourselves, we should be working together to share the Good News of Christ with all.

“For all the rest [that are not perdition] shall be brought forth by the resurrection of the dead, through the triumph and the glory of the Lamb, who was slain, who was in the bosom of the Father before the worlds were made. That through him all might be saved whom the Father had put into his power and made by him; who glorifies the Father, and saves all the works of his hands, except those sons of perdition who deny the Son after the Father has revealed him,” –Doctrine and Covenants 76:4f-h CoC, 76:31, 42-43 LdS.

Another Dream

In 2015 I was given another dream where I was working in a vast field, every so often I would bump into a sheet or curtain that got in my way. It was annoying, frustrating. Then the voice of the Lord said, “this is as man sees, see as I see.” And I was pulled up into the clouds.

I saw that the vast field was nothing as compared to the true field that seemed to have no end. There were others working in fields with curtain barriers limiting them to their part of the vineyard. The curtains were easy to pass through, yet people stayed where they were. I felt the Spirit enlighten me to understand the vineyard was the Church of God, and the curtains divided this church here upon the earth to met the many needs of mankind. 

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