The Temple of God

“Know ye not that ye are the ​​​temple​ of God, and ​that​ the ​​​Spirit​ of God dwelleth ​​​in​ you?” -1 Corinthians 3:16

The “magical world” is an abstract idea used by fantasy and religions alike. Methods may vary, but the main difference comes from the argument over who has the better story or philosophy. This is not to say that what the world calls “magic” is not real. It’s simply to state that one’s path is not the same as another’s, and that’s okay. There’s no reason to fight over paths that work. God’s vineyard is far larger than one denomination. And, those that haven’t heard the Law, yet have it written in their hearts, will still be saved (see Romans 2:11, 14-15, DaC 76)

Anyone that has felt true love’s embrace cannot deny that “magic,” in some form or another, exists. The questions shouldn’t be, “does it,” but rather how can one use or channel it. This is where we shall start.

The first thing to know about what people call “magic,” in Mormonism is generally called the power of the priesthood. Holding priesthood keys unlocks God’s gifts in deeper ways. Yet it is still available to disciples. It is by this power that we pray, and miracles occur.

The power of the priesthood is an energy, given to us by God through the Holy Spirit. Understand that it is real, and it is powerful. While it is not necessary to have faith in electricity to be killed by a lightning strike, it is necessary to believe in the power of electricity to harness it. Who in their right mind would put a cylinder battery into a toy if they thought it had no power? The same is true with using the magical powers of God’s priesthood.

The simplest way to explain how one may harness this power is to say that it only works from the inside out.  We are the temples of God, we house the Holy Spirit. When we use spiritual power, our spiritual gifts, God works through us.

You are the “lightning rod” of the Holy Spirit. The magic must come from you for you to work with it. Just a little faith can go a very long way. Imagine how much further one may go with God once their faith in him has grown just to the size of a mere mustard seed!

To use these spiritual gifts, we must first take control of what goes on inside of us – in our heads. If we cannot control ourselves, how can we be expected to understand or do God’s will and take control of the outside world? The first thing we do to take this control is practice meditating.

Meditation in Mormon Kabbalah is different from other types of meditation. In most forms of eastern meditation, for example, the idea is to empty ourselves. In Mormon Kabbalah the idea is to fill ourselves with the Holy Spirit. We allow it to judge us. Remember, the Holy Ghost is Gevurah, Judgement. Christ’s Mercy (Chesed) has washed us clean. The Holy Spirit’s fire cleanses us from the inside out. We are the temples of God, and all unclean things must be cast out (see 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, Alma 5:26 RAV, 7:21a OPV).

When meditating, look for your core. It should be somewhere between your navel and the center of your chest. It doesn’t move around, but it is in a different spot for everyone. Once you find it and get the hang of moving your energy around it, try to anchor it to the ground or to the sky. This will help you practice controlling where the energy is going.

You may need to start by meditating for just a few minutes – 5 at a minimum. Pray first to invite the Holy Spirit and to ask for a circle of protection. Clear your mind and focus on the energy inside you, and the power of the Holy Spirit you’ve invited to enter you. You will know it is the Holy Ghost because of the peace you will feel from him (see Avarh 13:40-41). Feel that energy inside of you. Move it around, let it flow in one direction. As you do this, you are working true Christian magic. Keep doing this until you can meditate for 15, 20, or even 30 minutes. Reading from the scriptures before and/or after meditation is also advised.

To quickly recap:

  1. Magic (God’s power working through us) comes from inside of us
  2. To control magic (priesthood power), one must control one’s self
  3. To control what goes on inside of us we must practice and take the time to develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit

Meditation may sound boring but it works. It one is doing it correctly it shouldn’t be boring because it is a spiritual conversation. We talk to our god, then we listen. That’s meditation. Pay attention and you’ll see the magic of God’s miracles working in your life. As we truly live our religion, we will find we become more and more in tune with the spiritual or magical world than even we realize as we grow in Grace.

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