Revelation on the Plates of Brass

Revelation given to David Ferriman, June 21, 2021. David had prayed, asking for witnesses to the plates of brass he had been called to translate. The Lord responded with the following:

  1. Thus saith the Lord unto His people, even Israel: When you did covenanta to keep my Torahb and my mitzvahc you did so as one, my child, and you came to life, being filled with my Breathd, yea, even the Holy Spirit;
  2. And as you moved forward you did abandon my Torah and my mitzvah for the calf of gold that came from out of that fire:
  3. And behold! You did repent, yet not out of faith but by fear; yea, and I did give thee of that which is good, and you did spit it out, and turned it away as you thought it bitter and you longed for the fine things of Egypt.
  4. But not all, for I did send my prophets to teach thee, and to guide thee, and to save thee, O my rebellious child;
  5. For the love of a parent is unconditional, and so it is that I will always make for thee a way back.
  6. And now behold, here in the last days I have sent mine angel, Moronia, to sound the trump and to bring forth again the everlasting gospel,
  7. That it may be preached unto all that dwell upon the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, for the whole earth, she is mine.
  8. And what is this good newsa? Behold, it is the very same Gospel that you, my Israel, did speaka and say, with one voice: All that YHVH hath spoken we will do.
  9. And thus I did make you a nation of kings and queens, and a nation of priests and priestesses; yea, even so did I make thee a holy nation,
  10. And from thee I was born, even Jesus Christ: the King of kings, the Creator of the heavens and of the earth:
  11. But you did not keep my Torah, nor my mitzvah, for you sought out the vain things of this world; and you did seek for the treasures of this world, and the knowledge of this world, and the wisdom of this world:
  12. Yea, you did not leave Egypt behind.
  13. Wherefore, I did create a way backa for you, for I love Israel, my child; and so did I send you out into that world that you desired, yet I prepared a way back for you, that you might come home;
  14. And thus was the record of the Lehites kept, even the Book of Mormon, that my Gospel should be restored at the last days.
  15. And some have asked: Why then should they keep this record if my servant Joseph Smith Jr. should not read it, but keep it covered by his side and gather its words from visions I did give him by means of a stone that shone brightly in the darkness of his hat?
  16. Yea, the record was kept as a testimony of that people, and that the gifts of my Spirit, that of prophecy and revelation, should be restored again upon the earth;
  17. Yea, the plates of gold were given to those who were witnesses of the book, and others have seen it since, and others shall see it also, for there is more written upon it than my servant was sent to give.
  18. And now the Gospel hath been restored, and with it that spirit of prophecy and revelation, that all the gifts of the spirit might be enjoyed by my people, even Israel;
  19. And there is more yet to come, but these could not come until my people were blessed with my Spirit, even the power of the Holy Ghost, and given that gift of prophecy and revelation; for my people must be a prophetic people.
  20. And now, wherefore you, David, have asked of me for witnesses of the plates of brass, that men and women should know and testify that you are my servant, and of these records which I have given you to translate by the gift and power of God, even as did my servant Joseph:
  21. I say unto you that I am your witness, and that those that I have called, those that have read the Book of Mormon and know it to be true by the power of the Holy Ghost, and by the spirit of prophecy and revelation shall know, even as my Israel did know to answer together as one, saying: All that YHVH hath spoken we will do;
  22. So too will these be your witnesses, for they shall testify of me, and that the work that I have given you is mine:
  23. Yea, they shall read it and filled with my Spirit and rest in my Presencea, they too shall say: All that YHVH hath spoken we will do.
  24. And when they shall read it, I will fill them with my Spirit, even as I filled them with my Spirit when they did read and study the Book of Mormon, and they shall feel the burninga in their hearts.
  25. And yet there will be those who shall deny my Spirit, and shall deny my testimony, using the things of this world to try to confound and confuse, for these are not yet out of Egypt:
  26. But these shall know that they do kick against the pricks, for I shall build you up, and make you strong, for you are my servant and I have called you by my power to fulfill these things in righteousness;
  27. You are a mighty nation, and those that read and study to understand that which is written on the plates of brass by the gift and power of the Holy Spirit, these shall gain my wisdom, and my knowledge, and my understanding:
  28. That Zion might be built, and that I might return again to complete my creation, least I come again to destroy it.
  29. And I gave these records, even the plates of brass, to the Lehites that they might build for themselves a nation like unto the city of Enoch;
  30. Yet they did waste their probation building up gain unto themselves, warring over land and resources that I gave them to share in peace.
  31. And now too, Satan has grabbed up Israel to pride and envy, and thus is the ground of my temple, the center place of Zion, is still empty.
  32. When will my Israel heed my call? When will my Israel abandon the things of Egypt and receive that which I have given  her?
  33. When will she take up her role as kings and queens, as priests and priestesses to be the holy nation I called her to be?
  34. Behold, I am God, and I know all things; thou art mankind and I say unto thee: Seek after Zion, that you might know truth in all things;
  35. You have suffered much in your rebellion, O my Israel; and I say unto thee: Come home!
  36. I have given you both signs, and wonders, I have given you the gifts of my Holy Spirit; now seek ye not to war one with another in thy pride, but be thou one in me, be ye Zion:
  37. Read these plates of brass, and learn from them that which you should do; read them, study them out, for they are my words saved up and held back until now, in the fullness of times.
  38. Behold, I am Jesus Christ; I am He who walked the earth, the Son of man, I am He who suffered that you might live, I am He who gave up the ghost freely that Israel might not taste eternal death,
  39. I am He who rose from the grave on the third day, that I might take you from the darkness into the light of my resurrection, and that you might stand at the right hand of the Father with me and inherit all things with me:
  40. I am the Creator, and you are my creation; and behold, I come unto you quickly; make yourselves ready therefore, be ye Zion; even so, Amen.

Read the Plates of Brass here


1a See 3 Moses 27:7, Exodus 19:8
b Hebrew, “Law,” “Instructions,” or “Teachings”
c Hebrew: “tradition,” “commandment,” or “obligation”
d See Ruach HaKodesh
6a Revelation 14:6-7
8a Gospel: Greek, “good news”
b See 3 Moses 27:7, Exodus 19:8
13a See Teshuvah
23a See Shekinah
24a Moroni 10:3-5 OPV; See Avahr 20:12, 35:53


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