Revelation of the Lord of Hosts to Alexei Christopher Mattanovich

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Revelation received by Apostle Alexei Christopher Mattanovich, May 23, 2020. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020. In the words of Brother Mattanovich: “On this occasion, I was reading a revelation by another prophet about the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Utah, and pondering on the knowledge I had previously of the Spirit that had not been stated clearly because of many aspects of history that are little known, but that would help newcomers to the Unity of the Restoration understand the Lord’s judgments and I also called to mind the statements of many who would not do as the lord said and investigate prophets and revelations from smaller branches of the restoration pointing to the prosperity of the Utah Church, it’s size, it’s wealth, it’s fine buildings, and so forth. The following came to my mind in answer.”

  1. Since you did not record what I had previously shown you by my Spirit concerning the branch of the tree in my vineyard, even those who followed after my servant Brigham Young when he rebelled against me, I now speak that you may record my voice that the truth be known,
  2. For there are many who know the curse I declared against they who followed men into the wilderness whom I had not called to lead my sheep, which I had declared by my servant James J. Strang,
  3. Yea, I did declare that they were cut off along with their dead for their degenerate minds that did not comprehend what I had declared about the laws of succession by the mouth of my Servant Joseph Smith, Jun., which was recorded plainly in the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church,
  4. And their hearts, which were hardened against my Spirit to go their own way into paths I did not lead them,
  5. And they rejected my Servant James whom I had appointed to be the First President of my church and to reveal my Law, and also to be a shield and protection for them.
  6. And they did also reject my servant Sidney Rigdon, who was appointed to be a counselor to my servant Joseph and above the Twelve Apostles, though he did also turn from my instructions, that the flock be scattered,
  7. And they did also reject the witnesses of the Book of Mormon, who were witnesses of me, even apostles in their own place.
  8. And they did reject even the Covenants and Commandments that I declared by the mouth of my servant Joseph, and the appointment wherewith he appointed James by revelation.
  9. And they did violence to the Spirit and violence to my servants whom I sent to minister to them in my Holy City of Nauvoo, which they polluted, that I expelled them.
  10. And they did lust after carnal pleasures and wealth and secret combinations of darkness, wherewith their leaders lost the direction of the Spirit and they fell under greater condemnation.
  11. And I commanded that they hearken to my prophet James, that I may spare them thereby that they be not destroyed and oppressed.
  12. But they did not hearken, neither did they receive my servants, and in rejecting my servants did they reject me, the Holy One of Israel, their God.
  13. And because of this did they suffer, and they opposed my commandments and my prophets and the faithful.
  14. And because of this did they who followed my Servants James J. Strang and Joseph Smith III reject them and pronounce curses upon them and hold them in contempt even until this day.
  15. But behold, these words are pleasing to you because you love to hear of judgments against your enemies. Are not all people mine?
  16. Did I not cause and allow that my people of ancient Israel be carried away into oppression because of their many oppressions and abuses? Was this not that they might humble themselves before me that I might redeem them?
  17. For did I not yet call them mine ancient covenant people whose forebears departed from my covenant?
  18. Do you suppose that the Brighamites ceased to be my church? Or that those today are the same as those who ignored my commands to go into the wilderness?
  19. For my church is Israel, even as ancient Israel, and notwithstanding they be hard of heart and walking in blindness and rebel against me for a long time, yet will I reclaim them.
  20. And you should not suppose that my just punishments that I have declared by my prophets will come to none affect, or that I do not fulfill on my words.
  21. For did they not suffer hardship in the wilderness as I promised in that generation? Did not many fall by the wayside, being struck down by the shaft of death? Did they not fall into bondage to unjust men and lose many of the blessings of the priesthood for a generation?
  22. Yet their children did not inherit all their judgments, but many offered a humble heart against the knowledge they received, which was less than their fathers, and therefore were they not held accountable like onto them.
  23. Though I did not restore to them all blessings, yet did I relieve much of their burden and did prosper them as a people in a measure of peace according to their diligence and faith, though God’s prosperity is not always mankind’s prosperity.
  24. Nor should you supposed that they obeyed me in all things and obtained all of the promises of the covenant, for they did wax proud and labor in ignorance, and they did wholly abandon the call to care for the poor and build up Zion.
  25. Therefore, because they neglected my Commandments, they suffered from thirst to hear the words from my mouth.
  26. Yet are you not just in neglecting them as of no worth, for yet do I wait for them to fulfill the promises made to their forebears.
  27. They are of those to whom I commanded you to be one or you are not mine. For other sheep I have that are not of this fold. They also I shall bring, and there shall be one fold and one Shepherd.
  28. And I have not forgotten them or the promises made to their parents, and I did not leave them without a comforter.
  29. For though miracles ceased because of unbelief and the love of traditions, and because they lean upon the arm of flesh, yet did I attend them in my mercy.
  30. And as many as will come unto me shall be healed. And as many as seek me shall find. And as many as offer me a broken heart and contrite spirit shall be given the gifts of the Spirit in return, that they may stand in their place as my church and as my covenant people, even Israel, that I might lead them on my path.
  31. And to you, my people of the branches in other parts of the vineyard, I command that you be not haughty and drink upon the wine of thine own vanity, for you are not wholly pure before me, and though you receive great gifts of Spirit and blessings of mysteries, yet do you treat lightly the things that you received, and yet do you use them slothfully, wherefore if ye are not careful, ye shall receive the greater condemnation.
  32. For where much is given, much is required, and the one who errs against the greater light receives the greater condemnation. For all gifts are given to use in my service and of the use of these things shall ye give an account.
  33. Did I not set my hand to redeem your forebears from their apostasy? Do you suppose I can do that in any degree more than they are able to bear? Why then suppose that all things have been restored? And if all is not restored, how suppose ye to have all truth, that ye boast?
  34. Though you be faithful to the restoration of the prophets, Joseph and James, yet if the restoration was incomplete, how then can you receive the fullness unless ye humble yourselves and receive it of me?
  35. And whoso thinketh himself better than his brothers and sisters shall be humbled, and to the one given much, if he makes not use of it, shall be taken. And whoso judgeth shall be judged.
  36. And I give it to you, My Servant Alexei, and all of like disposition that you hear it of me by command because of your bitterness that you may save yourself by love. For all the judgements that I judge against them will be yours if ye do not judge in wisdom.
  37. For you who seek love and long-suffering of your Lord need also look upon your brothers and sisters with love and long-suffering.
  38. And whoso receiveth this command by you shall also receive it by the Holy Spirit, therefore shall you all know that it is of me.
  39. Seek ye therefore to do my will, being humble, being teachable, being willing to submit in all things. For if you are not one, you are not mine. For I would have a people, even a unified people.
  40. And my mercies toward nations, even the children of my laborers should not cause you to be comfortable in rebellion, for when the generation that rebels against me is purged, then will I look upon my people with mercy because of their faithful parents and because of those my servants who labored to gather them.
  41. But unto the individuals who rebel against me do I give warning, that I will spew you from my mouth as sour wine and that you will be of those who are gathered to be burned that you do not encumber my vineyard when it is cleansed.
  42. Therefore when my people are gathered and restored to their covenants and blessings, if you are not faithful and delay the day of your repentance until it is too late, you will not be among them.
  43. Therefore stand in your place, and hold to your portion, and be wise stewards of that which is placed in thy care, and let God look after his people, the other laborers.
  44. I am Alpha and Omega. I am the Lord of the Vinyard. I give all their wages, and my judgment is just. Be therefore diligent. Amen.
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David, First Elder
4 years ago

This is a very important revelation as it teaches truth, humility, and the mercy of God.

4 years ago

5 votes yes from South Carolina

4 years ago

I approve the scriptures and revelations presented. Yes in all.

Christian Amparano
Christian Amparano
4 years ago

5 positive votes from here in California

Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
4 years ago

My votes from Conference 2020: Pending Scriptures, All listed – yes

Kristine, co-president
4 years ago

Vote yes