Remote Ordinances

Revelation received May 16, 2019. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020.

  1. While putting together the plan with the Council of Elders on worship services, I felt impressed by the Spirit that the Orders of Prayer should be done in some manner, and we’ve been asking how to do temple ordinances and other sacred practices that require the laying on of hands for some time.
  2. Going to the Lord on the matter, I asked everyone to pray that I would receive instructions on how the Lord desires we in the Fellowship to perform these sacred tasks, and the Lord came to me, giving me the following:
  3. Verily, thus saith the Lord unto those whom He loves, yea speaking unto my servants and my friends; those of my church, even the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship: Hearken, O ye people of my Church;
  4. Yea and verily I say unto thee that many things have been given of me, things given unto thee and those that dwell upon the earth for both profit and learning;
  5. And all things have and shall be given to the Elders of my Church from the beginning even up to this day and forward, if my people shall but ask of me.
  6. And behold I say unto thee: Conduct all thy meetings as ye are directed and guided by the Holy Spirit, for by this shall ye know and shall all things be profitable unto all, speaking spirit to spirit.
  7. But more than this, ye seek and desire instructions on how to be one as my Saints with such great distances between one another;
  8. And behold I have prepared a way unto thee, but some of ye fear and doubt because of the habits of men; and I say unto thee: Fear not!
  9. Behold, I have given thee the means, greater now than in days past; yea, ye have the ways placed before thee, and I will instruct thee in my ways in this matter.
  10. I say unto thee that it is by both the spirit and the flesh that all things are done, for the spirit and the flesh are one in me, and this is my purpose: to make on earth that which is in heaven that all are one in me and in the Father; yea to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of mankind.
  11. Thus I say unto thee: If one needeth the laying on of hands, bless a cloth, and sent it to them, be it a napkin or a tallit, let the Spirit guide;
  12. And behold, when they that require the laying on of hands receive this blessed cloth, they shall lay it upon their head, and it shall take the place of the hands of they that shall bless them in my name.
  13. And if temple ordinances are to be done, behold ye shall do this by means of technologies in that ye shall see one another to instruct and to bless,
  14. And ye shall place the tallit or the napkin upon the head of they that are to receive their Initiatories or their endowments, and another shall act in thy stead, as proxy for those performing the initiatories or the endowments,
  15. And they that shall give unto they that shall receive shall instruct them from afar, watching that all things done in my name shall be done correctly,
  16. And there shall be two witnesses that all things done in my name are performed correctly, and these shall sign as witness as such.
  17. And behold, as to the Order of Prayer, as given by me unto the world; these ye shall do when ye gather to worship; and it shall be led by one in authority that has been endowed unto the proper order of things.
  18. And I say unto thee, they that are afar off in their homes or synagogues, or wherever they might be; these shall stand with those in attendance in their order of the prayer which is to be given, shoulder to shoulder if they are with other or alone if they be alone;
  19. And these shall not close the circle as they shall be connected to those in my Fellowship that are with them in spirit by my Holy Spirit;
  20. And thus ye shall be one in me, the Lord your God.
  21. And behold, my servant David, I have more to say unto thee as to thy condition and thy roll in my Fellowship: get first thy own house in order.
  22. Behold, I said unto thee that I should send others to help thee prepare a way, and behold: this thing hath been fulfilled and there shall be more to come still;
  23. Yet thou hast not swallowed thy pride and given unto all of these opportunities to do my works, yea thou hast taken to task all things and this pleaseth me not.
  24. For behold, the ship with many oars and rowers shall go far upon the face of the waters, yet if only one shall row all shall go slowly or not at all;
  25. And behold, there are many among you that can do these things, and all things shall be done in time as it is pleasing unto me;
  26. Therefore, worry not if these things cannot be done in thy time, which is to say the time thou thinkest thing should be accomplished, but rather let all things be done in my time.
  27. Therefore it is pleasing unto thee that thou shall be there for thy wife and thy children, and those I have sent unto thee, and divine the labors of my vineyard unto those willing to do the work;
  28. And if there are not those that are willing to do the work, behold all things shall be done in my time, therefore worry not if these things cannot be done right away;
  29. And all things shall be done for thy benefit and the benefit for my people, even the Saints of Zion, for all things done in my name are done in my time, sayeth the Lord.
  30. Yea, and these things too I say unto all of the Council of Elders, and all those in the Council of Fifty: worry not, for all things shall be done in my time;
  31. And unto those helping now with the work, and those willing to help with this my works I say unto thee, I am well pleased.
  32. And now I say unto thee and unto all of my people in the Fellowship and in everyone of my vineyards, go and do all things in my name, and remember that that which is done for another is done for me, therefore do all things in my name. Even so shall it be; Amen.
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3 years ago

5 votes yes from South Carolina

3 years ago

I approve the scriptures and revelations presented. Yes in all.

Christian Amparano
Christian Amparano
3 years ago

5 positive votes from here in California

Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
3 years ago

My votes from Conference 2020: Pending Scriptures, All listed – yes

Kristine, Bishop
3 years ago

Yes for inclusion