Of the Priesthoods

This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020. After going to the Lord asking for answers on the priesthood, David was awoken at 3am on February 28, 2019 and given the following revelation:

  1. Thus saith the Lord unto my people of the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship: Hearken, O ye people of my Church!
  2. I see that ye have questions on those things which are written, and that ye wish to know of things not written, in regards to my priesthood; therefore, I shall give unto thee this day these things for thy profit and learning.
  3. Behold, come and see, and I shall show thee things that are of me, that are a mystery unto the world, but not a mystery unto me, and after this day no longer a mystery unto thee.
  4. It has been said that there are, in my Churches, two priesthoodsa, namely: The High Priesthood, called the Melchizedek and Magdalene, and the Low or Levitical Priesthoods of Aaron and Miriam,
  5. And the High Priesthood is of the Heavens, and the Low Priesthood is of the Earth, but all priesthood is of me;
  6. For behold, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the gods or the elohimb, and the Word was YHVH, I AM, and in the beginning was created the elohim, and the heavens, and the earth;
  7. But my priesthood is eternal; without father, without mother, without descent; having neither beginning of days nor end of life;
  8. Therefore, all priesthood is given by God unto mankind from the eternal Elohimc, and not by descent from father nor mother:
  9. Know ye this: That all priesthood is as eternal as the Elohim, and that thou too are eternal, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, and ye are elohim, and ye are given of that which ye are called from before the foundation of this world.
  10. What then is the High and the Low Priesthoods? The Low is of the Earth, and the High is of the Heavens, which is to say that the Low priesthood is to prepare the Earth for the things of Heaven, and the High is to bring the Heavens to the Earth; this that all may be one, for all is one in me.
  11. Yet these are one priesthood, how then can this be if all are one in me? I say unto thee that thou, O man, thinkest plainly and understand not the things that are of me.
  12. In aforetime, here upon this earth, all these were one priesthood in my name, and the Low Priesthood was given to men and women and pasted down father to son, mother to daughter, unto those that were worthy and called by the Holy Ghost in the Patriarchal and Matriarchal order,
  13. And many grew, Grace by Grace, in their ministry from the Low to the High and used the gifts of the Spirit as moved by the Holy Ghost, for the Holy Ghost is my messenger to administer in all priesthood, or all they to whom these gifts have been given.
  14. But after the Flood my people were scattered and divided, and to keep out priestcraft and that mankind might have my power and priesthood, these things were hidden from the world and became lost and deluded.
  15. And when I came in the flesh, I came to restore order to my people, and thus it is that there are three orders of priesthood:
  16. One is the High Priesthood of Melchizedek, the King of Salem, and of Magdalene, the Apostle and fisher of men, given by an oath and covenant, having power and authority over all given from the Heavens to the Earth, holding the keys and the power of endless life, and the Keys to seal on Earth unto Heaven.
  17. One is of the Patriarchy and Matriarchy, of the marriage of Abraham and Sarah, passed down in the blood from father to son, mother to daughter; and it is by this priesthood that the true Levites are called and anointed unto me.
  18. One is the Low Priesthood, or the Levitcal as it is now called, to administer in outward ordinances, preparing mankind to receive their King.
  19. And I am Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus who is the very Christ; the heir of the Kingdom, the only begotten of the Father according to the flesh, and I hold the keys over all this world, giving all glory to the Father.
  20. Of the Low and High Priesthoods ye are aware, and these have been made known, what then of the Patriarchy and Matriarchy? I say unto thee that thou dost not know, nor dost thou comprehend these things!
  21. For behold, thou seest through the eyes of the churches of men, and not of me, and so I say unto thee that men give keys to the workings of their flesh, but I give keys to those that are prepared to receive them.
  22. And so it is that the Patriarchal and Matriarchal Priesthood gives men and women the power to pass down both the Low and the High Priesthoods by the laying on of hands,
  23. Were it not so then only those who were born from the loins of Aaron and Miriam should hold these keys to prepare the Earth, and only those ordained by an angel should hold the High Priesthood.
  24. For as it says in the Book of Melchizedekd: And thus, having been approved of YHVH, Melchizedek was ordained a High Priest after the order of the covenant which God made with Enoch, this being after the order of the Son of God, which order came not by man, nor the will of man, neither by father nor mother, neither by beginning of days nor end of years, but of Elohim; and it was delivered unto men by the calling of the voice of Ruach Elohim, according to His own will, unto as many as believed on Hashem.
  25. Yet men are called in the Churches of Christ to be ordained to this High Priesthood, and they are called of men and women, and ordained of men and women,
  26. And by the power of the Patriarchal and Matriarchal Priesthoods these things are of me, so long as they are done in my name and in righteousness.
  27. And behold, the keys to the Patriarchal and Matriarchal Priesthood are that of prophet, seer, and revelator; were it not so men and women would know not who to call and who to ordain,
  28. And this is why I say unto thee that ye shall call a Patriarch and Matriarch to be in thy council, even the Council of Elders, and to lead the High Councils over the other Evangelists, or the traveling Bishops and Pastors; to be a bridge between the things of the Heavens and the things of the Earth,
  29. For these are offices of the High Priesthood doing the works of the Low priesthood, for first shall be last; and the last shall be first, and the Heavens are all around thee yet the Earth is yet unaware,
  30. For all things are a straight line unto me, beginning with the outward ordinances and the offering of sacrifices, growing in my Grace unto the works of power and blessings, and know ye that all these things are of me.
  31. Therefore, now I say unto thee again: Build my temple up that I may send Elijah the prophet unto thee, and there ye shall learn more of the Patriarchal and Matriarchal Priesthood,
  32. That thy covenants may be made to seal the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers,
  33. That thy anointings and sealings given unto all those that have been called and elected in my name are made sure, or in other words, that thou might see me face to face, that ye may know that I AM from everlasting to everlasting;
  34. Yea, I invite thee to come unto me, that ye may know me, and that, being doubtless, thou might feel of my hands and touch thee my wounds.
  35. These words are given unto thee to be received by they that are pure before me; therefore keep these things in thy hearts, that the wisdom of the eternities may rest upon thy minds. Even so, Amen.


a. See Doctrines of the Saints 5b:1
b. Elohim (lowercase “e”): “gods,” here denoting the Children of Elohim (the children of Yah, God the Father & Mother, or the Masculine and Feminine aspects or God.), or the Children of God.
c. Elohim (capital “E”): “Gods.” Can denote the Godhead or Trinity as a whole, God the Father & Mother, or the Masculine and Feminine aspects or God.
d. See Melchizedek 1:3-5

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3 years ago

5 votes yes from South Carolina

3 years ago

I approve the scriptures and revelations presented. Yes in all.

Christian Amparano
Christian Amparano
3 years ago

5 positive votes from here in California

Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
3 years ago

My votes from Conference 2020: Pending Scriptures, All listed – yes

Kristine, Bishop
3 years ago

I vote yes.