Of Lehi and Korihor

The following revelation was given to the prophet David on December 8, 2018 in Miamisburg, Ohio. After Praying for some time on two books claiming to be of Nephite origin, the Lord reveals the nature of these books. We ask members of the Fellowship to read this revelation prayerfully to determine if it should be added to the Fellowship canon in preparation of the vote April 6, 2019.

  1. Having read Christopher Nemelka’s “Sealed Portion,” and Bzhishk Nizak’s “Book of Lehi,” I prayed on both to know the truth.
  2. The Lord had told me to study them out in my mind.
  3. I met Bzhishk Nizak, and learned more about him and where the Book of Lehi came from as I got to know him.
  4. I also met and got to know a disciple of Christopher Nemelka’s, asking him what he got out of Nemelka’s teachings, etc.
  5. Both appeared to be good people, and I wondered, was Christopher Nemelka’s book a way to bring atheists to God?
  6. However, the more I learned, the more I felt I needed guidance from the Lord.
  7. The Spirit whispered to me the purpose of both books, and in time I received the following revelation:
  8. ¶ Thus saith the Lord unto you my servants, concerning the Sealed Portion:
  9. Behold, the Gold Plates shall not come forth by deception nor by force.
  10. Yea, these things were hid from the world because of the wickedness of the Jaredite people;
  11. And yet it has come to pass that secret combinations and wickedness from those that seek to gain is again upon the face of the Earth.
  12. Behold, it is always so with man, and as they fall into the trappings of Satan, their wickedness and secret combinations grow.
  13. Yet in the days of the Jaredites, their wickedness rivaled that of the days of Noah before the flood,
  14. And thus I took them from the face of the Earth by the sword of their own hands; and by their own greed were they slaughtered.
  15. And so too are the combinations of man today; they are not yet as wicked as before the flood, but as their wickedness grows mankind suffers.
  16. Yea, there are those that make combinations to take from the poor, to feed them foods without nourishment, to teach their minds to be weak, and to keep their fellow man in poverty by deception.
  17. ¶ And behold, I say unto you, and unto the world: Be not deceived, for Christopher Nemelka is become an Antichrist, a false prophet sent to lead the hearts of the children of man away from me and to the devil;
  18. Like Korihor and others of his kind, he had truth but set out to deceive.
  19. And behold, he is a Korihor, which is to say and Antichrist, unto this day;
  20. Yea, and I shall say no more on this wise unto you except this: As thou gather the sacred books of the Restoration, behold these two thou shall not gather—the Sealed Portion of Christopher Nemelka and Book of Onias.
  21. Behold, that Book of Onias has a portion of truth, for the Devil will repeat an hundred truths to persuade men to believe one lie.
  22. Yea, but no man neither woman shall bear the cursing of their fathers and mothers by the color of their skins;
  23. Yea, and the color of a person’s skin is a blessing from me, and not a curse,
  24. And there is not one above another for all are one in me.
  25. Yea, and all mankind has fallen short, and through mine atonement all mankind may be saved.
  26. ¶ And behold, as to the Book of Lehi, behold ye shall call it Sepher Lehi, and ye shall include it in collecting the works of this restoration.
  27. Behold I say unto thee and unto the world: This book is a work of fiction, yet it is of me; for it is a parable.
  28. Behold, the sons and daughters of perdition cannot repent.
  29. This is not because I am not a merciful God, but because it is against their nature to do so.
  30. Yea, and I say unto thee: the demons converted to the Lord in Sepher Lehi are not perdition but are the weaknesses and vices of mankind.
  31. And when thou shall take a weakness and give it unto the Lord, behold I shall make thee strong with it;
  32. And Even as I took Enoch and his weaknesses, turning his weaknesses to strength, so too shall I do with thee.
  33. For this have I done with all my servants, even thee; and thou are still weak, yet I give thee strength and bless thee with wisdom as ye use my works.
  34. Therefore, this book, Sepher Lehi, ye shall use to teach wisdom in me with this parable;
  35. For behold, they who wrote it did so in weakness, and I the Lord made them strong in this thing.
  36. Yea, and I shall bless them and strengthen their words.
  37. ¶ Go forth and hearken ye to these words; be sober and treasure these things up in your hearts.
  38. Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world; keep all my commandments, endure to the end. So mote it be; even so. Amen.
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Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
4 years ago

Dear Elder David, The Holy Spirit rested upon me in such power, bearing witness of the truth of this revelation. May many be blessed by it and be brought a greater understanding of how the Lord works in the hearts and minds of his children.

Diana Isham
Diana Isham
4 years ago

God has surely blessed you with this revelation David! It is grievous to me that one of my sisters has fully left the church due to the deceptions of Christopher Nemelka and she claims to love the Book of Mormon while practically in the same breath calls Joseph Smith a liar. She fell hook, line and sinker for Christopher Nemelka and the “Sealed Portion” at the same time I came, through prayer, to understand how deceptive it is!

It is just as surely with the “Sealed Portion” as the Lord stated about the book of Onias — that it has a portion of truth, for the Devil will tell an hundred truths to persuade men to believe one lie.

I was so moved when in the “Sealed Portion” it talked about the angels and Heavenly Mother coming down and ministering to the people in the Americas that I could easily have been deceived by it had I recognized prior to and at that time, that you CAN feel the Spirit when a truth is spoken and yet the book or whatever you are reading can still contain falsehoods. That is the Only place in that book where I was moved by the Spirit and yet within a few chapters a statement was made in one moment about the way things were in the animal kingdom that was completely contradicted in a following verse shortly thereafter. That is where I drew the line knowing that it is a book inspired by the father of lies.

Since that time Christopher Nemelka has openly admitted that he made up the sealed portion but then claims that Joseph Smith did the same thing with the Book of Mormon.