This book is a collection of utterances, prophecies, and revelations given by a previously unknown (to the modern world) prophetess who identifies herself as “Neum,” Hebrew for “oracle.”  The name of the book in English would be “The Declarations,”hence the title: “The Declarations of Neum.”Before the translation of the plates of brass, the world was only aware of this prophetess from a passing reference made by Nephi in the Book of Mormon:

“Yea, the God of Abraham , and of Isaac, and the God of Jacob yieldeth himself… to be crucified, according to the words of Neum.” -1 Nephi 5:240-241 RAV, 19:10 OPV

Based on the writings, it appears that Neum likely lived after Israel to the north was conquered, but before the southern nation of Judah fell. It would appear that she followed a group of people that believed the prophet Zenock, as she claims to be a disciple of his teachings, though based on parts of the text she would have lived after him. She also appears to live at a time after the priesthood was taken from the sisters, as she points out that the daughters of Miriam have been removed from the positions given them in the Torah.

That said, we know that there were still prophetesses when this was written, as she mentions Chuldah (also known as Huldah), who testified of the truth of 5 Moses or Deuteronomy when it was found. This would place her at the time of the prophet Jeremiah, making this one of the last books added at the end of the plates of brass, before the Lord sent Nephi and his brothers to take them.

Her words were written by others as she gave them orally, and this appears to be a collection of her divine speeches. The book is broken into chapters based on the ancient symbols that were placed between portions of the Egyptian text. These symbols appear to be what is known today as Paleo-Hebrew. They were likely added to the text because of the promise,

“And YHVH did give unto the daughters of Israel their mitzvot through our mothers, even Miriam and Zipporah — even to learn the letters; yea, to learn to read the night skies. I say unto you now, O Israel: Teach your sons and daughters to read and no army will ever truly conquer Israel!” -Neum 14:16-18

Neum’s utterances are at times aimed at the people of Judah, warning them of what is to come, and at other times to the restoration and to those that will read her words in the last days. Her words are relevant to us today as they warn us of the sins of Judah and Israel, and they instruct us on how to build Zion, and let us know the revelations we need to restore the Sisterhood.

You can read her words here:


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