Language of the Kingdom Age

These commandments are of me and were given unto my servants in their weakness, after the manner of their language, that they might come to understanding.” -Doctrines of the Saints 1:27

In a conversation with Elder David, I was introduced to some things in yoga that I had not previously considered. It relates to a conversation he and I shared earlier regarding the need to educate people on new or unfamiliar terminology we may be using when we teach. I have to thank David for introducing me to this website that brought me a whole different way of looking at everything, particularly at the power of language that is unfamiliar to those of the Western Hemisphere, more specifically to Christianity and the Restoration movement in particular.

In our understanding of language, by reading this article, “Chakras: the hidden talents,” the Holy Spirit inspired to me to use it to communicate understanding what the Ascended Masters are teaching us, as there are new words to learn regarding this higher consciousness of the “Celestial Kingdom.”

The Kingdom of God Experience

This new Lexicon of Language helps to break up the mental constructs that are crystallized in the consciousness of humanity and has been put upon it by the precepts of men just as have been put upon our scriptures. The Ascended Master Teachings and the Celestial teachings introduced in the Restoration are one and the same. These teachings are coming forth now for the purpose of introducing the higher knowledge of the Celestial kingdom. They are not for the purpose of reinforcing the source of the concepts as coming from other sources, where in reality of the Oneness of the Hosts of Heaven of which I believe make up the 144,000 or more that will accompany Jesus when He returns.

There was new terminology used by Joseph Smith Jr. as new revelation was brought to this new Restoration Movement. These teachings encompass and expound on the Celestial laws and actions of the universe that take place around us. We are moving into “The Kingdom age,” which is part of the process. The term that describes this process is called “Transcendence.”

East Meets West

As I read the article and the terms that were used there, I was reminded that the language used in yoga is very different from anything we’re familiar with in our English language. Yet in many ways they are tied to Eastern philosophy and teachings that have been around for not just centuries, but thousands of years and precedes Christianity by innumerable millennia. So we also must understand that the language used in yoga can be equated with the new language now being introduced by the Ascended Master teachings, the “Lexicon of Language.” I ask that you take this into consideration as new perspectives are presented to your outer awareness and follow the instruction we are given in the scriptures “to study our in your minds,” then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the Truth of it, before merely accepting or rejecting it in its totality.

As I reviewed “Teachings of Jesus for yogis,” I saw that he had done a lot of work in translating the language used in the Eastern teachings into an acceptable form as it relates to Christianity. I totally agree with his instruction as it incorporates the Eastern teachings as part of the Christianity as well as complement the Ascended Master teachings. These are so ancient that we have totally lost sight of them and their terminology until recently.

“The Yoga of Jesus”

One of the books I ran across on his website was called Chakras: the hidden talents. This book presents Jesus’ experience in His early years, considered the Missing Years of His life in Christianity. There are no public teachings or writings that are familiar to most of the Christian world. This book, even though I have not read it trough, is also referred to the ascended Master teachings as the life of Jesus and His private initiations. It tells us that He received in the East, which are hidden from Western Christianity. Writings have been uncovered of his journey and instruction there. Some have been discovered in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls as well as some of those more recently discovered writings that have been found and translated. Such as the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Thomas and many other of those that were with Jesus and embodiment at that time of his Life and ministry.


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