God is Love!

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“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” -John 13:34-35

Sometimes we justify our dislike for others by saying things like “but they’re sport-stars (they play for the opposite team etc)” or “they’re celebrities, I don’t know them personally so…” The fact is that when we start to justify our displeasure for others, we are beginning to loose sight of the Celestial love of Christ, that we should all be aiming to have in our hearts at all times.

Do we have to agree with what certain celebrities do, or some of their lack of morals? Absolutely not. But, we must never bash them personally, because if we do that, then we’re judging them, and we’re not doing as Christ would do, which is to love ALL unconditionally.

Sometimes when we watch Television, most of the media will focus on the lives of the athlete’s, reality starts, musicians, Hollywood stars etc, and we can all to often get sucked in and form negative views of those people.

This may seem like such a minor issue that I’m talking about here, but I’m speaking from my own personal experiences. I used to feel justified in my judgments of certain celebrities, and I thought that I was more righteous than they were. Sadly, I started to see others in the same way, and my unrighteous judgements of those I viewed on my television screen (I justified my judgements of celebrities also by telling myself that God doesn’t care if I judge others whom I will never ever meet etc), moved onto those around me personally.

Satan is extremely clever, and he will be tempting you, and causing you to hate others, before you even know it, or in my case he started by tempting me into judging celebrities, which then lead to my mind being corrupted, and being judgemental to all.

Thankfully though, Christ taught me just how wrong I was, and the Holy Ghost has been guiding me, and helping me change my ways ever since.

I’m not perfect at all, but when I say I love every human being, as they’re all a child of God, I sincerely mean It.

Christ didn’t teach history, science, mathematics, theology (he didn’t care for Orthodox dogmas) etc, he only taught love. We must love everyone as he has loved us, and that goes for those we see on the television.

We are all equal, and all deserving of love.

So I leave with this question. If God loves us all equally, then why can’t we do the same? What makes us better than the almighty God himself, if we feel that we can justify who we pick and choose who to love or don’t love?

God is Love!

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Scott Stover
Scott Stover
2 years ago

From my song, “Let That River Flow”…

…People lookin’ for love, but livin’ on hate

Let that river flow

Judgin’ on others is a might heavy weight

Let that river flow

Ain’t no man better than his neighbor next door

Let that river flow

Just love each other, don’t need no more

Let that river flow