Given in Marriage

The following revelation was given to David in Ohio on April 18, 2016. The Lord answers question about marriage for the Fellowship after a revelation was given answering questions about marriage in the original church. In January of 2018 David was studying the 132nd section of the Latter-day Saints’ Doctrine and Covenants, and upon reading the last verse he prayed to know when we would reveal more unto us as promised. He was told the two revelations given on this date were answers to that promise. This revelation was voted and accepted as scripture by the Council of Elders of the Fellowship January 5, 2019, and by the General Assembly of the Saints in April of the same year.

  1. Verily, thus saith the Lord unto the saints of the Fellowship of Christ: Hearken, and lo, prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight;
  2. For the keys of the kingdom of God are committed unto man on the earth, and from thence shall the Gospel roll forth and fill the whole earth.
  3. Therefore, I say unto you: Blessed are they that receive mine everlasting covenant; even the fullness of my Gospel, sent forth unto the children of men, as it was written by the prophets and apostles in days of old.
  4. ¶ Behold, if a man taketh unto himself a wife, so too doth a woman take the man as a husband unto her; yea and these are one flesh to grow together in my Grace.
  5. And if these two, as one, decide as one to bring another into their hearts, they too shall become one;
  6. Yea, the man and woman are one, and as they add another unto these, all art one in the sealing covenant, and therefor one in me.
  7. ¶ Yea, and I shall speak unto my people plainly: If any take unto themselves another husband or another wife they are one in me; and these are to raise all of their children unto me.
  8. Behold, I say unto thee: that which is not of me is to take another as two, or in other words for a man or a woman to leave their spouse to cleave unto another.
  9. ¶ And behold, I shall speak plainly unto my people: If a man is to take another wife, or a wife take another husband, and not cleave unto his first wife or her the first husband, and one puts the other away; behold, this is not of me.
  10. ¶ And also know this: a man may have one wife or one hundred wives; this does nothing to bring them closer unto me or to unto my Father.
  11. But behold, it is their unity that gives them strength and shows that they are of me: that my Grace is in them through the work that is the gift and sacrament of the sealing power;
  12. For the natural man is full of pride and lust, but he that is of me is filled with love for one another; and these are not prone to jealousy or hardheartedness.
  13. Therefore, I say unto thee: One man and one woman in the Lord, or if they are naturally drawn like unto like, then one man unto one man and one woman unto one woman in the Lord;
  14. And these should be of age; which is to say, consenting adults in the eyes of both the laws of the land and the Lord your God;
  15. For it is wisdom in me that those that wish to marry should wait to be eighteen years of age;
  16. And if they seek to be joined of the Fellowship, these should be sealed by the sealing power given unto my servant David and given unto others as he sees fit by my Spirit; and these shall be one flesh.
  17. For behold, all that hold the Keys to the High Priesthood hold these sealing powers, but to maintain peace and unity among my people only those holding the office of Bishop or Patriarch, Elect Lady or Matriarch, or 70 or Apostle should perform such ordinances;
  18. Or if they prefer, they may assign or give consent for another with the Key to perform the ordnance.
  19. ¶ And if they as one desire to be sealed to another, be it a man or a woman, and they be found righteous, then behold: let them be sealed by my servant as one flesh, thus the three become one;
  20. And if these, as one, desire to take another, it shall be as the Spirit shall moveth them;
  21. But behold, those that wish to be sealed as a family of more adults than two, that is to be polygamist or polygamous, should wait until twenty-one years of age;
  22. And if they cannot legally marry let them be sealed by my Holy Priesthood that they are one in me.
  23. ¶ And if the law of the land states they may not share the same residence, then the law of man shall be obeyed as it was established;
  24. And all shall be of age that none be found guilty of crimes against me or against the laws of their land.
  25. Behold, if any breaketh the laws of their land they shall be sent away unless they repent.
  26. ¶ And behold I say unto thee: He or she that taketh another spouse in my name shall be given them of the first spouse, every time; for this is the Law of Sarah.
  27. And if the first spouse be sent away, the sealing shall be broken of all other spouses, except it be that the spouse flee in sin;
  28. And if one wishes to leave a union formed by the law of Sarah, as the burden upon their hearts is too great, behold the Fellowship is to care for them even until they shall find another spouse in righteousness.
  29. ¶ Behold: Man should not take such things lightly; be mindful of Adam, and Lilith, and Eve; yea and be mindful of Abraham, and Sarah, and Hagar;
  30. For these were given in righteousness, yet sin made man abandon that which the Lord provided them.
  31. ¶ Thou shalt ask of those wishing to marry:
  32. Do you take upon yourself the name of Christ, being born again unto your redeemer?
  33. And, do you desire to be sealed unto (person or persons) by the sealing power of the Holy Priesthood and in covenant to God?
  34. And wilt you strive to move forward as one in Christ that the Holy Spirit may be in you and with you that you might be seal for all time and eternity?
  35. Art thou obedient to the laws of thy land in this, yea even the kingdom of men?
  36. And if they say unto thee, “yea” to all these, and art willing to rejoice and mourn with one with the others, and none do cause that any harm come to another;
  37. Behold, these are my people and are worthy of me; they may partake of mine ordinances as my Spirit so leadeth them.
  38. Yea, and those that are to be joined in marriage shall, at this time, do so according to the laws of their lands before being sealed by one with authority.
  39. ¶ And if it so be that these desire to be sealed unto another, in the Law of Sarah,
  40. Yet it is not lawful for them to be wed, yet it is lawful for them to be sealed to one another by the power of my Holy Priesthood, then these shall be seal, but not wed as to the laws of man.
  41. And behold, when these shall be joined there shall be two witnesses; one at the right and one at the left of the one that holds the sealing keys to stand at the altar;
  42. And they that are to be joined shall kneel one before the other at the altar; and if any desire to be given another, behold their first shall be asked:
  43. Do you give your spouse unto this person to live in harmony within the Law of Sarah?
  44. And if they say thee “nay,” then behold; their spouse shall not take another;
  45. But if they say thee “yea,” then behold these shall be joined and become one in my name.
  46. ¶ And all those sealed unto these shall too gather around the altar, kneeling with their hands upon the altar;
  47. And those to be joined shall be asked to rest their hands upon the hands of the current spouse or spouses, as a sign or covenant of support as they too shall be sealed; and all these shall be one in me.
  48. And then they may be sealed, by the power of my Holy Priesthood, for time and all eternity;
  49. And then ye may seal upon them the blessings of the holy resurrection, with power to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection, clothed in glory, and immortality;
  50. Then shall ye seal upon them the blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and say unto them: Have joy and rejoicing in the day of our Lord, Jesus Christ!
  51. And all these blessings, together with all the blessings of the new and everlasting covenant, shall ye seal upon them by virtue of my Holy Priesthood, through their faithfulness;
  52. And this shall ye to in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
  53. ¶ And behold, if any with children desire to be sealed to one to another, that the hearts of the fathers be turned to the children and the hearts of the children be turned to their fathers;
  54. And these are they which were not before sealed when these children were born;
  55. Yea, these shall ye gather around the altar with their parents;
  56. And my servant, with authority shall to seal one to another shall, by the authority of my Holy Priesthood, seal them as one in me, calling each by name;
  57. And this they shall to for time and all eternity, as an heir or heirs as though they had been born in the new and everlasting covenant;
  58. And this they too shall do in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
  59. ¶ And by this shall my people covenant one with another; but behold, thou shalt not make such covenants lightly; for I am the Lord thy God, and I shall not be mocked.
  60. Commit not adultery, but be true to thine covenants; and all art to keep these sayings, for they are true and faithful;
  61. Continue in these things even unto the end, that thou may be crowned in eternal life at the right hand of my Father, who is full of grace and truth;
  62. Thus saith the Lord your God who is the Alpha and Omega; your Redeemer, even Jesus Christ; Amen.
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