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The following revelation was given to David in Ohio after leaving a meeting with local Latter-day Saint Church leaders on December 13, 2015. In this revelation, David is told the reasons why the Lord had called him to set up the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship and is promised keys to the kingdom in the future. The Lord defined worthiness that all men and women may know what is required of them to be baptized, take communion, and enjoy other ordinances of the Fellowship. This revelation was voted and accepted as scripture by the Council of Elders of the Fellowship January 5, 2019. We ask members of the Fellowship to read this revelation prayerfully to determine if it should be added to the Fellowship canon in preparation of the vote April 6, 2019.

  1. Behold, I say unto my servant, David: Ye are desirous to know the cause of the Lord in ordaining thee to this ministry;
  2. I and my Father, who is your Father, even Elohim, are much pleased in thee for thy faithfulness.
  3. Behold, my Spirit was with thee in that room, even when thou preached my Word, and thou remained faithful and true to that which thou has been called, even though thou didst not fully understand my works.
  4. Thou spoke in my name and were honest and true in dealing with the work I, even the Lord Jesus Christ, have called thee to; yet thou still hast questions in thy mind as to the meaning of this work and why thou wast called of me to act in my name.
  5. ¶ Behold, thy mind may be at ease to thy fears, for I did not call thee to cry repentance to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, though all men are in need of repentance; even those in the portion of my Church, as formed by the hand of my servant Brigham Young;
  6. For they, in this branch of the tree that beareth the fruit of my gospel, have done many works of righteousness, and many grievous things in my name, rejecting my works.
  7. Yet I say unto thee: Judge them not; for none are perfect, no not one;
  8. And I will call whom I will call, and I will choose they whom I will choose to be leaders of men in these the last days in the many branches of Zion,
  9. To cry repentance unto the world, and to carry forth my Word, even the Book of Mormon, to the ends of the Earth that the words of my servant John should be fulfilled.
  10. [Revelation 14:6] ¶ For my servant John said unto the seven churches: And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,
  11. [Revelation 14:7] Saying with a loud voice: Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
  12. ¶ And I say unto thee, and unto the world: No man shall see the gold plates containing the records of my people that were, before the prophet Joseph, hidden unto the world except they be given him of my servant Moroni;
  13. And my servant Moroni must return that the work of my servant Joseph might be finished.
  14. Therefore, I command unto all my people, even to all those that would call themselves mine, to pray that the world might receive the fullness of the Everlasting Gospel;
  15. Even the Book of Lehi that my servant Joseph lost, yea and even the brass plates that the record of the world from Adam unto Moroni may be bound together, that this work may be completed.
  16. Behold, the sealed portion shall not be translated until that day when the Gentiles shall repent of their iniquity, and become clean before the Lord, yea it shall be revealed unto the world in mine own due time.
  17. ¶ And behold, I have called thee, my servant David, to declare my Word and cry repentance unto those that would hear my voice; and for this reason wast thou called of me;
  18. For behold, in the days of my servant Brigham there was much diversity, and I called the twelve to lead the larger portion of the branches of my Church,
  19. And I had called Brigham Young to lead the twelve through the mouth of my servant, Joseph;
  20. And this I did through the voice of my people, as the Holy Spirit moved them to chose for themselves a leader;
  21. For behold, did not my servant Sidney Rigdon also have these same keys and more?
  22. Did I not come unto him in visions, even as I did unto my servant Joseph Smith Jr.? Did he not also bare witness and testify of my Word?
  23. Yet he exalted himself and was cut off from my presence for a time; yea, in treacherous actions he did reject the keys that I, the Lord your God had given him;
  24. And thus, I took them, even his keys over the larger portion of the Church, and he was blinded by his own self-worth in leading those that would follow him.
  25. But behold, even my Grace is sufficient to save his soul, despite the weakness of his flesh;
  26. For he did kept the New Covenant, even his testimony of me and of the Book of Mormon.
  27. ¶ And behold, when a portion of my Saints went to the far west, to make unto themselves a new home, my servant Brigham began to teach new doctrines that were not of me; yet he continued to do a mighty work for me, and in my name.
  28. Yet my servant Brigham took from men their right to the Office of the Priesthood; not for their sins but for the color of their skin.
  29. Behold, this work of darkness led to other false doctrines; and priestcraft entered this branch of my Church upon the Earth by these means; yet these works of men could not frustrate the Work of the Lord.
  30. And this portion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, continues to flourish in my name as a branch of Zion; the keys these men kept, and some did use them, even as they were worthy;
  31. But they were not worthy of themselves, but because my Grace was sufficient for them;
  32. And these men did speak in my name and preach my Word unto the world.
  33. ¶ And behold, I, the Lord God, desired that the sins and priestcraft brought into this Church by my servant Brigham be done away; and for this cause did I call many brethren to prepare a way.
  34. And my servant David O. McKay saw this wickedness and came to me, desirous to repent the Church of this sin.
  35. But behold, the time was not yet right, as there were still those in the twelve of that church that would not repent nor would they harken unto my Word.
  36. ¶ Yet for this reason had I set up other churches in my name, even the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or as they are now known unto the world by revelation from me, Community of Christ.
  37. Yea, Joseph Smith III did I call, not to condemn my servants in Utah, but to create a place for those that would gather in my holy name that had rejected my doctrine that they kept,
  38. And as a refuge for those that rejected the doctrines of men in regards to the segregation by race, and other priestcrafts;
  39. For behold: All men are one race unto me, saith the Lord; yea, men are divided by my Word alone.
  40. And I divide them as such: Those that have come unto me, or would come unto me, if they knew me; and those that have rejected my atonement and forsaken their God, for unto these I died in vain;
  41. And those that know me and reject me, these are they that shall be cut off from the presence of the Father; these are they that shall be cast into the eternal fires; for behold, my judgments are just.
  42. ¶ And for this cause did I prepare men to give keys unto my servant Joseph Smith III; but behold, he did error to condemn the larger branch of my Church, even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints;
  43. For do they both not serve the same master, even Jesus Christ? Are they not sisters in Zion, even as the Fellowship is a sister unto both of these and others?
  44. And for this cause I did not reunite these two bodies, nor did I give unto any of the branches any more keys.
  45. ¶ And behold, other men did I prepare and give keys that my works would not be frustrated, and that all might find a place in me with fellow saints at their level of understanding, as my grace was and is sufficient for them.
  46. ¶ And behold, in mine due time did I call another to lead the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, even my servant Spencer W. Kimball, and prepare the path so that the twelve could no longer deny my Word and my voice unto them.
  47. And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did correct this grievous wrong, yet they still have other sins to repent of unto me and unto my people.
  48. And this is not all: yea, my servant Brigham brought secret works into my Church;
  49. For behold, mine is a Gospel of Truth, yea even a Gospel of Light; yea even to stand on a hill to light the whole of the Earth;
  50. But behold, my servant Brigham feared men, and for this cause did he hide my truth behind temple walls, and add unto them his own secret doctrines.
  51. Know ye not that when my mortal work was completed the veil of the temple was rent in twain even from the top to the bottom?
  52. Behold, my servant Brigham made a secret of that which was to be a light unto the world; that all men would know that my works were once again to be found in the temple of the Lord, yea even in my House of Holiness.
  53. ¶ And behold, even now there are oaths and covenants that are not of me to be found in my house; for behold, where have I taught thee to swear thy allegiances unto a man or even unto a church?
  54. Have I not said in mine everlasting covenant that the Law and the commandments of my Father are that ye shall believe in me, and that ye shall repent of your sins, and come unto me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit?
  55. ¶ Yeah, the endowment and the keys I did give unto my servant Joseph; and yet how to use them I had not fully revealed unto the world, neither did my servant Brigham give heed unto the promptings of my Spirit.
  56. Yea, the works that they do in my house are of me, yet not all of them; and even so, these are not all done in the manner that is pleasing unto me;
  57. They do these works with the keys of my priesthood, and in my name; but mingled with the doctrines of men;
  58. Yet my grace is sufficient that I shall honor their works; but know ye that I do not require oaths of secrecy, nor do I honor added covenants beyond those what I have asked.
  59. ¶ And for these and other reasons known unto me have I called thee, my servant David, to established the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship, even that all may come and worship freely;
  60. And that my people may worship in my holy temples and receive their endowments and their washing and their anointings, even all those who wish to come to serve me.
  61. ¶ And this shalt thou ask them: Do you take upon yourself the name of Christ?
  62. And, have you been Born Again unto your redeemer, even Jesus Christ?
  63. And, do you desire to be baptized in His holy name? (for those desirous of baptism)
  64. And will you strive to move forward in Christ, that the Holy Spirit may be in you and with you even unto the end of your life?
  65. Are you obedient to the laws of the land in the kingdom of men?
  66. And if they say unto thee, “yea” to all these, art willing to rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those that mourn, and they do not cause that harm come to another, behold, these are my people and are worthy of me and they may partake of mine ordinances as my Spirit so leadeth them.
  67. ¶ And if they do not, behold thou shalt show mercy on them and teach those that are willing to be taught, until they know me and desire to come unto me, or to reject me;
  68. And those that reject me, thou will not teach but thou will also not condemn; for thou shalt love them, as thou has been commanded to love thy neighbor, and I shall judge them as I see fit.
  69. ¶ Behold, I say unto my servant David: At this time there is one man to hold and partake of the keys to these works in their fullness,
  70. And He is at the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; and so too the Church of the Firstborn, both of which ye are a member,
  71. And behold, I am He; even Jesus Christ, the very Son of Man.
  72. Yea, and I have given these keys to men, to organize and to bring souls unto me, even in my name, the name of Christ; even as I have given keys to others that all may find hope in my name.
  73. And I have given thee keys to perform the Sacraments and sealings.
  74. ¶ But behold, the time shortly cometh when all keys shall be given thee, and if thou are worthy, even more than this shall be given thee; even the keys that were given my servant Joseph taken from the earth upon his martyrdom;
  75. And both of these shall I honor with my priesthood, and both works shall I accept as they are found worthy;
  76. For behold, my Grace is sufficient and will wipe clean the doctrines of men from those that know not the pure endowment.
  77. ¶ But unto the keys of leadership unto the other branches of the Church of Christ I shall not give thee, except thou be called of them that leadeth these, my churches, within my vineyard; and they so choose to join with me and thee in fellowship;
  78. And this I shall not do that there shall not be confusion amongst those that have come unto me through the keys I have given to others in these, the Last Days.
  79. ¶ And until such time as more keys are given thee, thou shalt gather my people and work that a temple shall be built and dedicated to me in my holy name; and for this end wast thou called;
  80. For behold: It pleaseth me that in every home there should be made a place to serve as a temple, and that ye always do remember to keep your homes holy, that I may find rest within.
  81. Yea, the Son of Man wishes yet to bring this, his flock together that they may have a home;
  82. Yea, prepare ye for this time, for behold I shall come to thee quickly, and with power that my works may not be thwarted; Even so, Amen.


1. “Causing harm to others” in verse 61 means physical, mental, or physiological abuse. This also refers to murder of a living human being, torturing of animals, and the like. In addition, apostasy (leading others away from God and Jesus Christ – not a church) would count as “causing harm.” These actions would need to be fully repented of before baptism or any other ordnance could be performed, and are grounds for excommunication from the Order of the Priesthood, Relief Society, and the Order of the Ministry if they are not repented of.

2. At the time of this revelation, David was a member of the Latter-day Saint branch of the Church of Jesus Christ. He was excommunicated in January of 2016 for refusing to deny that Jesus is the Christ, his testimony of the Book of Mormon, and because of a false witness born against him by his Stake President who pretended that David worshiped Heavenly Mother.

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Peter Nicholson
Peter Nicholson
3 years ago
3 years ago

I believe this should be added to the doctrine and covenance of the fellowship

Devon Atkins
Devon Atkins
3 years ago

This should be added to the doctrine and covenance for the fellowship