Originally written March 21, 2007

In talking with Louise last night, I was telling her about being in these different time places. How yesterday I had to pay attention to 3rd dimensional stuff and it put me in a time space that is so far away from the one I was in when I was with the Williams. In fact this time space is so far away from the one I was in at the Williams, I can hardly remember what it felt like to be in that time space, let alone the truths, visit and blessing from the three angels that took place to be real. No wonder we can’t trust what we receive and who we are.

I knew the time cells existed in people’s consciousness but I am becoming acutely aware of the different bubbles of time and space existing out there in the either, and of my traveling between them. I sensed as people were in different time cells in their consciousness it would only stand to reason they would also be physically in different time cells. The more I experience my Eka body the more this realization is happening.

I’m considering that as the time cells become more manifested several things happen. One, the communication between the cells gets stronger. Two, as the twelve body system also gets stronger, more defined, we will be in each other’s presence as I was experiencing with Gwen on Monday morning, and I am experiencing with the people on the other side of the vail. Much of the time what is going on inside of me is more real than what is going on outside of me, because I am actually dwelling in a different time-space. I’ve sensed for a long time that I am worlds apart from the happenings around me. I just never had a clear definition of the “worlds”. I am experiencing those worlds as literal pieces of space. The time cells are pieces of space.

I think this understand gives meaning to my visit with Paula on Monday.

She brought a space-time cell into my house, engaged me in it, but I found I didn’t like it. I couldn’t figure out why. I felt like I had been captured in something I didn’t want to be a part of. I was confused because I would want to be Paula’s friend and share her walk and life with her. I kept thinking the cause of my uncomfortableness was due to the things she was saying. I can see however, the things she was saying were directly connected, existed in, were thought-form that belonged to that particular space-time place.

Making a leap to the left here, these thoughts give a whole different meaning to depression. This is what the prophets were talking about when they talked of “hell”. Depression is the feelings they had. They could only give it that one phrase word. However, concerning my space-time concept, those feelings, depression, hell is a “place”, a literal space-time place.

Time and Space Cells

It also give depth and meaning to the return of the Dove, of the return of Zion, of the gathering to the earth. It is a literal space time place and we can enter in if we have enough faith to do so. This experience, and understanding, and I can say because of what is happening to me right now, the ability to be in a certain place-space-time is the blessing or gift that was given to me by the angles. Oh I am so there.

Called and shared with Hava. She kept saying to me the two sacred names. I can tell as Hod and Netzach have been the catalyst for me, those sacred names are the catalyst for Hava. She never has had to walk through the understanding of the process the way I have she just seems to “get” there, and then understands. Oh! our uniqueness is so beautiful. Now I understand why my approach has been confusing to her. And Julie said it’s the teacher’s, me, inability to express. HA!. That is what is so wonderful about the spirit being the teacher, because it teaches according to our uniqueness.

Plus there are three factors that concern why we have different teacher that walk with us at different times. One is where we are on the path, one is our uniqueness, and one is who the teacher is, and what that particular teacher is to do, or depending on the Keys they are in charge of, and can deliver to us.

At this time I am experiencing the 360 degree association view. You know, all the things your mind perceives that relate to the concept you are being enlightened with. Wish I could write it all. Time cells, places of being, concept of self, real places of space, consciousness space cells, the five bodies and their relationship to space and time, teachers, keys of enlightenment, all these issues are swirling around in me.

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