April 12, 2021

It is proposed that we not manage a blog or any other platform that leads to an expectation of steady content from any Fellowship leaders or contributors, but that we publish only those things worthy of a Book of Remembrance. Additionally, those who speak by the Spirit should not be expected to speak except as the Spirit directs. See Appendix F.


We are motivated by our belief in spiritual gifts and continuing revelation to gather into fellowship with those who so believe, otherwise we have no objection to canons and creeds and a scripture committee is unnecessary. We believe in developing and helping to realize the promise of a universally prophetic people. We believe these gifts and promises will produce new sacred scripture, and that sermons, discourses and hymns are a secondary tier of content that supplements and expands on divine scripture. These should be collected into two bodies of works distinguishable from each other.

It is not, nor should be, our intent to flood our platforms with text, audio or video, by revelation or discourse, as this diminishes the value of the whole body of works. We should endeavor to be brief and direct, and to say only that which is necessary, improving the quality of our messages rather than multiplying the quantity. We should produce a body of works that each member is expected to read, and which contribute to an overarching theory. A multiplicity of varied content of menial value consigns the whole lot to our very own black hole of the internet.

While the conventions of modern marketing principles may advise otherwise, we are not inviting people into conformity with the ways of the world, including manipulating engagement algorithms, but rather inviting those who are called of the Spirit to seek additional light and knowledge to partake at our banquet. Those whose minds are so prepared will not judge us by these standards, and those whose minds are not will not be moved by our efforts no matter what we do.

It is recommended that we teach our leadership and our members to only do that which resonates with themselves as informed by their union with God, and that we do not judge our own success or failure by worldly standards, but by accord with our higher purpose, and also that we perceive “failures” as opportunities to move into higher alignment with Source. If we so calibrate, our contributors will not feel pressured, and we will not feel disappointment or frustration. Such feelings are indicators that we are out of alignment, or are seeking to engage someone else to be out of alignment.

First Presidency Response

May 4, 2021

The blog was removed from earlier this year. This item is closed as it has not been relevant for some time now.


After the Council of Elders met, it was concluded that this point should be nullified by the Council.

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