Compiling Scripture

The following revelation was given to David in Ohio on March 18, 2016. The Lord answers question about the compiling of the Scriptures for the Fellowship.  This revelation was voted and accepted as scripture by the Council of Elders of the Fellowship January 5, 2019 and accepted by the General Assemble of the Saints as canon in April, 2019

  1. Verily, verily; thus saith the Lord unto you my servant David: I have heard thy prayers, and the pleading questions of thy brethren, who were chosen to bear testimony of my name;
  2. Thus I shall answer these that my Word might be sent abroad among all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people;
  3. And my will too shall be revealed as pertaining to their portion of the grove in which is my vineyard, as it has been assigned by me unto them.
  4. Behold, I say unto thee; art my revelations unto thee for all of my Church or for thine portion of the vineyard alone?
  5. Yea, and I ask thee again; of the light and knowledge thou hast received: is it imparted unto thee for all of my kingdom?
  6. Behold, here is wisdom: there is that which is a light unto the world, and there is that which is to govern the affairs of men;
  7. Yea, hear my words and I am pleased; do ye my will and I am well pleased;
  8. And thou shalt know that which is my will by the voice of my Spirit, even the Holy Ghost.
  9. And behold, it is through this witness, the Holy Spirit, that all shall know their work in the vineyard;
  10. Therefore whosoever will thrust in his sickle and reap, the same is called of God;
  11. And therefore, if thou would ask of me, ye shall receive; to those that will knock, it shall be opened unto them.
  12. Therefore, my Spirit shall testify unto thee what is of me for use of my Church in this Fellowship of my people, and that which is for another part of my vineyard.
  13. Yea, bring forth my Word, that ye may be prepared to receive more of my Word, and ye shall be blessed; follow my spirit and ye shall not be lead astray.
  14. Be ye therefore a wise servant and be ye without sin; and I will order all things for your good, as fast as ye are able to receive them. Even so, Amen.
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