Come Ye Israel

The Word of the Lord given to all the world, both to the descendants Abraham and all that would be Israel, through His servant David on the morning of November 30, 2019. This revelation was voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints April 6, 2020.

  1. On November 30, 2019, the Word of the Lord came to me saying: Hearken O Israel to the voice of the Lord, thy God;
  2. For the hour is near, and the time is nigh; and what I say unto thee this day, I say unto the whole earth!
  3. Behold, thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts: the Hour of the Gentiles has come and gone1; the Gospel has been sent forth, and shall continue to be sent forth until it fills the whole earth;
  4. But the days of the Gentiles are now passed1, and I shall once again remember my Covenant, which I have made unto my people, O house of Israel:
  5. And who is the House of Israel? Who are my Covenant Peoples?
  6. ¶ Behold, I came unto my own, and these rejected me; and my Word was not taken from them, but these rejected it;
  7. For they studied not my Law, but added unto it the precepts of man; and they sought the favor of man, and recognition for their genealogies, and for their studies, and their knowledge of the Law;
  8. But these took not the time to live the Law, and to learn my ways; and so it was as naught;
  9. For these cared more for their vain obligations, and their Sabbaths, and their meetings, allowing the love of many to wax cold.
  10. ¶ And were there no good among them? I say to thee: nay, not none; for if the hearts of all had waxed cold, they should have been destroyed for forgetting my Covenant;
  11. But the children of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob now cover the whole earth, and their blood fills many veins; and these are still mine covenant people, and I forget them not.
  12. And the Gospel went forth and has gone forth for many, many hundreds of years, by the reckoning of time by men; a Renewed Covenant being given unto the Gentiles;
  13. And these, the Gentiles, have forsaken my Law, and forgotten my Holy Days, and my Sabbaths, and used my Word to divide, rather than to unite, and to control rather than to enlighten and to teach.
  14. ¶ Behold, it is as I have said: My ways are not thy ways, neither are my thoughts thy thoughts.
  15. And thus I have sent the Restored Covenant unto the world by my servant Joseph Smith Jr., and what thanks did ye show unto me? Ye slayed him, my faithful servant.
  16. Was this man perfect? I say to thee, nay; no man nor woman is, but in me; for I AM the Rock of thy Salvation;
  17. Yet he gave to thee my Word, and when I took him ye sought for me no longer, but broke apart by thy vanities;
  18. And did ye observe my Holy Days? And my Law? I say unto thee that, yea some did⁠—but not all, and not many.
  19. And thus we have a people of submission in observations, and a people of submission in prayer, and a people of submission in the Cross; but my people are not one people.
  20. ¶ And thus, I shall ask of thee once again: Who is the House of Israel? Who are my Covenant Peoples?
  21. And behold, I say unto thee that theses are the people of Israel: these are those of Yashar-El, the path Straight to God;
  22. These are those that shall seek my face, and turn not from me;
  23. These are they that shall taste the fruit of the Tree of Life, and it shall taste sweet, and these shall not turn away;
  24. These are they who shall love the Lord their God with all their hearts, minds, and strength, and this they shall show by their love for their fellow man, and their care for the Earth and her creatures.
  25. These are they that shall do my works, and shall bring to pass the oneness of the Heavens and the Earth;
  26. These are they that to whom I shall say: Well done, my good and faithful servants.
  27. ¶ Therefore I say unto thee, my Israel: Quarrel not amongst thyselves in vain repetitions; but love one another as I love thee;
  28. For there is but one priesthood, of the earth and of the heavens; and there is but one Gospel, of the earth and of the heavens;
  29. And there is but one people of God; and these are my Israel, these are my covenant peoples; these are they that live my Law.
  30. And this is my Law: to Love the Lord thy God and to love thy neighbor, for to love me is to love thy neighbor;
  31. For I AM thy Creator, and thou art my creation, therefore to love me is to love all the good things that I hath made upon the earth as in heaven.
  32. ¶ Therefore, I say unto these: Come before me in love of observations, and in love of prayer, and in love in the Cross;
  33. For the observance of my Holy Days are not made for the Sabbaths, but these my Shabbat for all mankind.
  34. Yea, these are the times of my festivals that ye might worship together as one in my name, no longer to be tossed to and fro, but united as my Israel.
  35. And the prayers are not for submission nor supplication, but that thou might know me, the Lord thy God, and to learn my ways, and for to teach thee to grow in my Grace.
  36. And the Cross was not given thee to suffer, but to be lifted up; for I have atoned for thy sins, and I have made thy ways straight; therefore I AM the very Lord God of Israel.
  37. And thus I say unto thee that the days of the Gentiles have ended1, and the trump has sounded, and I prepare to return to the earth;
  38. And this is not to say that I know the day or the hour, for none know but the Father; but I say unto thee as I have said unto all in this generation: the time is nigh, even at the door;
  39. And this I say unto thee because I shall come as a thief in the night, and quickly shall I return:
  40. Therefore make thy ways the ways of peace, even now and the very ground thou shall walk upon shall be holy, for I AM holy, and ye are mine.
  41. ¶ Therefore, go forth and contend with one another no longer, but unite in my name; cease to find fault, but build upon that which ye love;
  42. Wonder not why I have revealed myself unto thee in many ways, but know ye that I shall reveal myself unto all they that seek my face and desireth to know my name:
  43. Therefore, I have created many mansions that all might return unto the Presence of the Father and know me always.
  44. ¶ And remember ye this: That ye are mine, and I am your God; therefore go now and take this message to the four corners of the Earth,
  45. Tell ye the world that the Kingdom of God is at hand, and that the laborers in my vineyard have been called to gather themselves as one, as Israel, in teshuvah in my holy name; Even so, Amen.


1 “And in that day shall be heard of wars and rumors of wars and the whole earth shall be in commotion; and men’s and women’s hearts shall fail them and they shall say that Christ delayeth His coming until the end of the world. And the love of men shall wax cold and inequity shall abound. And when the times of the gentiles shall be over a light shall break forth among them that sit in darkness, and it shall be the fulness of my Gospel; but they receive it not, for they perceive not the light and they turn their hearts from me because of the precepts of men,And in that generation shall the times of the gentiles be fulfilled. And there shall be men standing in that generation that shall not pass until they shall see an overflowing scourge, for a desolating sickness shall cover the land and shall not be moved. But my disciples shall stand in holy places and shall not be moved; but among the wicked, men and women shall lift up their voices and curse God and die. And there shall be earthquakes also in diverse places and many desolations, yet men will harden their hearts against me; and they will take up the sword one against another and they will kill one another.” -Doctrines of the Saints 26c:37-42 (Doctrine and Covenants 45:4 CoC/RLDS, 45:26-33 CJCLdS)

This revelation was followed up 3 month later with another revelation calling the Saints to move forward was one. This revelation can be read here.

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3 years ago

I testify that this is of God!

3 years ago

5 votes yes from South Carolina

3 years ago

I approve the scriptures and revelations presented. Yes in all.

Boyd and Maria
Boyd and Maria
3 years ago

Voting yes. 2 votes from Utah.

Christian Amparano
Christian Amparano
3 years ago

5 positive votes from here in California

Victoria Ramirez
Victoria Ramirez
3 years ago

My votes from Conference 2020: Pending Scriptures, All listed – yes

Kristine, Bishop
3 years ago

I vote yes