Call to the Center Place

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The following epistle was written by Sidney Rigdon August 31, 1831. This epistle was taken from The Book of John Whitmer, Chapter 9. Inspired changes made for its use for the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship and other known changes are in italics. This Epistle has not been voted on and sustained as canon for use in the Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship by the Assembly of Saints.

Chapter 1

  1. I, Sidney Rigdon, a servant of Jesus Christ by the will of God the Father and through the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto the Saints who are scattered abroad in the last days:
  2. May grace, mercy and peace, rest upon you from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ, who is greatly to be feared, among His Saints, and to be had in reverence of all them who obey him.
  3. Beloved brethren, it has pleased God, even the Father, to make known unto us in these last days, the good pleasure of His will concerning His saints;
  4. And to make known unto us the things which He has decreed upon the nations:
  5. Even wasting and destruction until they are utterly destroyed, and the earth made desolate by reason of the wickedness of its inhabitants according as He has made known in times past by the prophets and apostles,
  6. That such calamities should befall the inhabitants of the earth in the last days, unless they should repent, and turn to the living God.
  7. And as the time is now near at hand for the accomplishment of His purposes and the fulfillment of His prophesies, which have been spoken by all the holy prophets, ever since the world began,
  8. He has sent and signified, unto us by the mouths of his holy prophets, that he has raised up in these last days—
  9. The speedy accomplishment of his purposes which shall be accomplished, on the heads of the rebellious of this generation—
  10. Among whom He has been pleased in much mercy and goodness, to send forth the fullness of His Gospel in order that they might repent and turn to the living God, and be made partakers of his Holy Spirit.
  11. But by reason of their wickedness and rebellion against Him, and wicked and unbelieving hearts, the Lord withdrew His spirit from them, and gives them up to work all uncleanness with greediness, and to bring swift destruction on themselves—
  12. And through their wickedness to hasten the day of their calamity, that they may be left without excuse in the day of vengeance.
  13. But it has pleased our Heavenly Father to make known some better things concerning His Saints, and those who serve him in fear and rejoice in meekness, before Him,
  14. Even things which pertain to life everlasting, for godliness has the promise of the life, that now is, and that which is to come;
  15. Even so, it has pleased our Heavenly Father to make provisions for His Saints in these last days of tribulation that they, through faith and patience, and by continuing in well doing may preserve their lives, and attain unto rest and endless felicity;
  16. But by no other means than that of a strict observance of his commandments and teachings in all things as there is and can be no ruler nor lawgiver in the Kingdom of God save it be God our Savior himself—
  17. And before Him, He requires that all His Saints and those who have named the name of Jesus, should be careful to depart from iniquity and serve Him with fear, rejoicing and trembling, least He be angry and they perish from their way.
  18. According to the prediction of the ancient prophets, that the Lord would send His messengers in the last days, and gather His elect
  19. (Which is the elect, according to the covenant, as those who, like Abraham, are faithful to God and the Word of His Grace)
  20. From the four winds, even from one end of the earth to the other, as testified of by the Savior himself—
  21. So in these last days, He has commenced to gather together, into a place provided before of God and had in reserve in days of old, being kept by the power and providence of God, for this purpose and which he now holds in his own hands, that they through faith, and patience may inherit the promises—
  22. A land which God by His own commandment has consecrated to Himself, where He has said that His laws shall be kept,
  23. And where His Saints can dwell in safety, through their perseverance in well doing and their unfeigned repentance of all their sins,
  24. Our heavenly Father has provided this land Himself because it was the one which was best adopted for His children, where Jew and Gentile might dwell together:
  25. For God has the same respect to all those who call upon Him in truth and righteousness whether they be Jew or Gentile; for there is no respect of persons with Him.
  26. This land being situated in the center of the continent on which we dwell, with an exceeding fertile soil and ready cleared for the hand of the cultivator bespeaks the goodness of our God, in providing so goodly a heritage,
  27. And its climate suited persons from every quarter of this continent, whether East, West, North, or South.
  28. Yea, I think I may say, for all constitutions from every part of the world and its productions nearly all varieties of both grain and vegetables which are common in this country together with all means, clothing.
  29. In addition to this, it abounds with fountains of pure water, the soil climate and surface all adapted to health;
  30. Indeed, I may say that the whole properties of the country invite the Saints to come, and partake their blessings.
  31. But what more need I say about a country which our Heavenly Father holds in His own hands?
  32. For if it were unhealthy, He could make it healthy, and if barren He could make it fruitful.
  33. Such is the land which God has provided for us. in these last days for an inheritance, and truly it is a goodly land, and none other so well suited for all the Saints as this and all those who have faith and confidence in God.
  34. Who has ever seen this land will bear the same testimony.
  35. In order that you may understand the will of God respecting this land, and the way and means, of possessing it, I can only refer you to commandments which the Lord has delivered, by the mouth of his Prophet which will be read, to you, by our brethren Oliver Cowdery and Newel K. Whitney whom the Lord has appointed to visit the churches and obtain means for purchasing this land of our inheritance that we may escape in the day of tribulation which is coming on the earth.
  36. I conclude by exhorting you to hear the voice of the Lord your God, who is speaking to you in much mercy and who is sending forth His word and His revelation in these last days, in order that we may escape impending vengeance and the judgments which await this generation, and which will speedily overtake them—
  37. Brethren pray for me, that I may be counted worthy to obtain an inheritance in the land, of Zion and to overcome, the World through faith, and dwell with the sanctified, forever, and ever; Amen.
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